Five Best Tennis Racket Strings for Beginners & Factors to Consider in 2022-23

Tennis Racket Strings for Beginners

Strings are the most important part of the equipment for any tennis player. A string is where the ball will make the impact which will determine the result of the point. Thus there is a lot of science and technicalities that are involved in choosing which string to choose. But if you are a beginner just starting in the sport, this could turn out to be a toughie.

Which is why, after speaking to a plethora of experts and understanding from their wealth of knowledge, we have this basic guide on what are the factors to consider before choosing a tennis string and which tennis racket strings can be used by beginners.

Just the basic material from which a tennis string can be made has many variations.

A tennis string can be made of natural guts, i.e. Animal intestine or from synthetic guts. There can also be polymer guts, kevlar strings or multifilaments hybrid strings. Of course, each of them has their pros and cons but for a beginner understanding, all of them may not be entirely possible.

What are the Factors to Consider for a Tennis Racket String?

To keep it simple, the most important aspects of choosing the string for a beginner would be:

  • how much control does the string offer,
  • its impact on the player’s arm or elbows and
  • the cost of the string.

Let’s take a look at these three factors and understand their importance while choosing a string.

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Control over Power

What any beginner would be doing during their initial a few weeks or months would be learning the different shots of the game correctly. Learning the basics and technicalities of the game is the most crucial part.

And choosing a string that gives more control is very important. Normally while choosing any string, the trade-off would be between getting more control or more power.

The higher the power that the string would generate, the lesser the control in the shot likely to be.

If a player who is just learning keeps hitting the ball long and has to manage the additional power from the shots, their game is unlikely to develop much.

That is why a beginner should always choose strings that offer them more control so that they can learn the strokes first and as they become more proficient in their game, they can upgrade the power aspect in their game. Natural strings normally offer the most control amongst different types of strings.

But its high cost and low durability make it unsuitable for beginners.

Impact on Elbow and Arms

Two main reasons for developing elbow and arm injuries in tennis could be the player’s technique and the tension that the string generates during the shots.

Any beginner starting off the game is unlikely to have a great technique.

That is why it is paramount that the string that they choose offers them protection against any elbow or shoulder injuries.

This is why beginners should avoid polyester or kevlar strings which offer a lot of topspin but due to the tension in the strings, it can be very stressful for the elbow, wrist and the shoulders. Multifilament strings are the best option to avoid stress on the arm because they are made of thousands of different fibres.

Cost of the String

In an ideal world, the budget would never be an issue when it comes to choosing a tennis string.

But except for any player who isn’t playing the sport at the elite level, the costs of playing the sport are a huge consideration.

The string itself can start from as low as $5-10 and can go up to $70-75 depending upon the quality and version that one chooses. On top of that, there are labour and machine charges to get the stringing done.

Of course, the costs are a very relative matter and will change from person to person, but for a beginner, they should be looking for strings that will be durable and will give them consistent performance for a good period before they need to change the strings.

Synthetic strings are the best option when it comes to getting a cost-effective option.

As we discussed above, different strings offer different solutions and there is no one type of string that is ideal for the beginners.

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Which are the Best Tennis Racket Strings for Beginners?

Our recommendation based on our discussions with some of the best tennis players for the best tennis racket strings to go for are:

Let’s now take a look at some of the above tennis strings in greater detail.

Solinco Hyper-G String – Co-Poly String With Great Control & Low on Power – Co-Polymer String

Hyper-G String is a green coloured string that focuses on giving great control and spin in its performance. This product from Solinco rates 90+ on both control and spin but just about 50 on power. Its low power is a feature and not a bug.

It is specifically made for players who want to experience hitting full swing shots and don’t want to worry about over hitting them. It scores relatively good on comfort too and even though it can be a little bit stiff for beginners, its feel and comfort are ideally suited for new players.

Its four sharp edges technology also offers great bite and spin. And players who are looking for consistency, as well as that little bit extra in their game, will love this product. It costs around $11.99 and is an ideal solution for players who are looking for their first string.

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Wilson NXT Control 16 – Multifilament String

Wilson is one of the most famous brands in tennis equipment and its NXT Control is a great multifilament string for players at any level of the sport.

It has 1600 microfibers in every single strand of the string. Thus it enables a great amount of power and spin without sacrificing control. This also ensures that there will not be any additional strain on the elbows of the players. It comes in white and black.

The strings do not focus on one particular aspect of the game and scores pretty high on almost all the aspects. It has a rating of around 85 in comfort, control and durability. But it also offers a reasonably good mid-70s when it comes to power and spin.

Its retail price is around $18 but it is a perfect string for players who are still developing their game.

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Babolat VS Touch BT7 – Natural Gut String

VS touch is one of the best natural strings out there in the market and offers excellent stability, control and spin. A new BT7 and thermogut technology mean that it has much more durability than the traditional natural string.

One of the major issue in a natural string is its durability and performance issues in humidity. But Babolat claims that VS Touch resolves the issue by up to 60%.

It is suited to all types of players but players starting in the game will find it particularly useful. The performance is smooth and it absorbs the tension well.

This is great for players with a developing technique or with elbow issues. Although it is a little bit expensive at around $40 it is an excellent option for all players in the natural strings category.

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Head Synthetic Gut PPS – Nylon String

A mix of synthetic and multifilament string, this is a great option for players who want a solid, stable and long-lasting string without breaking their bank.

It has a very comfortable feel along with reasonable power. It has a great feel and comfort. It does lack a little bit in terms of the spin it generates but if you are looking for an option that will give a consistent performance for a longer period, this is a great buy.

It comes in natural and black colours and costs just about $5.99. It is a good option for anyone looking to start in the game and doesn’t want to spend big.

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Wilson Champions Choice Duo – Hybrid of Natural and Polyester Gut

In one of the most all-around options available, Champions Choice Duo is a hybrid mix of natural and polyester gut. It gives great comfort, spin, durability as well as power.

Its tension absorbing capacity makes it elbow friendly and use of rough polyester makes it long-lasting. This string can be used by players playing at every level of the sport but it’s a great option for beginners as well.

It is one of the most comfortable feeling strings in the market and it is ideal for players who are looking to take the burden off their shoulders and elbows. It does have a slightly lesser life span considering half of it is the natural gut.

But that is an acceptable trade-off considering its performance. It is slightly costly at around $35 and comes in natural colour. But its an option for anyone who wants consistent performance and wants to develop an all-round game.

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Conclusion about Best Tennis Strings for Beginners

At the end of the day, there is no thumb rule when it comes to choosing a string. And that is valid even for players who are just starting in the game.

Picking a string that gives one the maximum chance to develop their game without hurting their elbows, as well as pockets, is a combination that works well for beginners.

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