Eight Best Badminton Rackets for Power & Control [Updated for 2022-23]

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Looking to garner maximum control while playing the smash in badminton? Here’s our list of badminton rackets you could look to buy for this purpose, recommended by experts who have played the game used a few rackets in their times.

One of the best things to watch in badminton is the jump smash, something that emulates the slam dunk in basketball for the pleasure it provides the viewers.

To be able to control that smash, however, is equally important; a loss in control while going for a smash or possessing little power despite having control could lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the shot.

Which is why possessing a badminton racket that can help deliver both, power and control is extremely important, especially as you grow as a badminton player. Here’s our recommendation for the same.

Please note, if you are a badminton beginner, here’s a list of rackets you can choose from. For intermediate badminton players, you can check out our article on badminton rackets here while advanced badminton players can get more information on their rackets here.

Our Best Recommended Badminton Rackets for Power & Control

Here’s a list of our favourite badminton rackets which offer a combination of power and control for pyou can buy if you are starting out with the sport and are unsure about the options available. Their individual features and pros and cons with each of them have been explained in the sections below.

  • Wilson Fierce C1500 (Check its price on Amazon here)
  • Li-Ning Windstorm Graphite 700 III Professional (Check its price on Amazon here)
  • Yonex Nanoray 800 Flash Blue 4UG4. If unavailable go for YONEX Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racket 3UG5 (Check its price on Amazon here)
  • Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Badminton Racket (Check its price on Amazon here)
  • Thrax Streak X 102 Tension Badminton Racket
  • Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket (Check its price on Amazon here)
  • Victor Jetspeed S10
  • Fleet High Tension New Technology Frame 11

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Here’s a deeper analysis on why we have opted for the aforementioned badminton rackets for their power without too much loss of control.

Wilson Fierce C1500

Wilson is one of the most well-known brands in the sport and its Fierce C1500 is true to its name. It provides fierce performance and generates great power. One of the most unique things about Wilson rackets is that it is entirely made out of one-piece carbon fibre.

The simple construction and design of the racket limits the flexibility of the head but provides some amazing features. The head is made in a quad shape which allows for a very large sweet spot and is ideally suited to beginners.

It has a wrap design which provides better control and excellent balance in the shots. Its single material construction and Stable Wrap design allows for a stronger T joint and results in more accuracy in stroke es without the frame twisting.It weighs around 90 grams so some players may feel it to be on the heavier side.

All in all, it is a solid racket that provides excellent power and control without pinching the pockets. It is an ideal solution for a beginner starting in the game who doesn’t want to break the bank still wants a top-quality product.

Check the price of a Wilson Fierce C1500 badminton racket on Amazon here.


  • Great quality product from Wilson that is built to last for a long time
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for beginners in the sport
  • Generates excellent power and control


  • At 90 grams, it can be a little too heavy for some players
  • The grip is too soft which partially compromises the feel

Li-Ning Windstorm Graphite 700 III Professional

Li-Ning’s Windstorm 700 III is a great racket for players with quick hands and fast racket speed and who are looking to generate maximum power in their strokes. Made up of carbon fibre material, it has special nanometer bonding with which increases the strength of the frame without increasing the weight of the racket.

It is powered with Tb Nano Powertech technology and is priced in extremely affordable range as it targets players who are not looking to spend a fortune.

The racket has an inbuilt highly elastic design that reduces the forces generated by powerful strokes. It has a fairly large sweet spot and because of the stabilised torsion angle, the vibration upon the impact is minimised. Its shaft is designed to provide great control and strength while improving its ability to hit half smashes. Because of its highly technological design, it only weighs around 79 grams but still provides great power in the strokes.

The manufacturer claims that the stringing gut can take up to 30 lbs of tension but many users feel that the product life and performance reduces when strung at tensions above 25. It also has a soft grip which some players playing at the higher end may not prefer. But considering this is a racket that targets players starting in the sport, it’s an ideal option to go for.

Check the price of a Li-Ning Windstrom Graphite badminton racket on Amazon here).


  • It’s a lightweight racket that is arm friendly
  • Excellent power generation without any extra effort from the player
  • Good quality material which will give a consistent performance for long
  • Affordable price range, ideal for beginners


  • Life span reduces at high tension stringing
  • The shaft stiffness could be better

Yonex Nanoray 800 Flash Blue 4UG4

Yonex’s Nanoray is the ideal attacker’s racket. It is made in Japan with the new improved aerodynamics technology and an extremely thin frame that results in better and harder swings. This accelerates the shuttle cork to higher speeds and increases the power in the strokes without compromising on the control. It has fewer cross-sectional parts in a frame that allows it to cut the air easily and generate extra speed.

The frame of the racket is a mix of graphite and sonic metal whereas the shaft consists of graphite and X-Fullerene. Sonic metal is titanium alloy which provides more strength by using lesser mass and Fullerene made shaft helps by providing additional flexibility to absorb more energy.

The racket weighs at 80 grams and falls in the 5U category in terms of the weight range. It feels light in the hand and has a great sweet spot that players at every level will love. Apart from great power and control, it is also a great racket for defending and placing the shots because of its less head weight.

The grip can be the only area of concern as some players may not find the quality of the same up to their expectations. Another issue that some of the users have faced is the quality of the paint which tends to peel off after a while.

All in all, the racket is slightly expensive but the features that it offers more than justify the cost if you are looking for a racket which will give tremendous power without compromising on control.

If the price is not a huge factor for the buyer and they are fine with it coming unstrung, it’s a great buy that is going to give great performance for a long period.

Check the price of the similar YONEX Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racket 3UG5 on Amazon here


  • An Aerodynamic Slim Design that helps in generating extra power in strokes
  • Isometric head designer enabling a larger sweet spot area
  • Just 80 grams of weight and falls in 5U category which means extremely arm friendly
  • Use of graphite increases durability and strength
  • Use of titanium offers flexibility and quick return which is ideal for defending the opponent’s shots


  • It is an expensive racket
  • Paint and grip quality could be better
  • It comes without a string

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Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Badminton Racket

Apacs Edgesaber 10 is a head heavy racket that focuses on power and stiffness without adding a lot of weight or stiffness to the frame. It weighs around 82 grams and falls in the 4U category. The balance point is centred and the weight is slightly higher on the head, which helps in generating extra power in the strokes.

The grip size is G2 which may be an issue for some players with larger palms but that is not a deal-breaker issue because the racket comes with an extra grip that can be added on.

The racket is made in an isometric frame with durable graphite and the shaft is made from carbon nanomesh which allows the required flexibility without compromising on the durability. The isometric frame will also equalise the length of the main and cross strings and give a fairly large sweet spot.

The combination of these two will allow in generating power that will push the opponent back without the player having to put in the extra effort. The racket comes with a control support cap which claims to provide a wider flat surface compared to other rackets. It is also priced at an affordable price range and is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their game.

Apacs Arcsaber 10 is a great racket to go for anyone who wants to add power in their game but still wants a balanced racket. It gives great speed and control plus its lightweight frame will be extremely arm friendly. It may take some time for players to get used to the racket and realise its full potential but given its priced extremely attractively, it’s a great option to buy.

Check the price of Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Badminton Racket price on Amazon here.


  • Balanced racket – suitable for any type of player
  • Lightweight and feels very easy on the arm
  • Made with high-quality material and will last for a long time
  • Comes with strung and unstrung options
  • Attractively priced and affordable


  • Not ideal for beginners as they may take time to adjust to its features
  • The grip can be small for some players

Thrax Streak X 102 Tension Badminton Racket

Developed with Japan High Modulous Graphite with nano Fusion technology, Thrax rackets aim to provide ultimate power along with sustainability to its models. And Streak X 102 is an ideal example of that. Weighing in at extremely light 79 grams, the racket gives amazing power and control. A unique frame cross-section design adopted by the manufacturer, it claims to reduce the air resistance on the frame and improves the swing speed.

Its hexagon shaft design, single-piece moulding and advance dampers reduce vibrations and increased control in the strokes. It can handle tension up to 30 lbs and has a great balance of softness and stiffness to provide a balanced grip. It is an all-round racket but may take some time for beginners to get used to it.

It is one of the best value for money rackets available in the market. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced level players. The racket comes strung with made in Taiwan strings with 24 lbs tension.


  • Extremely lightweight but still offers explosive power
  • Value for money racket which is reasonably priced
  • Long-lasting and durable racket which will give consistent performance
  • Unique stringing design allows for the larger sweet spot and better aerodynamics to generate extra power


  • Not ideal for players starting in the sport
  • The shaft can feel a little too stiff at times

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket

The Yonex Duora 10 is famous for its ability to provide pinpoint control along with rapid power without extra effort. It is one of the best rackets for elite players and it delivers the kind of performance the very best are after.

There are two different versions of the racket, a boxy frame that concentrates on power and the aero frame that focuses on minimum air drag. Considering the rackets are aimed at higher-end players, they very much know which are of the game they want to focus on. But regardless of the version one chooses, the features it provides are similar and excellent.

It is a slightly heavy racket at 88 grams and falls into the 3U category. The maximum tension it can handle is 27 lbs. Even though it has a very light head, it doesn’t impact the ability to generate power smashes.

Considering this product is made for elite level players, the sweet spot is slightly smaller compared to other rackets but one can swing as hard as they want with ease and generate an amazing level of thrust from it.

Check the price of the Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket on Amazon here.


  • Best in the industry power and smash ability
  • Very responsive and easy to return strokes making it an ideal racket for doubles too
  • Offers great control and stability via excellent grip and balance
  • Comes strung and with a 60-day warranty


  • A very expensive product that not everyone can afford
  • Not an ideal product for beginners in the sport
  • Slightly on the heavy side and can take its toll on the arm

Victor Jetspeed S10

Victor is a Taiwanese brand who specialises in manufacturing table tennis, squash and other racket sports equipment. It launched the jet speed series to replace its extremely successful and popular Bravesword series of rackets and the S10 is one of the best from that range.

It is an attractive looking racket that comes in black and turquoise frame with white and red decals. It weighs around 82 grams and just falls in the lightweight category of U5. It has a G5 grip which can be a little small for some players but one additional grip should do the trick.

It is a perfectly balanced racket which has got everything. Amazing power, great speed and brilliant touch. The racket is made with the profile and Nano fortify technology which gives it the ability to generate excellent power and control. It is suitable for aggressive players who like to smash and control.

It has got a great string tension and provides quick movements and balance that is required for fast shots. It delivers crisp and sharp smashes. This is a great “one size fits all” racket when it comes to power. Famous players like Chang Peng Soon and Ashwini Ponnappa have used this racket in mixed doubles matches.


  • Ideal racket for smash and control game, used by many international stars
  • Offers a perfect all-round solution
  • Excellent string tension that allows sharp and crisp shots
  • Extremely attractive looking design


  • Relatively expensive
  • 4/5 rating for shaft stiffness which can be a little too light for some players

Fleet High Tension New Technology Frame 11

Fleet’s high tension frame is made with a unique design that offers the players explosive power and accuracy at the same time. It is an ideal racket which is priced attractively and provides great balance. It is designed as a single-pass grommet along with an aero design in a combined box shape that resists the air and creates fasters swings and more solid hitting.

The frame of the racket uses a newer unnamed material to create extra strength and claims to endure pressure up to 35 lbs. The racket also has an isometric headframe along with equalised strings allows for a larger sweet spot and provide great power for hits made off centre as well.

It is also a 4U category racket weighing in at just 83 grams, that means the arm won’t feel the fatigue even after playing long hours. The only downside of the racket could be the medium flex that it offers which may not be suitable for all players.


  • Offers great power and control without compromising on the feel
  • Lightweight racket which won’t have side effects on the arm
  • Durable and quality material used which will last for a long time
  • Affordable price


  • Stiffness could be improved
  • Not suitable for players above intermediate level

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