How Much Do French Open Tickets at Roland-Garros Cost?

French Open Tickets Price

It’s safe to presume you are here because you are looking to buy the French Open tickets for the season’s second Grand Slam tennis tournament this year. And if you are wondering how much do these Roland-Garros tickets cost, then we have the entire rundown of exactly that. Read on.

The French Open is typically the year’s second Grand Slam tournament and the only tennis major to be played on clay. It’s played every year from the last week of May, heading into the first couple of weeks of June. However, the 2020 edition of the French Open will be played in September after the coronavirus pandemic forced authorities to suspend all tennis till August.

The 2020 edition of the French Open will see Rafael Nadal and Ash Barty kick-start the tournament as the defending champions in the men’s and women’s singles competition.

When will the 2020 French Open be played?

This forthcoming edition of the French Open was supposed to begin with its qualifying rounds from May 18 to May 22 while the main draw of the tournament was going to kick-start on May 24 and end on June 7, 2020 with the men’s singles final.

However, because of the coronavirus outbreak, this has now changed and the French Open authorities have rescheduled the tournament to September 20. More details here.

When do the French Open 2020 tickets go on sale?

Typically the French Open tickets can be bought from January of the year in which the tournament is played but those are for club members only. For the general public, tickets for this year’s French Open will be on sale from March 4. These are the premium packages.

Sale of the rest of the packages for general public will start on March 25 but disabled people can start buying their French Open tickets from March 11 this year.

The resale service for the French Open tickets for 2020 was to go on till April, 2020 while Last Minute Tickets could be bought on May 6. However, with the French Open rescheduled, this will be revisited by the organisers later.

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How much do the French Open tickets cost for 2020?

The ticket prices for the French Open can range between €20 for the outside courts during the qualifying rounds to €325 for the men’s singles final Gold category ticket.

There are further multi-day passes, premium packages and tickets for disabled users and wheelchair users as well which have different prices associated with them.

The above rates are for single day tickets, but French Open fans have a variety of options available to them depending on the days they wish to watch and their budget. Below is a lowdown of every single French Open ticket option and the costs associated with them. Some of the costs aren’t always revealed and one needs to get in touch with the official French Open website to understand the same.

Single Tickets Costs

There are three show-courts and multiple outside courts. Each of these show-courts, namely Philippe-Chatrier Court, Suzanne-Lenglen Court and Simonne-Mathieu Court have different ticket categories associated with them while there is a single, daily rate for the outside courts. These prices are mentioned below.

French Open Tickets Single
Price of 2020 French Open tickets. Photo Credit:

Multi-Days Passes Costs

French Open also allows patrons to buy tickets for multiple days. These multi-day passes are available for Philippe-Chatrier Court, Suzanne-Lenglen Court and the outside courts only.

For the qualifiers, the multi-day pass costs €70 for all days. Other than that there are Week-End passes for the first weekend of matches which cost anywhere between €213 to €415, the Semi-Finals Passes for €275-€465 and the Finals Passes for €305-515.

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Cost for Wheelchair Users & Disabled Persons with Reduced Mobility

There are discounts on offer for wheelchair users and people with disability which causes reduced mobility. These ticket prices begin at €34 for the outside courts in the first week and €20 in the second week, to €210 for the best tickets for the men’s singles tickets.

These are ticket rates for a single ticket but if these patrons need to be accompanied, they will need to buy an additional ticket.

You can get all the information on how to buy these tickets and the rules associated with by going to the official French Open website here, and clicking on Visit & Tickets > Buy Tickets.

Premium Packages

For those looking at hospitality options, French Open also offers various packages. These include:

  • Discovery
  • Emotion
  • Elegance
  • Passion
  • Sensation

These packages have different prices associated with them as well and that can be seen below. The lowest price associated with the premium package is €260 and for the men’s and women’s singles, a Gold Category package at the Philippe-Chatrier court can go up to €2950.

French Open Hospitality Package Costs
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It’s interesting to note you can also combine your French Open tickets with the Paris Masters which is played towards the end of the season. These multi-tournament packages also be bought from the official French Open website,

Last but not the least, you can also inquire more about these French Open tickets and their prices by getting in touch with the organisers via email here:

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