What Are The Dimensions of a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball Court Dimensions

Looking to know what are the pickleball court dimensions? Below is an exhaustive guide how a pickleball court looks like, its dimensions and sizes.

You have a few choices when it comes to building a Pickleball Court:

  • Call in a professional Pickleball court contractor to do it for you
  • Buy a kit from a specialist Pickleball supplier and make your own
  • Build your own Pickleball court from scratch

The option you choose depends on your budget, who you are building a Pickleball court for, how often it is going to be used, how professional it needs to be, and what your expectations are. One thing is clear though, no matter which way you choose.

You need to get the Pickleball court size right, and to do this you need to have all the correct Pickleball court dimensions.

This is what a Pickleball court looks like, with all the markings and lines:

Pickleball Court Dimensions
Photo Credit: FlooringInc.com
Pickleball Court Dimensions
Photo Credit: FlooringInc.com

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Pickleball Court Dimensions

Before you can even think of building a Pickleball court, you need to know you have enough space for it and so you should do careful measurements.

The size of a Pickleball court is 20 x 44 feet, and you need to be able to put a perimeter fence around this.

The whole playing area needed for Pickleball is 30 x 60 feet. If you are playing professionally, as in using the courts for tournaments, then you need 34 x 64 feet.

If you think of a tennis court, and the size of a tennis court – four Pickleball courts can fit in one tennis court. So before you do anything, assess your space. Work on your surface.

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Once you have decided that you have enough space for a Pickleball Court, you are going to start working on your surface. There are a few options:

You have the Pickleball court dimensions above, 20 x 44 feet, so firstly, work on your surface.

Once you have measured out your surface, you are going to level it.

A tennis court is already level and you only need the Pickleball markers.

Grass, which is possibly for a backyard Pickleball court. Mow it, make sure it is as flat as possible, and get a good even surface.

Concrete – you may have a concrete space already, in which case you only need the markers and the net. If you don’t have it laid out, you need to lay out a good slab of concrete with the correct Pickleball dimensions.

You can also use asphalt, if you are setting up your court in a driveway.

Once you have ascertained you have the space, you will lay out the lines, the net, do a perimeter fence, add lighting, and you will be good to go.

We are going to give you a very brief and easy guideline to follow:

  • The dimensions of the pickleball court are 20 x 44 feet.
  • The playing area of the pickleball court is 30 x 60 feet.
  • Pickleball marking lines should be white.
  • Lines should be 2 inches wide.
  • You can chalk the lines on, paint them on, or use masking or similar tape.
  • The length of the net is 21 feet and 9 inches long, and will extend from one net post to the other.
  • Buy a net with posts, or make your own.
  • The posts for the net should be 51 inches high.
  • Baselines are 20 feet long.
  • Sidelines are 44 feet long.
  • Baselines and sidelines join together.
  • The centre line is directly in the centre, where the net goes.
  • Non Volley lines are 7 feet away from the net.
  • The service line is drawn between the centre of the baseline and the edge of the non volley zone.

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The non volley zones and service areas become very clear once the markers are all put in place.

You can follow our other articles right here, regarding the dimensions, space, structure, marking lines, net, and all other necessities required for a Pickleball court, as well as how to play the game and what equipment you need.

Good luck and have fun!

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