Best Table Tennis Rackets for Less Than $30

Cheap Table Tennis Rackets

This is a table tennis racket buying guide for some of the top such rackets which cost less than $30.

In early days of taking on a sport, one of the main issues standing between fans and the sport is often the cost of equipment. Which is is why it is imperative for players to start off with a small investment into their favorite sport before taking on a bigger piece.

Similarly, table tennis rackets could prove to be a huge starting expense for beginners but there are low-priced options as well.

In the piece below, we look some of the very low-priced and budget options for table tennis rackets which beginners could look to buy and get started with the game.

Our Recommended Best Table Tennis Rackets Under $30

Here’s a quick list of the table tennis rackets you can buy for cheap if you are a beginner and want to suss out the sport in particular. Their individual features and pros and cons with each of them have been explained in the sections below.

Here’s a deeper analysis on why we have opted for the aforementioned table tennis tables for outdoor sport.

Killerspin Jet 200 (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

Killerspin is an American brand that focuses on the recreational end of the sport. Their bats are called paddles instead of rackets which is the popular term in the USA. Killerspin’s Jet 200 is part of their eight-part premade paddle series and is one of the most value for money models in the range.

The paddle itself is made of 1.8 mm rubber which is called “performance” and no specification with regards to its material is provided. Instead of the regular red and black combination, the Killerspin Jet 200 comes in blue and black.

It has 5 ply blade with a green handle. Even though the paddle is not ITTF approved, it gives a decent performance and is a great option as the first racket.

The racket gives a decent amount of spin and will last longer than most basic options that come free along with the table. The lack of power and speed in the paddle is a feature rather than a bug.

The product is aimed at players just starting in the sport and developing the shots is an important feature. The lack of speed and zip in the paddle is aimed to ensure that the players feel confident in going through with their shots and improve their game.

The paddle has an impressive 8.5 control rating along with 7 for a spin. The power rating is only at 6. The racket comes inbox that can be converted into a personalized scorebook or autograph collection.


  • Value for money and quality option for beginners
  • Very good control rating
  • Comes with a stylish box that can be used as a scorebook
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty


  • Not ITTF approved, so can not be used in tournaments
  • Limited speed and spin generation
  • The grip can start to wear off after a while

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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

DHS’s new Hurricane 3 Neo model is one of the low-cost table tennis paddles which uses a new kind of rubber with special glutinosity to ensure that the user gets the better speed and fast swing. It has been one of the best selling products in the lower price range category and gives better performance than most of its competitors.

The biggest advantage of this paddle is the amount of spin it generates. It generates more spin than many of the high-end models and doesn’t require any additional effort from the player. It has a very tacky surface along with a pimple top sheet that creates the spin.

Both sides of the paddle can be used for different kind of playing styles. For example, the red side of the racket is for the fast and aggressive style of play, whereas the black side is to play defensively and with lower bounce.

Just like most of the rackets aimed at player starting in the sport, Hurricane 3 Neo also lacks the speed that many higher-end paddles do. The paddle has a very hard, deal and non-responsive rubber which struggles to produce a lot of pace but offers great control instead. The quality of the rubber is also very decent and will last a very long time.

This paddle is ideal for players who play closer to the table and has decent footwork. It comes with a black pouch to store the racket along with two practice balls and a wristband or finger sleeves.


  • One of the best spin generating racket in the market
  • Dual-purpose rubbers to play an aggressive or defensive game
  • Very good quality rubber that will last for a very long time.


  • Requires regular maintenance and needs to be washed with a sponge to ensure the grip retains its quality.
  • The product has a glue smell that may take a few weeks to go

Mapol 4 Star Professional Paddle (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

This inexpensive table tennis racket is ideal for beginners who are still learning the game and is made of very good quality 7 ply blade. The rubber is 2 mm thick sponge and provides good momentum to the strokes. The grip itself is very sturdy and no matter how much sweat the player generates, there is no danger of the paddle slipping out of the hand.

One of the biggest takeaways of this model is that two rackets come for the price of one and that makes this a really attractive option to buy. The racket is a little bit on the heavy side at around 200 grams but this also provides consistent bounce and power in the stroke.

Although, it may take some time for players to get used to the weight, it is ideal for players who have spin and control as their priority and are comfortable with not getting great power in their strokes.

The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee where Mapol will fully refund the money if the product is damaged or the user is not 100% satisfied with the performance.


  • Excellent value for money product as it comes with two rackets
  • Very durable quality and long-lasting quality
  • Excellent spin and control performance
  • Perfect for all type of players, beginners or experienced


  • Despite the 7 ply frame, the model is still very heavy

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Butterfly 401 (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

Butterfly 401 is an entry-level racket which is an ideal first paddle for anyone who is looking to develop their overall game.

Unlike most other cheap rackets in the beginner’s range, Butterfly 401 doesn’t only focus on the control and spin but also gives decent power to the shots. It comes with a red and black 2.1 mm rubber which is of extremely good quality and is built to last.

It has a rounded flared design which offers a great and comfortable grip. The racket is ITTF tournament approved and comes with a case to protect it. It rates 8 in both speed and spin as well as 8.5 in control, thus making it an ideal choice for a player wanting to develop every skill in the game.

The racket’s handle is a little smaller than usual, making it difficult for players with unusually larger hands but apart from that, there is no real drawback in it.

The coverage of the rubber is very even and has no dead spots which and the tackiness in the material will ensure that it gives consistent performance for a very long time.


  • Very good quality handle and rubber which will last a very long time
  • Offers excellent spin, control and speed making it a great all-round racket
  • ITTF tournament approved


  • Lightweight design means sometimes it may vibrate in hands upon contact
  • Smaller than regular handle making it difficult for players with huge palms

Stiga Performance Apex Level (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

Stiga’s Apex Performance is one of the lightest paddles around in the market in the low-budget range. One can play with it for hours without feeling it in the palm. And not only that it offers great value for its money with its performance.

It comes with STIGA’s WRB technology which helps in generating extra speed and control on the shots. It rates 6.5 on speed and 8 on control but a spin rating of just 5.2 may not be up to the mark for many users.

This racket comes with a 5 ply blade with a 2 mm sponge on top of it. The handle is made from concave Italian composite material that ensures that the weight is kept light. The whole unit is only at 149 grams, at least 30-40 grams lighter than most other options in the market.

It is an ITTF approved product and has a drive inverted rubber inside it. It comes with the classic red and black colour combination and is an ideal choice for beginners in the sport.


  • Lightweight racket and value for money
  • Excellent control and speed
  • Ideal for casual players and beginners


  • Lacks the speed which can be frustrating

Joola Omega Speed (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

One of the most stylish rackets in this low price range, the Omega Speed is a fantastic model for players at any level of the game. The excellent quality and professional level performance make this an excellent choice.

It comes with a 2 mm sponge on the torrent 33 type rubber which provides excellent speed and control to the players. It has 5 plywood and combines the best material, Limba, Abach and Ayous to make the product and gives a solid 5.7 mm blade thickness.

Limba wood is native to tropical African region and provides a flexible but hard surface to give excellent topspin. Whereas the Ayous wood makes the paddle lightweight but firm at the same time. Although aimed at players who play the sport for recreation, the racket rates excellently on all fronts.

It gives 9.3 on speed, 8 on spin and 8.5 on control making it almost professional level. It comes in an all-black variant and will last for a very long time giving a consistent performance.


  • An all-round racket giving excellent performance
  • One of the most value for money paddles in the range
  • Lightweight and offers great speed, control and spin


  • The handle comes with a weird smell which takes a while to go away
  • Not ITTF approved and can not be used in competitions

Thunderline 6 Star Premium (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

Thunderline’s 6-star premium paddle offers almost a complete package for a player at any level of the game. It has a 2 mm rubber thickness and is made of 7 plywood making it extremely lightweight.

It gives a rating of 8.8 on speed, 9 on spin and 8.6 on the control which is almost unbeatable for a racket in the beginner/intermediate range.

It has a relatively long handle and the rubber is ITTF approved which means the racket can be used in the tournaments. It’s an ideal paddle for players who want to take their game to the next level. It’s a budget model in terms of price but gives a premium level performance.

As it gives almost flawless result in all components on the game, the player doesn’t need to get used to it but can impose their style on the racket quickly.

It comes with its case and is around 185 grams in terms of the weight but feels much lighter in the hand. The racket’s colors are the standard red on one side and black on the other.


  • Extremely pocket friendly
  • Gives an all-round performance with excellent spin, speed and control
  • Suitable for all types of players


  • The handle can start to wear and tear after a while

Sport Out Sriver – He (Buy This Paddle on Amazon Here)

This low-cost table tennis racket is a unique hybrid one that comes with an 8 ply carbon blade and 9 plywood. The combination creates a paddle that gives excellent bounce and power while maintaining its sturdiness. The rubber is ITTF approved and consists of high elastic inverted sponge, which helps in creating extra spin on the shots.

It has an ergonomic handle design that feels extremely comfortable in the hand and the surface is made with sweat absorbing carbon so avoids the paddle slipping out of the hands at any stage.

The rubber is air-dried, table cut and made of composite wood which means it will last for a very long time and won’t peel off from the blade. It gives an excellent rating of 9 for speed and spin as well as a solid 8 for control. It comes with a protective case and is ideally suited for beginners and intermediate players.

Some players may feel that the racket is on the heavier side because of the way it is made. It comes with the standard black and red colour combination and since its ITTF approved can be used in tournaments as well. It creates excellent spin and zip on the shots and is best suited to aggressive players who are looking to dominate in the game.


  • Extremely professional design and performance
  • The product is built to last and will give consistent performance
  • Comfortable grip and handle


  • Some players find it a little heavy and take time to adjust to the weight
  • It takes some weeks to get rid of the weird smell that it comes with

Final Words on Best Cheap Table Tennis Paddles Under $30

You can look to purchase one of the above prescribed table tennis rackets depending on what your requirement is and the cost associated with them. Rest assured they are all low-priced but at the same time provide decent quality for someone just starting out.

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