The Best Headis Rallies Televised [Videos]

Best Headis Rallies

Headis isn’t a racket sport but it does involve elements of table tennis, and that’s exactly why we have it as a part of this blog too. The other reason why we follow and cover headis is because it’s such a cool sport. Don’t take our word for it obviously, just watch the videos below of some of the coolest, most awesome headis rallies televised on live television or online ever. If you haven’t already, you would be falling in love with this funky sport.

Some plays in sport make you fall in love with it. And our first headis rally below has it all. Jumping on the table, outrageous stretches and a hug at the end between the players knowing what they have achieved.

Something about playing pickleball outdoors with the crowd cheering on! This rally is about how the guy in the black jersey comes back from being hopelessly out of the rally to first make a comeback, and then move his opponent around before clinching it with a winner.

For this one we go back indoors, probably in a mall or a college but that doesn’t take away from another comeback made by the player on the left. Check out the manner in which he first dives to his right, and quickly recovers to come back into this amazing headis rally.

One on the sands. The camera-work is slightly jerky but don’t let that take away from the manner in which the guy in the black jersey dives back and then forward and gets a chip on the side of the table. Almost thought his opponent would pick that last shot up and make it an even more sizzling one but we are probably too pampered!

No way! The player on the left should have never lost the point the way he did in this rally. Could have been to do with the shock he would have got when he saw his opponent manage to get the ball back. (also look at where his opponent ends up!)

This is a video showing the top 10 plays from the 2015 World Championships and from that we have the number six rally for you. The player on the left of your screens looks done and dusted, down on the ground but recovers not only to get back into this headis rally but also smash one down his opponent’s body.

Oh gosh. How. Speechless.

Get your feet – and body – off the table! That’s too many times.

Why should boys have all the fun?

This starts off a tad slowly but what a built-up of momentum!

Sadly for the guy on the left, he managed to get to a near-improbable return and then lost the point. Sigh.

This. Is. Extraordinary.

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