Seven Excellent Table Tennis [Ping Pong] Websites to Follow

Best Table Tennis Blogs Online

As an individual who loves my racket sports and runs a racket sports blog, it only makes sense to spread the message of all things racket sports. In this piece below, I look at my favourite ping pong (or table tennis) blogs and websites on the internet and tell you all about them.

So if you are looking for other options to peruse when it comes to this brilliant sport of table tennis, you could choose to have a glance at each one of them.

If you are looking for a website which helps you understand the nuances of table tennis better as a player, is the place to be. Run by Tom Lodziak, a Cambridge-based coach, player and blogger, this blog provides plethora of options to learn ping pong.

This blog talks about a variety of aspects about the game, including but not restricted to technique, serving, returning serve and tactics among other things. Tom also reviews ping pong equipment and provides retail store information for different geographies in the world, making this one of the most wholesome TT blogs around.

Tom’s got a YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers and you can pick up free table tennis tips watching just those videos alone.

What’s interesting to note is while you can learn a lot of table tennis through Tom’s blog, you could also book his services for a one-on-one session. He has his hourly coaching set-up at three different centres you could look to go for and at the time of writing, charges £30/hour.

If you are more interested in testing the waters, there’s an online course for £10 which Tom offers on his website as well.

As an aside, popular blogger Darren Rowse had a chat with Tom about his blogging journey and you catch that here.

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England’s Martin Hughes loves his table tennis like most of us, but unlike a lot of us, he has been following the sport since 1971! He is the Jan-Ove Waldner of table tennis following by the looks of it and has an excellent blog to push his passion through.

This blog began in 2007 and it’s interesting to reach Martin’s story about how it came to being following his own years as a player and administrator of the sport. has a plethora of articles – ought to be being a blog that old – starting with playing tips to the equipment reviews, top ping pong players and tournaments on how and bit of history of the sport itself.

If you are looking to improve your game by reading table tennis books, there is a section for that too but most vitally, Martin allows readers to submit their table tennis videos and ask for free advice on how to improve their game. Yes, free coaching online!

Ben Larcombe is another Brit table tennis player and coach and has a website which gives a very ultra-modern feel to it. consists of a training blog with some very excellent advice to beginners and intermediate table tennis players along with fans as well.

Articles include table tennis paddle reviews, tips to improve the game and even those to help select gifts for table tennis players! Ben has also reviewed ping pong books and training videos which adds a lot of weight to his site given how rarely other table tennis experts do that.

What’s interesting to note is Ben also hosts a monthly table tennis podcast, with Harrie Austin-Jones joining him most days. One of the first podcasts I heard on this site was the one with Tom Lodziak himself (check his blog above!).

Ben is a former table tennis player with a career-high England ranking just outside the top 100 and offers one on one coaching at the Tunbridge Wells Squash Club. While his charges of £40/40-minute session are on the steeper side than Tom, there are free options for group coaching on Tuesdays. Join his online ‘academy’ by registering on his site and receive a free The Table Tennis Playbook for just signing up.

This blog is run by a French Coach who calls himself EmRatThich and shares his knowledge about the sport through not just this website but also through his YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Claiming to teach young children this great sport of ping pong using Chinese techniques,’s motive is make his blog the best place on the internet to learn this game. His following bears testimony to how solid his blog is, with more than 70k subscribers to his YouTube looking to grab whatever video content he doles out.

His videos are a mix of teaching ping pong technique, player profiles and best points from tournaments or other such game-plays which are fun to watch. The site has equipment review and a forum where one can register and discuss all things table tennis.

This entire package of written and video content make one of our favourite ping pong blogs on the internet.

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One of the very few blogs online, and not just online which is happy to admit not all work might be original and credits a lot of people for his inspiration. We are talking about the blog owner, Rowden Fullen, who is a self-professed lover, and live-r, of the great sport of table tennis.

But Rowden’s blog is not just about ping pong and that is another refreshing thing about it. In one of the articles, for instance, he has spoken about the need to take failure on head-on, and the difference between quitting early and enduring and resiliently marching – also the difference between average and top performers in the society, be it sport or anything else.

Rowden also speaks extensively about the women’s game which makes his blog a gem and a must-follow.

Named so because it’s run by Matt Hetherington, don’t get fooled by MHTableTennis blog’s old-school look because it has a trove of useful information for those wanting to learn more about the sport.

Hetherington, a Kiwi, is a certified level 2 coach and has represented New Zealand on the ITTF Tour. With associations with fellow international level table tennis players, he has access to information which not too many other ping pong blogs can boast of.

The best bit about this blog is how Hetherington drills into the technical aspects of the sport, speaking of various styles of play and talking of how different players approach the sport. With plethora of player interviews on the website, this is a must-visit for all table tennis fans.

While is a couple of notches below its former glorious self, we would still recommend this blog for the simple reason it still updates the site with YouTube embedded videos of latest matches.

At the time of writing though, many of its sections aren’t updated with the latest news or results and the only section which looks like was working was the ‘Videos’ one as mentioned above.

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