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Venus Williams has seven singles Grand Slam titles to her name. How many Wimbledon titles has Venus won?

We all know Wimbledon is associated with strawberry and cream. Which fruit is a part of the men's singles trophy though?

Typically Wimbledon doesn't allow sponsor advertising on its courts with the exception of one company. Which is it?

Spencer Gore was the first men's singles champion at Wimbledon way back in 1877. Which other sport did he competitively play?

Which among the following is correct about Wimbledon?

Goran Ivanisevic won his only Wimbledon title as a wildcard entrant. What was his singles ranking before the start of that tournament?

How can one buy tickets to the Royal Box at Wimbledon?

Why is the Aorangi Terrace famous at Wimbledon?

Whom did Boris Becker defeat to become the youngest winner of the Wimbledon men's singles title in 1985?

When were ball girls first seen during matches at the Wimbledon centre court?

Why did Martina Navratilova's dress at the 1982 Wimbledon invite controversy?

Who are the only Wimbledon ticket-holders who can officially sell their tickets?

Which of the following statements about Wimbledon sponsorship is true?

Which colour balls were used at Wimbledon before their shift to yellow in 1986?

The actual trophies given to the men's and women's singles winners are replicas of the actual ones which are kept at the All England Club museum. What is the size of the replicas?

Who became the first two winners of a million GBP in prize money for winning the singles title at Wimbledon?

As in 2020, what record does Jan Kodes hold at Wimbledon?

Pete Sampras has won seven Wimbledon titles, beating Jim Courier, Goran Ivanisevic (twice), Boris Becker, Andre Agassi, Pat Rafter and one other player in the final. Who is that?

Which future Wimbledon winner did not participate in the tournament for four years because of issues with the tournament's strict dress code?

Steffi Graf won seven Wimbledon singles titles to go with one doubles title - her only Grand Slam victory in the doubles competition. Whom did she partner?

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