11 Pickleball Websites You Must Visit if You Love the Sport

Best Pickleball Websites

As a big racket sports fan, I have often read millions of words from 100s of thousands of sports pages online. Over the recent years, pickleball has taken off and caught everyone’s fancy including my own and it’s no surprise there have been quite a of excellent, pickleball content online across websites.

More people are gaining interest in the sport, more people are playing the game and more people are Googling information, looking at equipment and looking online to find Pickleball courts.

While we are always there with our top-notch pickleball content, I do understand the need for diverse voices and as a result, I will try and make it easy for you on this pickleball journey of yours. Also, I think pickleball, as a sport, deserves a lot more of the coverage than we already do, so it would be awesome to see more excellent content around it.

Here I am going to give you the best ten pickleball websites at the moment (and this list could change over the years too).

Take a look at each one. You will be able to watch videos on the game, learn the rules, and also, find a pickleball court near you. If you are already a pickleball player, you can read about the top US pickleball players, how to improve your pickleball game, and keep yourself up to date with all the pickleball news.

1. Top Court

While TopCourt.com is primarily a tennis coaching website, the good news for pickleball fans is they have begun to partner with some of the top pickleball players and coaches to help aspirants learn pickleball online.

At the time of writing, TopCourt has managed to sign up for nearly a dozen pickleball superstars to coach those interested in the sport as can be seen below.

It’s still early days for pickleball with TopCourt but if our experience with tennis is anything to go by, you could be looking at a deluge of pickleball coaching videos and other content coming your way for a small annual fee.

Top Pickleball Coaching Websites
Photo Credit: TopCourt.com

Sign up with TopCourt.com here to get 14 days of free coaching from TopCourt.

2. The Pickleball Kitchen


You might thing this is an odd name for a Pickleball site, but the Pickleball Kitchen is a real thing. In the same way the name Pickleball is a bit unusual (it was named after a dog called Pickle), the Pickleball Kitchen is a bit unusual too.

The kitchen is a technical term for the non-volley zone on a pickleball court and this name is a bit of a take on that. There is a Pickleball Kitchen on either side of the court, extending to each sideline and 7 feet from the net upwards.

This site is not only about the Kitchen alone though. Started by Barrett Kincheloe, you will find everything you need to know – rules, videos, general information, where to buy equipment and also, a fabulous blog.

Kincheloe, a certified Pickleball instructor, Podcaster, Writer and YouTuber. He’ll help you improve your game, find new strategies, and basically, give you a total love for the game.

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3. Pickleball.Com


This is the ultimate site on all things Pickleball. It gives you detailed information on each Pickleball shot – serve, tennis, volley, and of course, how to score. As Pickleball is mostly played as a doubles game, it also gives you detailed diagrams on Pickleball player positioning and positioning movements.

You can also read about the history of Pickleball, which is pretty fascinating. The game started as one of fun but has turned into one of the most popular ball and racquet games with players of all ages.

We in particular love the archive photos where you can look at how the game has evolved, see the original Pickleball players (pics are all in black and white) and then look at photographs of Pickleball champions today.

This is a great site and if you are looking to buy Pickleball racquets, balls or nets, there is a good selection online.

4. Pickleball Experts


The Pickleball Experts have an interesting story to tell. They are a family owned business based just outside of Seattle, which is where the game of Pickleball began. They all grew up playing the game, love it, and want to share their love.

They sell equipment, as well as giving out loads of Pickleball information, but they also donate 10% of their profits to charity. We love this idea. You can buy from them, they ship everywhere, but you can also ask them questions about the game. They’ll help you with your strategy too.

5. Play Pickleball


This site is a general all round Pickleball website while also offering a Pickleball YouTube channel where you can watch a ton of videos on Pickleball, get some free training and free advice, and if you want to, you can subscribe.

You will find everything you need to know about Pickleball here – the origin of the game, how to play, the rules, the equipment needed and how you can get started. The videos are excellent as you can watch the game, learn how to play from scratch, but also, improve your game and your strategy.

Play Pickleball will help players of all ages and all strengths. Take a look now, even if just for a little inspiration. Coach Mo runs Play Pickleball, he’s a retired player and coach, a real Pickleball Pro.

He has had years of experience – he’s over 70 years old today – and knows everything there is to know about the game. He runs clinics, online information, and sells his Pickleball DVDs, which are really helpful for all aspiring players.

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6. Pickleball Coach


As the name implies, this site gives you all the information you need on Pickleball clinics, Pickleball tournaments, Pickleball coaches, and also, how to become a Pickleball coach. There is a lot of good information here on how to play the game and how to improve your game.

This is a site for beginner and advanced Pickleball players, as well as for parents who want their kids to play the game.

7. The United States of America Pickleball Association


The USAPA, American Pickleball Association, does incredible work. Anyone who has any interest in the game of Pickleball should follow this site. You will find everything you need to know about the sport, the rules, the shots, how to play the game, where to play the game, and also, if you want to play competitively or professionally, everything you need to know is on www.usapa.org.

There is also a USAPA grant program that will tell you everything you need to know about high school grants, college grants, and community grants. Pickleball is a serious sport and the USAPA want to bring it, and make it available, to everyone.

8. Pickleball Canada


This is a fabulous and very comprehensive site on Pickleball. You don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy it, they have readers and Pickleball fans from all around the world. In particular, we like their page that gives you ‘Places to Play’ and we are also pretty impressed at their rules, strategy and clarity on the game.

You will also find a page on Pickleball tournaments and ratings, something professional and recreational Pickleball players enjoy. There is good information on long term player development and also on Pickleball coaching.

9. The Pickleball Channel


There is a whole channel devoted to Pickleball. It will teach you, entertain you, inspire you and help you! You can subscribe for free and get access to so many Pickleball tips and ideas, including strategy, fitness and even diet. This is a great channel for all Pickleball lovers, new and old. Each video is good, well filmed, well documented and easy to follow. Besides keeping you entertained for hours, literally, you will learn a whole lot of new Pickleball information, and definitely improve your game.

10. Pickleball Central


This is the Pickleball Superstore! Not only do they sell all the Pickleball equipment you could possibly need but they will tell you exactly what size and weight are best for you. There is a huge selection, they have fabulous sales, they offer shipping, and they have excellent equipment guides.

You can read reviews online from satisfied customers and they also offer free videos. If you want to, sign up for their newsletter to keep yourself informed on all things Pickleball.

11. Pickleball Help


This site is run by the Pickleball guru, Prem Carnot. Prem has written books on Pickleball, he has a Podcast, he coaches and he does online masterclasses. His hashtag is #GuruNation and he promises to take your Pickleball game to the next level in just five easy steps.

It’s worth having a look. You can sign up for free information and tips, get a Pickleball newsletter, and if you want to improve your game, or just learn, get a little coaching. Prem also has his own ‘signature’ Pickleball paddle, which may be the thing that gets your game to the next level anyway!

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