10 Best Tennis Coaching Academies in the World [Outside the USA]

How to get better at tennis?

Every world-class tennis player must spend some time in a tennis academy in the course of their development. These days, you can find them all over the globe, but most of them are in beautiful regions with pleasant weather throughout the year.

To help you find the best tennis coaching academies globally and outside the USA, here is our list.

Piatti Tennis Center

Riccardo Piatti is one of the most accomplished tennis trainers globally, having worked with players all around the world. In 1988, he founded the Piatti Tennis Center, which paved the way for the successful careers of many well-known tennis players in the years that followed.

With a headquarters in Bordighera, Italy, Piatti has been assisting top-level tennis players for over 40 years. The Piatti Tennis Academy is regarded as one of the top tennis academies globally, providing young players with a unique preparation for a professional tennis career.

As a result, they only allow a maximum of two players per court, with one or two instructors, in order to preserve quality.

Bob Brett/Fabio Lavazza Tennis Academy

Brett and Lavazza Tennis is a training center that identifies young potential and provides thorough, highly tailored instruction for players who want to improve their game.

Because it is based on Master Coach Bob Brett’s vision, the center’s purpose is to provide each player the opportunity to reach their full potential by focusing on long-term growth.

Only 24 full-time players are selected every year, assuring a high-quality program that caters to each player’s particular requirements and abilities.

Throughout the year, athletes may sign up for week-long concentration programs to benefit from the guidance of their instructors and work on certain skill sets. The center is located in San Remo, Italy, known for its moderate temperature and attractive natural surroundings.

Bruguera Tennis Academy

Lluis Bruguera, a former Spanish Davis Cup captain, and Sergi Bruguera, a former World No. 3 tennis player, established the Bruguera Tennis Academy in 1986.

Two-time Roland Garros champion Lluis Bruguera serves as the academy’s director, managing both on-court training and coaching sessions. Every day, he makes sure the well-known Bruguera method is put into action for the benefit of all players since he is personally invested in it and actively involved.

Players of all skill levels may enroll in the academy’s high-performance tennis programs geared at the next generation of pros and potential stars.

The academy is situated in an excellent Mediterranean environment in Barcelona that allows for year-round outdoor tennis instruction. WTA players Garbie Muguruza and Sara Errani are among the academy’s alumni.

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Pilic Tennis Academy

The Tennis Academy of Niki Pilic in Germany was established in 1997 and became well-known when a “little-known” player named Novak Djokovic made his ATP Tour debut.

Ernests Gulbis and Ivo Karlovic have both trained under Niki. Former Croatian tennis player Nikola Pilic who won three Davis Cups and reached the French Open finals is in charge of the Pilic Tennis Academy. No one can doubt the accomplishments of some of its past students.

His institution is located near Munich and is possibly the most well-known in the region.

Global Tennis Team Academy

Porta, who has worked with Carlos Moyá and Rafael Nadal, is the head of the academy in Mallorca, Spain. He’s a tennis scholar and philosopher who spends a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to assist tennis players in reaching their full potential.

The academy is a Research Center where Jofre Porta’s global system approach is being developed. It is a cutting-edge approach to sports training that incorporates all of the athlete’s physical, mental, technical, and tactical attributes. In other words, they don’t believe in the concept of a dividing line between one component of a system and another.

Short and long-term programs are available, as well as accommodation.

Estoril Tennis Club

It wasn’t until 1945 that the Estoril Tennis Club was officially established. As a result of its long and distinguished history, the club’s current programs are built on a solid foundation of tradition, elevating it to a unique position in the tennis business.

International competitions, including the Estoril Open, are held at the Club, as well as the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, and European Championships matches.

In addition to its own tennis school, it has a long history of high-quality instruction renowned both in Portugal and throughout the globe. 14 clay, four hard and one synthetic grass court, an outdoor pool, a ballet school, a fitness studio, and a games area are all available to members at this club.

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Ferrer Tennis Academy

Jávea Tennis Club’s current director and brother of professional tennis player David Ferrer, Javier Ferrer Ern, founded the Ferrer Tennis Academy in Alicante, Spain.

As part of the player growth program, each player’s training regimen is tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that they meet their goals and progress in physical and psychological development.

These classes cover everything from playing points and matches to assessing tactics and then putting them to the test. In order to win championships, athletes need to be able to handle the pressure and competitive scenarios that come with the sport.

Good to Great Tennis Academy

Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti, and Mikael Tillström created the Good to Great Academy in Sweden, which aims to help players develop from good to great.

Tennis and player development have always been a lifelong interest for these three former world champions, who now teach at the school. Only Due to the academy’s size and location, only a few spots are available, with coaches taking care of the players and accompanying them to events.

With a 3-to-1 player-coach ratio, the academy provides as many opportunities for athletes to reach their full potential as possible.

Tennis Academy Mallorca

Ali Yenilmez, a former Davis Cup player, is the Tennis Academy Mallorca (TAM) director. Regardless of your skill level, they have a committed staff of internationally qualified professional tennis instructors that are ready to help you reach your full potential on the court.

In addition to tennis coaching, the multilingual staff offers year-round instruction in English, German, and Spanish. Tennis legends such as Boris Becker, Tommy Haas, Charly Steeb, and Steffi Graf have all trained in this picturesque location between the sea and the mountains.

It is undoubtedly one of Spain’s best tennis facilities for both amateurs and pros.

Schüttler Waske Tennis University

Alexander Waske, a Davis Cup and ATP player, and Rainer Schüttler launched the Tennis University in 2010. Every student is expected to work as hard as possible to become the greatest tennis player they can be.

The coaching staff supports individual growth as well as sports accomplishment. As of this year, the university has 11 coaches working with more than 30 athletes year-round.

Adult and junior players can both take advantage of the tennis academy’s summer programs, in addition to their regular lessons. Tommy Haas and Jürgen Melzer, two of the world’s best tennis players, have visited the tennis school in Germany to practice ahead of their matches.

Final Words on the Best Tennis Academies Outside the USA

Consistency and persistence are essential if you want to accomplish big things in life. However, one can always benefit from some further assistance. As a result, even in the sport of tennis, you’ll need top-notch coaching. That is why being a member of one of the best tennis schools out there is so crucial for unlocking your full potential.

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