Why do Tennis Players Cycle after a Match?

Why do tennis players cycle at the end of the match?

Seen tennis players climb on to a stationary cycle at the end of a competitive match of tennis and pedal their way to glory and wondered why would an already tired star want to exhaust himself or herself even more? In this short piece below we discuss the reason behind tennis players hopping on to the cycle following an encounter.

So the question is why do tennis players use a stationary cycle at the end of a tennis match? Cycling on the exercise bike or what’s also called a spinning bike or exercycle helps tennis players warm down after a match which in turn helps in post-match recovery.

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Tennis players usually hop on to this exercycle for about 10 to 15 minutes after a grueling tennis match as a part of their recovery as they look to avoid muscle cramping.

Exercising on such a bike (for instance, the LABODI Exercise Bike on Amazon here) at the end of the match prevents a lactic acid buildup, which is typically created when the body turns glucose into energy. What aids in lactic acid buildup is low oxygen levels, typical of a high-intensity tennis match and this could lead to issues.

This lactic acid buildup leads to excessive tiredness  in the muscles along with the inability of them to contract in a timely and proper manner.

One of the ways to decrease the buildup of this lactic acid is to practice low intensity workouts after a tennis match, which could include yoga or even biking on the exercycle.

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Typically tennis players help themselves to a gradual reduction in speeds on this exercise bicycle and that, in turn ensures the muscles are brought back to their normal state in a more effective manner.

Using an exercise bike, the primary muscle groups that are cooled down after a match are quads and hamstrings while hip flexors and calves are also affected positively in the same sense.

In fact, cycling after a match is one of the many ways in which tennis players warm down properly. Mentioned here are other ways that players cool down following an encounter, which includes stretching, jogging and massages as other options as well.

Interestingly, another way to reduce this lactic acid buildup is to take ice-baths after a match, something not a lot of players find very appealing!

Final Words on Cycling after a Tennis Match

One of the methods of helping tennis players cool down properly after a tennis match includes the use of an exercise bike for 10-15 minutes.

This reduces the lactic acid build-up and in turn helps bring down the muscle soreness and aches associated with playing competitive tennis. It also helps players get fitter, quicker for their next encounter.

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