Best Tennis Overgrips for Very Sweaty Hands

Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands

If you have never played tennis before but are eager to start now, remember that the type of equipment you use matters a lot and one accessory that may not have drawn your attention, but remains an extremely important part of a player’s gear is the overgrip.

What is an Overgrip in Tennis?

An overgrip is a tape-like accessory that’s wrapped around the original grip of a tennis racket. All tennis rackets come with a grip, and a player can choose to play with them, but they can wear away quickly.

Once they start getting worn out, it’s important to act quickly and either replace the grip with what is known as replacement grip or add another layer of grip on top of the original grip.

The latter is known as overgrip, which not only keeps the original grip secured, but also helps players have a better grip on the racket and help absorb perspiration. Thus a racket wouldn’t slip out of hand easily.

Overgrips are used by almost all professionals, who select these according to their comfort and needs.

Types of Overgrips

Two primary functions of overgrips are to absorb sweat and provide adhesion.

Now the original grips that come with rackets aren’t really good at absorbing moisture, so if you sweat a lot this can be a problem and the racket can even slip out of your hand and crack.

That can be an expensive slip as rackets are costly and cracking them accidentally may put a dent in your pocket. So, it’s a good idea to have an extra layer of protection over the grip.

Based on the function, overgrips can be of two types: Tacky overgrips and dry or absorbent overgrips. There are also overgrips which come with both the qualities.

A tacky overgrip, as the name suggests, provides stickiness and thus helps the hand to stick to the racket, giving a better grip.

A dry overgrip has the quality to absorb sweat and hence keeps the palm dry.

Overgrips also provides a bit of cushion to absorb the shock of strokes that one plays. As a player constantly hits powerful shots, it puts pressure on the shoulder or elbow joints; overgrips, however, provide cushion that can absorb a bit of shock.

When to Change an Overgrip?

The more one plays the more quickly the overgrip would need to be changed. Overgrips get old and dry and one indication of that is when the player is not comfortable with his grip.

That’s when he needs to get rid of the current grip and replace it with a new one. We have seen professional players do that quite often, between games and they do it real quick.

Here is Richard Gasquet changing an overgrip in real quick time:

And yes there are players who can change the overgrip blindfolded:

Different Types of Overgrips for Sweaty Hands

So now we get down to answering the question on which overgrip should you use if you have very sweaty hands during a game of tennis. Here’s our favorite overgrips for sweaty hands.

  • Tourna Grip, Original Dry Feel Overgrip
  • Yonex Super Grap Overgrip
  • Babolat VS Original
  • Volkl V-dry Grip
  • Head Prime Tennis Overgrip
  • Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

Tourna Grip, Original Dry Feel Overgrip

The Tourna overgrip is highly popular among pros and also players of all levels.

A unique characteristic of the Tourna dry feel grip is that it becomes tackier as it absorbs more sweat, thus the grip becomes more secured.

Pete Sampras used to use this overgrip and even Richard Gasquet, who is known to change overgrips even during matches, uses this overgrip.

These overgrips are ideal for humid conditions. The overgrip soaks the sweat from the palm efficiently and keeps the palm dry, thus the player doesn’t have to worry about the racket slipping of the hand during crucial points.

These are light blue in color and each roll has three grips.

These are short tapes though and are more reliable for players who play the one-handed backhand. For players with longer handle or who play the two-handed backhand, they need Tourna Grip Original XXL.


  • The overgrip has perforations which helps in absorbing more moisture better and also aids in quicker drying.


  • Some players believe it is rough on hands
  • Durability is an issue with this overgrip and one may need to change them frequently, so it can be a costly affair.

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Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

This is an overgrip used by a lot of pros, including Frances Tiafoe, Nick Kyrgios, Denis Shapovaov and Stan Wawrinka.

The Yonex Super Grap is liked by professionals, because they have a cushioned grip and they are long, which makes them useful for players with two-handed backhand.

They also absorb moisture efficiently, so the racket doesn’t wobble even when the player is sweating in hot and humid conditions.

Players like the feel of the grip. They find it comfortable and also not harsh on the hands.


  • Moisture absorbent
  • Great feel
  • Decent amount of Tack
  • Durable and won’t wear easily


  • There are little complaints against this grip.

Babolat VS Original

Another great option for dry-feeling overgrip is the Babolat VS Original. It has been the one that Rafael Nadal has been using.

These overgrips have a fine non-woven layer which absorb moisture quickly and thus the hands remain non-slippery even in humid conditions.

These grips are thin and dry and not too tacky..


  • The Babolat VS Original not only absorbs moisture brilliantly but it also lasts long.
  • It won’t tear off easily and you won’t have to worry about changing it every other day.


  • These are not too tacky and if you are looking for an overgrip which sticks well as well, then this may disappoint.

Volkl V-dry Grip

This is another ultra-moisture absorbent overgrip. It also provides a good grip and keeps the sweaty palms dry even in hot and humid conditions.

A lot of people would say that it has better absorption than Tourna


  • It is absorbent and durable.
  • The tape won’t tear off easily.


  • There is little tack in this overgrip.

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Head Prime Tennis Overgrip

The Head Prime Overgrip is made of elastometer material. It has a porous surface which helps in absorbing moisture.

These grips have a dry feel, and have been developed to enhance comfort.


  • They have a good grasp and don’t allow the racket to slip easily


  • They are not as durable as some of the other brands
  • Its moisture absorption capacity is also slightly lower than a few top brands.

Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

The classic Wilson Pro overgrip is immensely popular and a lot of big names, including Roger Federer and Serena Willaims, use them.

Several other players who’ve found the Wilson Pro Overgrip comfortable include Stefanos Tsitsipas, Pablo Carreno Busta, Ons Jabeur and Danielle Collins.

This is not the dry overgrip but its popular for being tacky, and is also a good absorbent.

For a dry grip from Wilson, one can opt for the Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated. Petra Kvitova is known to use this. These grips have perforations for moisture absorption and they become dry quickly.

It’s meant for players who sweat a lot and are unable to find a firm grip due to that.


  • They have a tacky feel
  • They are super thin
  • They are made of polyurethane and microfiber felt material and so they don’t wear away soon and therefore last long.


  • This lacks the tackiness of the classic grip
  • It’s super thin and therefore some may not like it.

Final Words on Best Best Tennis Overgrips for Very Sweaty Hands

Tennis overgrips are an extremely important part of your gear. They protect the original grip and handle, and since they are made of material that is soft, they are comfortable and can absorb some shock when the player belts the ball to the opposite court.

The two most important functions of the overgrip are to provide adhesion and to absorb moisture. Some of the grips are brilliant in soaking the sweat. They usually have pores which allows for effective absorption. The dry grips don’t allow the rackets to slip from the hand and they are also durable.

The Tourna Grip is supposed to be one of the best dry grips. It is well suited for humid conditions and the racket won’t slip away easily.

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