10 Best Racquetball Racquets for Beginners & Intermediate Players in 2022-23: A Review

Best Racquetball Rackets

There might be a few similarities between squash and racquetball but the two are different sports and need their own set of rackets. Below our expert has looked at the best racket models you could choose from if you are starting out with racquetball or are looking to change your rackets as an intermediate player.

Invented in 1950, this sport bears its resemblance with squash and is taken seriously by players across countries like the US and UK.

According to reports, racquetball has spread to a little less than 100 countries in the world and while it doesn’t have a following as large as table tennis, it still has a good 20 million players who play the sport.

And with that number, there’s a demand for the best rackets from racquetball players around the world.

If you are one of them, looking to either improve your game by using the best racquetball rackets or are looking to join this 20 million strong group, here’s our recommendation on which equipment to use along with their pros and cons.

Our Best Recommended Racquetball Rackets

Here’s a quick list of the racquetball you can buy if you are starting out with the sport and are unsure about the options available. Their individual features and pros and cons with each of them have been explained in the sections below.

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Here’s a deeper analysis on why we have opted for the aforementioned racquetball rackets.

Wilson Striker (Check Price on Amazon Here)

This is an ideal entry-level racket aimed at players who are just starting out in the game and do not want to spend a fortune. The frame is made out of T6 heat treated aluminium alloy and is designed to keep in mind a still developing technique and mishit strokes from beginners. It has a relatively large sweet spot so that even when the ball is not hit perfectly the accuracy and power is not compromised.

The strings have been designed inside a V Matrix frame that increases the power in the strokes and reduces string vibration.

Although weighing in at just over 200 grams, many players may find this racket a little too heavy for the comfort. But the added weight will increase the power and the swing will be made with minimum effort. Although due to extra weight, it is not very suitable for long rallies as the arm may tire out quicker.

It is a durable enough product considering its price range and will last just about long enough till one feels the need to upgrade to a higher-end version.


  • One of the cheapest products in the market
  • Ergonomic handle and V Matrix strings add strength to frame and power to shots
  • Ideal for beginners who are still learning the game
  • Large Sweet Spot that compensates for mishit strokes


  • Not suitable for experienced players
  • On the heavier side weighing at over 200 grams
  • Not suitable for long rallies

Python Racquetball Intro 5000 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

This racket is designed for players who have never played the sport before. Python’s racquetball intro 5000 has a teardrop-shaped frame made from graphite infusion. The grip size of 3-5/8 inches makes for a comfortable feel and control while swinging hard.

The rackethas excellent balance and a great option for players who will want to learn the skills of the game and develop their technique while not wanting to compromise on power or control.

It is also priced very reasonably and comes in a package along with eye guard, three Dunlop practice balls and a transparent cover.

The racket weighs around 225 grams, which may be too heavy for some players but it’s a good choice for beginners who would want to control their swing until their game develops enough.


  • Ideal racket for players starting in the game
  • Excellent value for money and long-lasting 
  • Modified teardrop design for better control
  • Graphite infusion for added strength and power


  • Strings are prone to damage and the quality of them could be better
  • The sweet spot is a little too small 
  • Wrist string is too small for practical purposes

Head Black Widow (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Head’s Black Widow model is an ideal racket for beginners as well as for players who have been playing the game for a while now and want to upgrade. It only weighs 160 grams and falls into the lightweight category.

Its design and less weight makes it arm friendly and will result in a comfortable feel. For players who like to hit fast serve and play longer rallies, this racket is a great option.

Despite the lightweight, its CT2 technology ensures that the product is extremely strong and durable. It has got 16 main and 16 crosses in its string pattern and the additional vibration that it creates reduces the tension in the arm and prevents any injuries.

Despite the racket being fairly lightweight, it gives great power and control to the shots. It is one of the most powerful rackets in the lightweight category. It can be a little unforgiving if the player mishits the shot and the fact that the added strength in the handle may compromise the feel of the racket.


  • Extremely lightweight racket, easy on the arm
  • Very powerful and ideal for players who swing hard and fast
  • Great control, ideal for touch players
  • Durable and long-lasting product


  • Unforgiving when the shots are mishit
  • Ultra-stiff frame reduces the comfort

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Ektelon EX03 Toron (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Ektelon is one of the most well-known brands in the racquetball equipment manufacturing and their EX03 Toron is an upgraded version of their 2013 racket called ESP RG. It has been redesigned by the TeXTreme technology which the manufacturer claims makes this racket thinner, lighter and more durable due to its carbon fibres.

The design continues its previous red and black theme and continues to use ESP – Extreme String pattern and DPR – Double Power ring of long main strings to build the base.

When completely strung, the racket weighs around 195 grams and has 12 mains and 16 crosses in the strings.

It has a large sweet spot and its graphite composition means that it is easy to swing. It is a perfectly balanced racket which will give ample power without compromising on the control.

It has got a comfortable and sturdy grip and is aimed at beginner or intermediate level players.


  • Balanced racket in terms of power and control
  • Sturdy and durable design, built to last
  • Comes with a one-year replacement warranty
  • Solid option at an attractive price range


  • Not very suitable for serious players

E-Force Apocalypse 170 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

E-Force Apocalypse 170 is a racket that is meant for serious players and professionals as it is almost a complete package. The attractive looks and its features offer almost everything that one could look in a racket.

It has a power booster technology in it which offers greater stability and accuracy while generating an additional amount of power in the strokes.

The graphite frame makes it durable but still light at the same time. And once again the quadriform head shape allows for faster swings and longer rallies. Despite its 108 square inches surface area, it offers a rather large sweet spot which is unusual for a racket at the advanced level.

It is an expensive product and is aimed at players who understand their game because beginners may find it tough to maximise all of its features.


  • Extremely light but powerful at the same time
  • Offers great grip, sturdy frame and durable life
  • Uses advanced technology to take the game to another level


  • Expensive product
  • Beginners may find it tough to get used to it

Gearbox 50 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Gearbox 50 has been made from 7000-grade aluminium, which has been mixed with various other elements like magnesium, copper and zinc to give a tough and long-lasting performance. Because of its material, it weighs a little on the heavier side at around 190 grams.

The strings are made of extremely durable 16 gauge monofilament material. Primarily aimed at intermediate level players and above, the Gearbox 50 has a large sweet spot and is kind to wayward shots which makes it a good option for beginners too.

It may take some time for players to get used to its weight and understanding the correct swing but the features it offers are worth it.

The racquet was founded by a professional level player himself and has almost everything that a player will need.


  • An all-round racquet that can be used by beginners, intermediate players or professionals
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting material
  • The very large sweet spot that makes mishit strokes less punishing
  • Affordable price range


  • Slightly on the heavy side and may take some time getting used to

Head CPS Demon

Aimed at players who are starting in the sport, Head CPS Demon is one of the costs effective and balanced racquets out there in the market. Just like every other product that Head makes, CPS demon is also made with quality material which will last a long time.

Even though it is quite a heavy racquet at around 210 grams, its design reduces its impact on the arm.

It is built on the power zone string pattern which will generate extra power and zip in the strokes which beginners may not be able to do by themselves due to a developing technique. The strings are made in a way that would reduce the vibration, which even though may be tough for a few players after a long match but compensates overall with the extra power it generates.

Its lower than average price point is its biggest feature whilst not compromising on any of the aspects that a beginner will need.


  • One of the cheapest, good quality models in the market
  • Solid frame and generates a great amount of power
  • A durable product which will last for sufficiently long time


  • A bit on the heavy side and can be unforgiving on the arm
  • Not suitable for players above the starting level

Wilson Drone X Pink

One of Wilson’s flagship racquets from its 2017 range, Drone X Pink is one of the first products to use Basalt fibres in the frame. This is a material procured from volcanic rocks and is extremely lightweight.

It is touted as an earth-friendly material while giving excellent durability, stability and power. It does not lean on one particular feature and gives a fairly balanced performance.

The tear shape model is an excellent addition to any player and is very friendly to users who are still developing their techniques. But because of the rare natural material used in its making, it is one of the more expensive racquets on the market and can be outside the reach of new players or beginners purely on the price point.

This is a shame because the features it offers are great for beginners. It also has a very large sweet spot and because of its lightweight, is friendly to players who like to swing hard.


  • Well balanced product with excellent performance and durability
  • Large Sweet spot
  • Excellent grip and durable performance
  • Earth Friendly product


  • An expensive racquet that is outside the reach of most players

E-Force Heat Seeker 175 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

E-force became a famous brand because of its competitive and unique technology and the edge that its products gave to the users and the Heat Seeker lives up to the reputation. The racquet is aimed at players who play at the intermediate level or above and gives excellent power and control.

It comes with an extreme 22-inch long stringing and bypass system, which ensures that the strings skip every second hole so that the ball does not strike two of them at once. This will result in excellent zip in the strokes and generates extra power.

Its tri carbon frame is strong enough to withstand aggressive play and long hours but at around 175 grams, it is one of the lightest racquets in the market. This means that the racquet is friendly on the arm and suitable to play for a long duration at a go.

Its technology also increases the vibrations upon the impact which takes further stress away from the arm. This is great for players who like to slam into the ball and do not want to worry about losing control.


  • A durable racquet with long-lasting performance
  • Unique technology to give extra power and zip to the shots
  • Lightweight to ensure minimum stress on the arm


  • Not very suitable for beginners
  • The frame doesn’t feel sturdy enough

Head Ares 175 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

This is one of the best power-hitting racquets out there in the market and is an excellent addition to an already impressive range by Head. Typically aimed towards players who play at the intermediate or above levels, this produces the kind of power that one is looking to end the points.

This is part of Head’s Olympic series where alongside Ares 175, the Zeus 165 and Hades 170 was also launched. These racquets have a new space-age material called Innegra which is claimed to be the lightest performance material in the world. It helps to generate a huge amount of power while allowing for sufficient control in the shots.

It is extremely lightweight at 175 grams and allows the players to swing freely to generate maximum power. It has also got a very large sweet spot so that the players don’t have to worry about getting the connection right.

The frame is a little delicate though but certainly durable enough to last for long.


  • Offers incredible power in the shots
  • It doesn’t flex much when hitting allowing for greater control and swing back
  • A light racquet which would reduce the tension on the arms and allow longer rallies


  • This is a top-heavy racquet which is a feature not a bug to generate extra power, but players who are used to playing with balanced racquets may take a while to get used to it.
  • Delicate frame, prone to damage.


Based on your requirement, and a host of other factors like your own game and your budget, you can select from one of the aforementioned racquetball racket models.

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