How Many Calories are Burned Up in a Game of Badminton?

How many calories are burnt playing badminton?

It’s never a straightforward answer to a question like how many calories are burnt while playing badminton but here we try to answer this question using a variety of examples. Read on to understand that and how badminton can help your fitness.

People play sport for various reasons.

  • Because they love the sport
  • Because they are good at it, or getting better at it
  • Because it keeps them fit
  • Because it helps them lose weight

Most of us play sport for love and for fitness. We all feel good after a fantastic work out, no matter what the work out is. Badminton is one of those sports that is high aerobic and therefore a really good sport for fitness and weight loss.

Plus, it’s a fab sport!

Will Badminton Get You Fit?

Like any sport or form of exercise, the more you do it the fitter you will become. If you play Badminton once a week, it’s going to be helpful.

If you play Badminton twice a week, it is going to be really good for you. And if you play more than that, of course you will be super fit, energetic and more than likely, in excellent shape.

It depends of course on how you play the game.

If you are a slow, sluggish player, it is going to take you time to burn those calories. If you put all your energy into the game and let’s face it, Badminton is a high energy game, you are going to get fit, get strong and burn a lot of calories.

It is impossible to say how many calories you will burn in a game of badminton, because it all depends on:-

  • The level of the game.
  • The energy you play with.
  • The length of the game.
  • How fast or slow you are.
  • How much you put into the game.

It also depends on your metabolism and how much you weigh. Some people burn up calories quicker than others; they are the lucky ones.

But in general, a game of Badminton will have you burning up calories because it is an aerobic sport.

Your body needs energy to play the game and it is going to use your stored energy as fuel. This is how your fat gets burned off.

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How Do I Calculate the Calories Burned while Playing Badminton?

The first thing we are going to say is you really should play a game for the love of the game.

Sure, you want to get fit and lose weight, but – badminton is an amazing game. Focus on the game itself and the more you practice the better you will become and the slimmer you will become too!

If you still want to know how to calculate the calories burned, and we know you do, we can give you a few examples:-

  • Player weighs 120 pounds. He/she plays for one hour at a moderate level and intensity . He will burn approximately 330 calories.
  • Player weighs 200 pounds. He/she plays for one hour at a moderate level and intensity. He will burn approximately 545 calories.

And then, take a look at these comparisons:

  • Social player weighs 150 pounds. He plays for one hour at a gentle level and intensity. He will burn approximately 270 calories.
  • Professional player weighs 150 pounds. He plays for one hour at an intense level. He will burn approximately 500 calories.

Calorie Calculators for Sport

There are specific calorie calculators and calorie charts and apps that can be used for sport, and this includes all sports – badminton, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, handball, football, basketball, cycling, jogging, walking and more.

You would need to get hold of one of these calculators, or similar, and feed your information into the calculator.

It would take a look at your weight and perhaps your body type, and then look at the time you will be playing for, the intensity that you will be playing at, and calculate for you the approximate calories you will burn off.

Remember, the harder you play, the more calories you burn.

No matter if you are playing singles, doubles or just practicing against the wall, the more you put into your Badminton, the more you will get out of the game.

You can certainly use a calorie calculator, or look on the internet to find an app that works for you, but remember, play the game for fun, play the game professionally, and either way, put all your energy into the game.

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How Do I Burn More Calories When I Play Badminton?

This is a pretty simple answer. Play harder and play longer.

If you are new to the sport, start slowly as you don’t want to get too stiff or cause any muscular damage from getting too intense too quickly. Then, as you play more and improve your game, play a little harder and a little longer.

Before you know it, you will be playing hard and strong Badminton, and you will be doing it for the love of the game.

Before you know it, you may also be buying a pair of Badminton shorts or a Badminton skirt that is one size smaller.

This is a very rough idea of how to calculate the calories burned

  • You need to find the MET value of the game of Badminton. (7)
  • Look at the calories burned each minute, which is MET x kg body weight x 3.5/200.
  • Take this figure and multiply it by the length of minutes you play the game for.

It would be best to do this with an actual sport calculator, math is not our strong point!

Which Sports are Best for Calorie Burning?

Football is a great sport for burning calories as the players are constantly running from one end of the field to the other and doing it at high energy.

Basketball players and hockey players are the same.

Tennis and squash are fabulous for burning calories, as is racquetball and badminton too.

Cycling is brilliant, jogging is brilliant – any sport where you are expending energy and burning fuel (fat).

What about Food Intake, Regarding Sportsmen and Women?

To use a lot of energy, players need a lot of energy. For this reason, professional sports players need to eat the right diet. If they don’t eat well, their overall performance will suffer.

Calories may be burned off during a game but nutrients are lost during games, and these must be replenished for overall health.

Sportsmen and women should eat

  • Meat, chicken, fish. (animal based protein)
  • Beans and legumes. (plant based protein)
  • Berries – excellent for muscle strength.
  • Bananas – great carb, fuel for energy.
  • Pasta – carbs are important for energy, they provide extra fuel.
  • Vegetables.
  • Nuts – protein and fats.
  • Milk – carbs and protein, excellent for a post sports game drink.
  • Oatmeal – high in energy, high in fibre.
  • Whey Protein – amino acids for muscle strength.
  • Flaxseed, olive and coconut oil – anti inflammatory, fibre and protein.

Sport is a way to change a person’s lifestyle, and badminton is a really popular sport. It is a game for all ages (well, anyone who can hold a racquet) and all genders, and can be played in most places.

Clubs, schools, colleges and gyms most often have badminton courts. It’s a game that can help you get fit quickly, lose weight if you play regularly, and more than anything, make you feel really good about life and about yourself.

Often, that is what sport is about. It’s social, you meet people, you get off your sofa and into the great outdoors (or even to a gym) and it is so good not just for your physical health but for your mental health too.

Do You Need that Calorie Calculator?

We don’t think you really need it. Even if you are super serious about getting fit, you can probably find an app on your smartphone, one that will calculate exactly how many steps you do, how many calories you burn, and how much weight you lose, if you keep this app on your body while you play.

Give it a try. Or – just play the game for the love of it. You never know, you may get strong, slim and turn into a professional Badminton player too.

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