Best Beach Tennis Rackets & Paddles in 2023 [Also, How to Select Your Beach Tennis Racket]

Beach Tennis Rackets

Looking for a combination of the best beach tennis paddles (rackets) and a guide on what, why and how to buy? Read on as our racket sports expert helps you wade through what might be an issue for many of the beach tennis players who are just starting out.

While beach tennis racket shopping isn’t that difficult – unlike some of the other sports like lawn tennis where there are far too many choices – things do get tough for those looking to buy beach tennis rackets for the first time. Which is why we have a guide to help everyone on:

  • Factors to Look at while Buying Beach Tennis Equipment
  • The Best Beach Tennis Rackets in Business Right Now

Please note, this list could keep changing as better rackets enter the market, so be assured this is updated to the latest ones.

With beach tennis growing to become one of the more followed sport in the world – the first edition of the World Beach Games in Qatar had beach tennis too! – it’s only natural for its popularity to grow at every level. With more people taking to beach tennis, it is very important to get a head start by choosing the right equipment to play it.

Beach tennis rackets – or paddles as they are also called – form the most important part of the equipment in use for this sport. Below is a guide to the various factors that could affect your decision-making before choosing your beach tennis paddles and following that, we present some of our choices for the best beach tennis paddles.

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If you are already aware of these factors, you could scoot right down to the end of this piece where we have a list of the best beach tennis rackets for you.

Also please note, if you are an absolute beginner and looking to understand if this is a sport you want to even play, then look out for our guide on the cheapest beach tennis paddles to buy. This will get you started and you can come back to take a look at this guide below on the factors that might be affecting your game play.

How to Pick your Beach Tennis Paddles?

Before we even get down to the best beach tennis paddles in the market, it is absolutely vital to understand what is the basis on which you need to select them. After all, if you are a beginner, a newbie to the sport, having just begun playing the sport, it might not be easy to know what works the best for you.

We have a short guide for you based on which you could make an informed choice and combine that with our recommendations for the best beach paddles before you actually make your purchase. This consists of the factors that could sway your decision-making one way or the other by helping you understand what actually goes into the making of a beach tennis racket.

Racket Length

This is one of the most important, if not THE most important factor you need to look into if you are about to buy a beach tennis racket. The beach tennis rules prescribed by ITF (and we have an ultimate guide here for that) have a mention of a maximum racket length of 55 cm.

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Most players prefer longer rackets, simply because they allow a greater reach and who wouldn’t want to get to the ball more easily. However, what one must be always remembered is greater the length more difficult it becomes to control your shots if you are not used to it.

Racket Width

The ITF-allowed racket width is 30 cm, which forms a part of the head size. Again, wider your racket, more the reach but lesser the control. Bigger is better at most times, but if you find it tougher to control your volleys with that kind of a width, you might want to reduce the size.

To put it in a different way, the bigger length and width equates to a larger ‘sweet spot’ for the racket, but it also means they are more difficult to control than a smaller paddle.

Racket Weight

Self-explanatory as a factor but why should the weight of the racket matter so much? Simple because heavier the racket, more is the power to your shots and the stability on those shots is a lot more too. Where the heavier rackets might cause an issue is control for one but more importantly might bring down the precision of your strokes.

Racket Balance Point

What’s the balance point in a racket? It’s the distribution of weight between the racket head and the rest of the paddle. A heavier weight towards the side of the head of the racket will give better speed but it comes at a cost – again, that same issue of losing control.

Other factors like Flexibility, Construction and Surface

Most of these factors are dependent on material used for the beach tennis paddle. Flexibility is an important factor, especially for the expert level players who are more in-tune with what the remaining, more important factors provide and are now ready to take that step up to enjoy and respect the finer nuances of beach tennis.

More racket flexibility allows for more power on the strokes as well, but since the ball is in contact with the racket for a slightly longer time it reduces the control a player has on it. Which is why the more advanced players go for beach tennis rackets with lesser flexibility but better control.

The finishing of these rackets could either be smooth or have small raised surface. The latter also adds to the racket control.

Which material is used to construct beach tennis rackets?

Some of the material used to make the outer part of a beach tennis racket includes kevlar, carbon, fibreglass while the inner material is usually made of hardened foam.

Our Best Racket Suggestions for Beach Tennis

Beginners would typically prefer rackets with more powerful shot-making, which means greater length, width and weight with the balance probably tilted more towards the head.

However, as you go along with your play and graduate through levels of being an intermediate and expert player, you could look to bring more precision play in your beach tennis. That is when the lighter rackets and smaller surface would help as will the lesser flexibility.

Advanced players, especially those playing in the various ITF-organised beach tennis tournaments around the world, prefer those that allow them more control.

That being said, here are our recommendations for some of the best beach tennis paddles in the business and who they might be suited for.

The Best Beach Tennis Paddles in 2021

Please remember, we will always try to be on the money to try and update this list based on what’s new in the market, and customer feedback and online reviews. Here’s our list of best beach tennis paddles for 2021:

Here’s an in-depth information about these beach tennis paddles.

IANONI Carbon Fiber Face Beach Tennis Paddle Sturdy & Durable

The extended length of 49cm allows beach tennis players using this rackets to get a better reach as they return a shot on a run. It has a Graphite Composite Face allowing more traction on the ball which pushes up the accuracy with a High Density Pro EVA Core adding to the feel on the strokes as well. The textured grit face of the racket makes it easier to add spin to the shots.


Size: (Length) 19.29 inch X (Width) 8.7 inch
Weight: 310-330 gram (8 oz)

GRANDCOW POP Tennis Paddle Racket Pro Carbon Fiber Power Lite Pop EVA Foam

Unlike the other Grandcow beach tennis racket model mentioned above, this one is heavier and hence provides more control to your volleying. This has a carbon fiber composite surface and better hole drilling which gives better control as well. This racket also has an enlarged curve design which maximises the hitting area which allows a better returning to quick returns.


Size: (Length) 18 inch X (Width) 10.2 inch
Weight: 350 gram

KAILUA Frescobol Wood Beach Racket Set, Includes 2 Paddles and 2 Balls. Black Grip

This beach tennis racket model is built from hardwood and its unique selling point is its eco-friendliness and sustainability. Many different species of hard wood are used to assemble this racket and its design is a result of the contrasting nature of the woods. Added durability occurs thanks to the layers of poly added to the paddle, also making it water-resistant. A black grip adds to the look and feel of the rackets.

These are the most inexpensive range of beach tennis rackets since they are wood-based but that also makes them quite heavyweight. We reckon these can also be used to play POP Tennis and Padel. Also, this is a beach racket set that consists of a couple of paddles and balls.


Size: (Length) 17 inch X (Width) 7.75 inch
Weight: 365 gram (12.875 oz)

Drop Shot Conqueror BT 7.0 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle (2019 Model)

One of the biggest strengths of this racket is its length, which provides a solid reach for those using the Drop Shot Conqueror BT 7.0. Made of Textreme Carbon 3000 Frame in its entirety gives it supreme power and the CURV 360 Armor Technology provides for an ultimate feel because of its awesome Control/Power ratio.

If you are an advanced player, this could be the racket for you.


Size: (Length) 21.6 inch X (Width) 7.9 inch X (Thickness) 2.8 inch
Weight: 335 gram (8 oz)

GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket Carbon Fiber with EVA Memory Foam Core

The biggest plus about this Beach Tennis racket is its lightweight. At 230 grams it’ one of the lightest rackets around which allows players to play the smash with consummate ease.

It’s made up of a Graphite Composite surface, thereby improving the performance even during these smashes, and despite the light weight, racket allows superior control thanks to its hole distribution. Another excellent feature about this racquet is its grip which is sweat-resistant and has proved to be an excellent fit for the hand.


Size: (Length) 19.6 inch X (Width) 9.2 inch
Weight: 230 gram (8 oz)

Some Other Beach Tennis Paddles

  • HOLYKING Wooden Beach Paddle Ball Set
  • Drop Shot Conqueror BT 7.0 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle (2019 Model)
  • Pro Kadima Beach Paddles Lightweight & Appearance
  • Optima FLEX Carbon Beach Tennis Racket

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