10 Sturdy Outdoor Table Tennis Tables To Buy in 2023

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables Review

Outdoor table tennis tables are distinctly different from their indoor counterparts for a variety of reason. This is why if you are looking to buy tables for outdoor use, it’s best you don’t look at indoor ones for starters. Below is a guide on which are the most sturdy outdoor table tennis tables you could look to buy this year.

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for tables which would be kept outdoor, choose to go for outdoor-purpose ones only. If you are still unsure the need to be so particular about which tables to buy, do check out our exhaustive guide speaking about the differences between an indoor and outdoor table tennis table here.

If you are looking for only a list of the best outdoor table tennis tables to buy this year, check the recommended section below and take your pick. What we would recommend is for you to go through the rest of the piece where the pros and cons of each table is mentioned and you can accordingly take a call on that.

However, if after reading the aforementioned guide, you reckon you would prefer buying an indoor table tennis table, check our list of best tables for indoor use here.

Lastly, if you want to check for the factors necessary to be taken into account before buying a table tennis table, you could look at it here as well.

Our Recommended Best Outdoor Table Tennis Tables for 2023

Here’s a quick list of the tables you can buy for outdoor table tennis. Their individual features and pros and cons with each of them have been explained in the sections below.

  • JOOLA Nova Outdoor
  • STIGA XTR Outdoor
  • Harvil Outsider
  • Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor
  • Killerspin MyT Street Edition
  • JOOLA Extreme Outdoor
  • Butterfly Sport Rollaway Outdoor
  • Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor
  • STIGA Vapor
  • Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor

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Here’s a deeper analysis on why we have opted for the aforementioned table tennis tables for outdoor sport.

JOOLA Nova Outdoor

Joola is the official sponsor of the Team USA and has an excellent range of outdoor tables. Nova is one of their excellent value for money, mid-range unit. The tabletop surface is a 6 mm thick aluminium plastin sitting on a 30mm undercarriage which is rust and warping resistant.

It is lightweight for an outdoor unit and comes in with excellent wheels for easy and convenient transport any surface. Both of its halves are on four wheels each and can be stored away individually saving space and hassle as well as converted into a playback position for a single player.

It has got a lot of handy features like leg levellers and adjustable caster wheels to ensure equal height even if the surface is uneven and a strong grip on any surface. It has anti-tilting locks in the middle which makes it safe and secure to move and store. It has a very easy and swift assembly mechanism getting the table ready to play in less than ten minutes. The unit comes with a Joola satisfaction guarantee that means if you are not 100% satisfied with the product the company will resolve the issue.


  • Easy and quick ten minute ready to play assembly
  • Lightweight unit to transport and move easily
  • Very handy features like latches, locks and adjustable levellers to ensure balance and safety
  • A water-resistant top surface that will ensure consistent performance despite wet conditions


  • Lightweight model and doesn’t take that well to heavyweight
  • May not give its best performance in humidity and high temperature


Stiga is the official sponsor of the Chinese table tennis team and has been in the market for close to a century now. It is well known for making high quality and innovative sports equipment and its XTR outdoor model is no different.

It is made from aluminium and will withstand all sort of weather. It gives a stable bounce and has UV coating on the top surface to ensure long life.

This model has been specifically designed keeping minimum set up time in mind. It comes 90% prepackaged inside the box and takes less than ten minutes to prepare for the play. It is a great addition to any patio and garden as the unit comes with self-folding and unfolding mechanism.

It has a very attractive striking blue top with white lines and is very easy to store away in the garage or store. It also comes with corner protectors which are very useful when playing doubles.


  • Will last for a very long time no matter the weather
  • Easy to store and move due to its self-folding design
  • Has a playback mode for individual practice
  • Features like height levellers and corner protectors are handy


  • Doesn’t have any anti glaring coating on the surface
  • Can show signs of wear and tear after a while

Harvil Outsider

Harvil is an American brand, run by a family that makes family and luxury equipment for sports. Its outsider ping pong table is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an attractive, long term solution.

It comes in a standard blue and classy black colour options and can withstand any type of weather without any performance issues.

It has four legs as well as eight wheels overall. The legs are foldable and the wheels are sturdy enough to transport the unit easily. It is a very lightweight table and can be assembled, folded and stored by one person. It has a very easy assembly set up and comes with tension adjustable high-quality net as well.

It also comes with a playback mode if a player wants to practice or play alone. The package comes with a protective cover, four paddles and eight balls. This is along with a one year guarantee which includes a money-back option.


  • Extremely value for money option and has a lot of features for a table of its price range
  • Compact and lightweight to move around and store
  • Locking wheels make sure the unit doesn’t move while playing
  • Very attractive design with colour options


  • Bounce can be an issue with only a 4 mm tabletop surface
  • Small gaps between the two halves can be an issue while playing in playback mode

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Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor

Cornilleau’s Pro 510 is an outdoor table which is made to be a permanent fixture. It can be set up once and left in its place all year round, no matter what the weather and it will have no impact on its quality and performance.

It has got a 7 mm Matt Top to finish on it to ensure it gives consistent bounce. It also ensures that the surface withstands the heat, sun rays and water as well as doesn’t give any glare effect.

It is a great option for parks, schools and any sports clubs but it can also be a choice for players who want a permanent recreational option for the garden or backyard. It is meant for tough usage and can be bolted down to the ground for usage in public places.

The table can not be stored away once settled and has no foldable playback mode. The product comes with a 10-year Cornilleau warranty as well.


  • Despite galvanised steel frame, its very light and only weighs 170 pounds
  • Extremely long-lasting no matter the weather condition or usage
  • Arched legs provide space and comfort for players in wheelchairs
  • Built-in racket holders and ball dispensers on both ends of the table


  • Assembly can be tricky and time-consuming
  • It can not be folded and stored away
  • The net is made of metal and can be an issue
  • No playback mode on offer

Killerspin MyT Street Edition

Killerspin’s My T Street edition’s two main features are its lightweight design which is storage and transport friendly as well as a very attractive & quirky design.

The table only weighs 145 pounds and has a 5 mm thick tabletop surface. The pace and spin on the surface are excellent due to the mix of aluminium and plastic on the surface, even if the bounce can be lower then expected.

It is a table that can handle all type of weather easily but not necessarily made to be left outside all the time. For best and long-lasting performance, it should be folded and stored away after its use, something which isn’t very difficult due to its weight and design.

It has storage spaces on both ends of the table which can store eight balls and one racket individually. It has very high quality and premium net set up as well as castor wheels which move easily and can be locked during the play.

The table comes with a one-year limited warranty. The brand offers very attractive blue, black, white, mocha and green variants in the options as well.


  • Very easy assembly and can be done by a single person in just 15 minutes
  • Playback mode for single players and very easy to fold and move
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Delicate for an outdoor table needs to be stored away after use
  • Its lightweight means it doesn’t handle a lot of weight or rough usage very well

JOOLA Extreme Outdoor

Joola’s Extreme Outdoor version does exactly what its name says it will withstand extremely. It is a one time set up and forgettable and can deal with any type of weather or usage with no effects.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the outdoor tables is the lack of bounce they offer compared to their indoor counterparts. But Joola Extreme performance excellently on that aspect.

It is made of fibreglass reinforced polyester and will give consistent bounce and performance without any glare or reflections. It is a great option for any public place like schools, parks, prisons etc. It does not have folding legs and doesn’t offer a playback option as many other tables do.

It doesn’t require the hard ground to be placed on but the surface must be even as it doesn’t come with any height levellers. Like every other product from the brand, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee from Joola where any issue with the product will be resolved.


  • Suitable for any type of outdoor use, personal or commercial
  • Can withstand rain, hail, heat, snow and humidity without performance drop, also has protection against UV rays and glares
  • Has weatherproof posts and net sets with adjustable height
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting product


  • Not the most stylish or attractive looking table
  • Can’t be folded and stored away
  • No playback mode

Butterfly Sport Rollaway Outdoor

Butterfly’s Sport Rollaway is one of the most reasonably priced models in its category and serves the dual purpose of being an indoor and outdoor table.

It is a very versatile model that offers long-lasting durabilities, compact features, lightweight and decent performance, all of it while being extremely pocked friendly.

It is made from Melamine Rasin which is closest to wood than any other outdoor table material. It only takes around two feet wide space when store away and its extremely light frame makes it easy for even younger ones to assemble and store it away.

It has a 12 mm tabletop surface and comes with a centrefold locking system. The table package includes an outdoor net and post set, two outdoor reverse sponge bats made from polypropylene and three good quality practice balls.

It also comes with a protective cover and five-year guarantee but only on the table and not on the other types of equipment like bats and balls.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Extremely low storage space required
  • Very reasonable priced
  • Features like playback mode and racket and balls holder


  • Not very durable and can’t be left on its own after use
  • Can shake a little while playing
  • Lightweight material makes it less sturdy than other options in the category

Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor

Cornilleau’s Sport 250S model punches well above its weight and has many features that would only be found in many of the units well above its price range.

Unlike aluminium-plastic surface on most other tables, this table has a 5 mm laminated resin surface that gives a great performance and consistent bounce. It comes in blue and grey clours and has a very sturdy & attractive design.

The design focuses a lot on the ease of moving and storing the unit. The frame is made of galvanised steel which makes sure that the weight of the table is less but without compromising on its strength.

It has got fairly large wheels on it as well which comes with large casters with notched tread to ensure a solid grip on any kind of surface. It is a cross over the model and can easily be used as an indoor table as well.

It comes with a soft Matt finish which gives the surface ability to withstand harsh weather and anti-glare to the players. Both sides of the table can be folded separately and the unit can be converted into a playback mode for solo players.

The product comes with a ten-year warranty for materials and workmanship but not on the wear parts like wheels, net and posts.


  • One of the most secure products with 16 locking points making it easy for even younger ones to move and store
  • Very good portability and compact storage design
  • Built-in racket and ball holders
  • A 10-year warranty


  • Assembly can be a little tricky and time consuming
  • The fixed net system makes it difficult to replace


Stiga’s Vapor model is built to last and its aluminium top offers consistent performance for a very long time. The table is supported by steel apron and an aluminium silkscreen finishing ensures that it stands the test of heat, cold and rain.

It comes with 1.25 inches levellers to ensure balance even on uneven surfaces as well as 3-inch castors with a lock to avoid shaking.

Both the halves of the table can be folded and stored away separately making its movement and storage easy and comfortable. This feature also allows a solo playback mode. The product comes 95% pre-assembled in the box and requires less than ten minutes to prepare.

It is a great addition to the patio or garden in any house. It is a fairly lightweight model and isn’t meant to be kept at a place constantly. But it’s sturdy enough to not get flipped over by strong winds or rain.

Its good quality bounce and handy features make it a decent option to be used as an indoor table as well.


  • A very solid unit which would last for a long time and is weather-resistant
  • A very easy and quick ten minute assembly time
  • Both sides fold individually for easy storage and playback mode
  • Can be also used as an indoor table


  • Limited warranty coverage for the product
  • Doesn’t have features like rackets and ball storage
  • The bounce is lower than some of the high-end outdoor tables

Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor

Kettler is a German brand that specialises in making outdoor sports equipment. Their products are suited to last long and give ultimate performance in all type of weather. The table comes with a 22 mm aluminium compound top that makes sure the surface is weatherproof.

It also comes with a glare-proof coating so that you can play outdoors under the sun or artificial lights. The paint is also scratch-proof and can handle rough handling.

The product comes as a package of outdoor net and posts as well as two Kettle Halo range rackets, a cover for the table and three balls. The legs are thinner than some of the other models in the category but are sturdy enough to last as well as stay still on any surfaces.

The main technology behind the table is called Alu-Tech which allows the metal frame to expand and contract in different types of weather to ensure long life.

There are four wheels on the table and they perform well on most surfaces but not made for very frequent moving. The unit can be a little daunting and takes two people to assemble and store away.

But it is a great product for families and social groups wanting to play outdoors. It also has a handy playback feature for solo players.


  • A 22 mm tabletop thickness that allows great bounce and speed for a long time.
  • The product is built to last and will stand the test of times no matter what the weather
  • It comes with a very handly 10-year warranty
  • It is an all in one package with rackets, balls and cover to get you going


  • This is not ITTF tournament approved table
  • Can be difficult to assemble and requires two people
  • Not as many features as some of the other models in the category


We will update the aforementioned list of table tennis tables for outdoor use each year – or even more frequently if needed – so you have the best table tennis tables to choose. Some of the above are higher-range, premium products more suited for rougher use while others are for lower-end, recreational users and you can choose one of the tables based on that.

If you are also looking for an indoor table tennis table, you could check for our equally in-depth guide here.

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