10 Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin [for the Intermediate & Experienced Player!]

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Which are some of the best pickleball paddles which offer spin? Assuming you have played the sport of pickleball for a while, you would want to add further nuances to your game and one of the ways to improve it is to add spin to it. As a result you would need a pickleball paddle which offers the best opportunity to impart spin and our expert here has a list of a few you could look at for the same.

There are different types of spin you can impart while playing pickleball; side spin or a slice and top spin being two of the chief options.

And while some coaches might advise you to start off serving with no spin in order to ensure the service reaches the other end, more experienced players opt to add variations to that by getting the ball to either bounce lower than expected or to bounce and spin backward.

Below are 10 of our personally recommended pickleball paddles which can help impart more spin than usual for reasonably experienced pickleball players.

The Best Recommended Pickleball Paddles for Spin

The best pickleball paddles to help players extract spin out of their services and shots for players with a certain amount of experience can be found below.

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Here’s a better look at the aforementioned list of pickleball paddles for spin and why you should look to buy them along with the possible pros and cons associated with them.

Head Radical Pro (Check Price on Amazon Here)

The radical pro model is head’s power paddle with a dynamic shape and honeycomb construction which provides for a larger than the normal sweet spot and makes the paddle more stable. It has a textured surface which if the players know how to use correctly will give a huge edge and generate enhanced spin on the shots.

Head has just started producing pickleball paddles and the Radical Pro along with the diamond head-shaped Extreme Pro is their best paddles.

The paddle is on the heavier side weighing around 225 grams or 8.1 oz. The additional weight does help in generating more power and spin on the shots. It has a 16-inch length to provide excellent reach and 4 ¼ inches soft feel ergo grip to ensure that the long hours don’t tire out the arm.

It has a polymer core and is roughly around 8 inches wide. The grip is designed in a way to reduce the vibration and generate an extreme amount of spin on the shots. The surface is made of fibreglass increases control while providing excellent power and spin.

The paddle is available in blue, red, purple and gold colours and is an extremely popular choice for power hitters who want to generate extra spin.


  • A balanced paddle with dynamic shape and fibreglass surface offers great power and extreme spin
  • 16-inch length of the paddle provides great reach
  • Comfortable grip and large sweet spot


  • Around 8.1 oz of weight makes it heavier than most paddles that some players may not find comfortable

Selkirk AMPED Epic (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Another great paddle with fibreglass surface and that offers amazing power, control and spin is Selkirk’s Amped series of paddles. The range comes in two different weights, and the players can choose the lightweight version of around 222 grams or 7.9 oz or the heavyweight version of 235 grams or 8.3 oz.

But both the paddles are built from the same polypropylene polymer core and offers the same amount of insane spin on the shots. The fibreglass technology primarily ensures that the ball sticks to the surface of the paddle for a fraction of the second longer which generates the extra amount of spin on the strokes.

The paddles have an impressive 15 ¾ inches of length and 8 inches of width. It is the top of the line paddles from the manufacturer and is considered to be one of the best options in the sport.

It is made with excellent quality material and is built to last for a very long time while giving an excellent and consistent performance. Many professional players around the world use this paddles and it provides quick reflex and a large sweet spot as well.


  • Amped Epic paddles generate best in the industry level spins while giving great power and control
  • Great quality material which is built to last and is durable
  • It has an X5 core technology which provides silent play and reduced noise
  • Its vibration dampening technology ensures that there are lots of comforts even if you choose the heavyweight version


  • It is top of the line paddle and its price can be too expensive for many.

Onix Composite Z5 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Onix Composite Z5 is one of the best selling paddles in the market and is an excellent choice for players who have decent control in their shots and want to generate that bit of extra spin on their strokes. Though it is one of the heaviest paddles in the market weighing around 238 grams or 8.4 oz to 247 grams or 8.7 grams, it is still a comfortable paddle considering its soft grip and excellent balance.

It has a honeycomb core and fibreglass surface which grabs the ball to generate a great amount of spin on the strokes. It has a length of approx 15.5 inches with wider than usual width of around 8.3 inches and 1.5 inches of thickness, all which helps to generate great power.

It may not be the most suitable of paddles for beginners in the sport because of its heavyweight. But if one is confident in its arm strength and has good control of their strokes, it is one of the best options in the market.

If spin is the primary aim then one should go for its composite version and if one prefers more power than graphite version would be a better choice.


  • Provides great power and excellent spin on the strokes
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced level players in the sport
  • Its Wide body shape offers greater control in play
  • The unique design gives perfect balance


  • One of the heaviest paddles in the market can be difficult on the arm
  • The paddle can be noisy to play with

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Gamma Micron 2.0 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Gamma’s Micron 2.0 is one of the cheapest paddles available in the market that offers great power and control along with an excellent spin on the strokes. It is also one of the lightest paddles in the market weighing in around 215 grams or 7.6 oz.

It has a rough texture on the paddle surface that reduces the resistance of the air and creates spin. It is built on aramid honeycomb core technology that tries to enlarge the sweet spot.

In terms of the dimensions, it is one of the most squeezed paddles in the category. The length is 15.8 inches along with a width of 7 ¾ inches. It has a soft grip and along with its lightweight makes for a very comfortable paddle to hold for a long period.

The whole design and weight make it easy to swing quickly and make swift returns.


  • A lightweight paddle that is friendly on the arm
  • One of the cheapest quality paddles in the market
  • Excellent balance of power, control and spin
  • Comes with protected edge guard and cushioned grip
  • Ideally suited for beginners


  • Not suitable for players beyond the recreational level
  • The accuracy of the shots can be improved upon

Venom Pickleball Paddle (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Venom’s pickleball paddle was inspired by the traditional wooden rackets and it has a unique teardrop design closely resembles tennis rackets. The paddle comes into two different sizes and weights, one of the models has a 15 ¾ inches of length while the other one is 15 ½ inches long. In terms of its weight, the shorter model weighs around 225 grams and the longer one is a bit heavier at 250 grams.

Both the models have 8 1/8 inches width and 4 ¼ inches of grip. It also consists of the popular fibreglass surface that enables the ball to stay longer on the surface to generate an extra amount of spin on the shots. It also has a Nomex core which allows for extra stability in the performance whilst giving great power.

Both the paddles come with honeycomb core and edge guard that provides additional protection to the paddles and prevents chipping and damages.

It is ideal for players who are looking to add an extra bit of power into their game while preserving the spin. It can be a little bit on the heavier side for some players but its technology minimises the impact felt on the arm.


  • Unique design that maximises the power and control whilst giving an excellent spin on the shots
  • Comes with a protective guard and excellent quality material for long-lasting performance
  • Ideal for players looking to add extra power in the game


  • A little too heavy in weight which can be difficult for some players to adjust to
  • The price is a little above average

ProLite Bolt (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Bolt is one of the lightest paddles in Prolite’s range and gives excellent power and spin to the strokes. It is suitable for the majority of the players regardless of the level they are playing at in the sport.

In terms of its weight, the paddle ranges between 209 grams or 7.4 oz to 221 grams or 7.8 oz. It has a 4-inch grip and a 15 ½ inch length. The paddle is made of honeycomb polypropene core along with a composite design that allows for fast paddle swings and generate extra spin because of its rough texture.

The manufacturer has worked a lot on its grip to provide a soft and comfortable experience to all users. Especially the users with small hands will love this paddle because of its thin grip. The surface is made of graphite which increases the power in the strokes.

It makes very little noise while in play and is considered to be one of the quietest paddles in the market. It comes with a tapered edge guard to increase its durability and is USAPA approved. The only downside of this paddle could be that some of the parts are made of average quality material and can start to show signs of wear and tear after a while.


  • Extremely light in weight and is arm friendly.
  • It is priced at an affordable price range in the market
  • Suitable for all levels of players in the sport
  • One of the least noise-making paddles in the market


  • Some of the material used in the paddle is of average quality
  • Some players with really large hands will find the grip too thin for comfort

Engage Encore Pro (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Considered to be one of the best in the market Engage Encore Pro gives great spin and power in the strokes while being lightweight and in the affordable price category. It is an expertly designed paddle with a polymer-based core which slightly compromises the power but gives extra control.

It comes with a new liquid graphite surface and a large sweet spot that means that it provides an amazing spin on the strokes without compromising on the accuracy.

It weighs around 220 grams or 7.8 oz to 235 grams or 8.3 oz and has a 15 ½ length, 8 1/8 width and 4 ¼ inch grip. The grip is very soft and provides great comfort and balance in the play.

The lightweight and its design along with comfortable grip mean one can play for hours with the paddle without tiring out the arm. Even if one doesn’t want to focus on the spin element in the strokes, it is still a great choice of the paddle for all levels of players.


  • Amazing combination of power, control and spin
  • The extremely large sweet spot that is suitable for beginners and increases accuracy
  • Very good quality grip and lightweight


  • Some power hitters may find the power a little less for their liking

Onix Graphite Z5 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Onix Graphite Z5 is the upgraded version of Onix’s previous pickleball paddles. It comes with the same great balance along with honeycomb core but it has a graphite surface instead of composite.

This results in the paddle becoming more light in the weight and is almost 28 grams less than its predecessors. The lightest version of the paddle is around 212 grams or 7.5 oz to 232 grams or 8.2 oz.

The surface in the Graphite Z5 version has more enhanced texture to provide extra grip and spin on the strokes. It is suited to beginners and intermediate club level players in the sport. It provides excellent and power along with a substantial upgrade on the spin from its earlier version.

The paddle has an excellent five-inch handle length which makes it easier to reach for strokes. One of the only weakness in the racket is its shape that is very wide and makes the paddle less aerodynamic and as a result can feel heavy in the hand.

The harder you try to swing the paddle the more the wind can resist your stroke which can be an issue. But overall the paddle is extremely balanced and provides a great solution to players looking to find a solid option.


  • Extra-long reach due to its5 inch handle length
  • The revised shape allows for great control
  • Priced at an affordable range
  • Comes with large edge guards to prevent damage to paddle


  • The wider shape can resist the wind while playing the strokes
  • The slightly smaller sweet spot than many other paddles in the market

Selkirk Prime S2 (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Prime S2 is the second series of Selkirk Paddles along with its Amped range. Both the ranges have similar dimensions but the shape and length of the handle are different. The Amped series has a handle length of the extra-long size of 5 ¼ inches, whereas the Prime S2 series has a standard size 4 ½ inches handles.

The grip is extremely soft and comfortable and with the weight of around 210 grams or 7.5 ounces, it feels light in the hand.

It has a polymer core along with Fiberflex glass surface which grips the ball a little bit more upon impact allowing for extra bite in the strokes. The shape of the paddle is more round when it comes to the edges which automatically increases the sweet spot on the paddle and offers greater accuracy in the shots.

One of the rare features with this product is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and that shows the confidence that the manufacturers have in the quality of the material they have used. The paddle may cost a little bit more than the Amped series but offers a significant upgrade in terms of the performance. It is an ideal paddle for players starting in the sport.


  • Paddle made with extremely good quality material for long-lasting performance
  • Unique shape gives greater accuracy and large sweet spot
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Excellent feel and comfort along with the light in terms of weight


  • Slightly expensive than other paddles on the market

ProLite Rebel Powerspin (Check Price on Amazon Here)

Prolite’s Rebel Powerspin paddle is very much similar to its Crush Paddle series and comes with the same SPINtac fibreglass surface along with a core made of polymer.

It is one of the longest paddles in the market at 16 inches but comes with a standard 4 ½ inch grip and 7 ¾ inches width. Apart from being longer it also has more rounded edges which results in extra reach and bigger sweet spot.

The fibreglass surface gives great power and control in the strokes and it offers great spin as well. It has a forgiving surface and thus it becomes one of the most ideal paddles for beginners. Its contour grip may be a slight issue for players with slightly smaller hands as it is thicker than other models in the market.

Although the grip has added comfort, it will be more suitable for players with bigger palms. It weighs around 212 grams or 7.5 oz to 229 grams or 8.1 oz. The design and lightweight ensure that one can play with the paddle for a long time at a stretch without it affecting the arm.


  • Excellent reach and large sweet spot which makes it ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight nature makes it arm friendly
  • Despite additional features, it is very reasonable priced


  • A thick contour grip may make it difficult for some players with smaller hands

Final Words on Pickleball Paddles for Spin

Some of the top pickleball paddles for spin have been mentioned in the list above and depending on your budget, you can opt for the best in the above list. Click on each to find out the latest price and see which one fits your purses the best.

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