Nine Best Tennis Coaching Websites Online

Best Tennis Coaching Websites Online

If you are one of those looking for tennis coaching without actually hiring a tennis coach, then here’s a list of all the websites online which can help with the same.

Very few sports in the world engage the body and mind as well as tennis does. While the uncertainty around the conduct of tennis tournaments in a post Covid-19 world continues, some countries have opened up their sporting and fitness facilities.

A lot of our readers have faced issues in getting ‘in-person’ tennis coaching through the whole of 2020 – and the same issues are likely to persist for some more time.

However, just because you are unable to physically attend a coaching clinic should not be a reason for you to not improve on your game. With the advent of online coaching clinics, players – both amateurs and professional can work on very many attributes of their game.

Through this article we will share details about some of the best tennis coaching websites available online.

Top Court

One of the most popular and best reviewed websites for tennis coaching, top court boasts of affliation with some of the biggest names in the sport. From coaching clinic by legends like Nick Bolletieri and Brad Gilbert, to lessons from the likes of Venus Williams and the Bryan Brothers, Top Court is by far the preeminent tennis coaching website in the world.

Membership on the website provides access to several thousand hours of videos ranging from training drills to fun conversations giving an insight into the what goes into becoming a top tennis player. It also allows you to watch videos from any device of your choice.

As described by

“Each pro shares their best-kept secrets to mastering the game of tennis in a way you’ve never seen before. You’ll learn world-class technique for all shots in the game, off court preparation and fitness regimens, mental strategies to get you through tough matches, and lots more so you finish on top.”

To register yourself for a coaching clinic from the best names in tennis, register yourself on Top Court here, and get a free, 14-day trial on us.

Online Tennis Instruction

Founded by Florian Meier, Online Tennis Instruction or OTI connects coaches with tennis playing fans and there are two ways in which people can learn tennis – they can take online coaching classes or attend one-on-one and group tennis clinics organized by these coaches in different cities on a regular basis.

Needless to say, this is a paid online or onsite tennis coaching option. Some of the tennis coaches involved in this program include Meier himself, Nadim Naser, Ean Meyer and Gregg Le Sueur.

You can sign up with them on their OTI website here or check out their free video tips on how to get a more powerful serve here.

A purchase of any of their product also gets the pupil a personalized video review of their game on the OTI app.

Tennis Gate

While this website may not boast of the names as big as the ones described above – it still has a impressive body of work. By sharing their extensive coaching experience gained over a period of more than 25 years, the team at provides excellent tennis coaching advice.

The CEO of the website is Oliver Heuft who is a DTB A-certified coach and has over 20 years of experience as head of a youth talent promotion group and freelance coach for the Baden Tennis Association (Badischer Tennisverband).

Edgar Giffenig who has been associated with the USA, German and Mexican Tennis federations undertakes workshops for the website. He is also author of the books “Play Tennis with Passion”and “Developing High Performance Tennis Players”.  In addition there are a host of strength and athletic training coaches along with physiotherapists associated with the website.

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Tennis Evolution

Founded and developed by Jeff Salzentein, Tennis Evolution provides a variety of tennis training videos. Jeff is a former top 100 ATP singles and doubles player, a 2 time All American and national champion at Stanford. His coaching credentials include being a USTA High Performance Coach, and USPTA elite professional.

Someone who lives, eats and breathes tennis, Jeff has had incredible success mentoring the younger generation of tennis players in Colorado, and his popularity drove him to reach out to more people by creating his website.

Tennis evolution caters to all categories of players – from an adult obsessed with the game to an beginner who is learning the ropes.

Aubone Tennis

A website that helps tennis players of all levels, Aubone Tennis was put into gear by former ATP player and current tennis coach, J.Y. Aubone.

Aubone himself had a career-high tennis ranking of 459 in singles and 288 in doubles and then travelled with American top 20 player Reilly Opelka as his coach between 2018 and 2021.

He assisted Opelka in his ascent from being ranked 250th in the world to breaking into the top-20

According to JY – as he is popularly known as – the best way to coach a player is to take a close look at him or her in a tournament setting followed by a developmental environment that is customized to match the player’s requirements.

JY runs a personalized online tennis program to help him achieve that goal.

His strategy to coach players from around the world includes asking them to record their tournament matches which JY watches and provides a performance report.

He then has an online session with the concerned player about what strategies and techniques need to be improved, and how it can be accomplished.

Some of the other things provided by JY includes:

  • Tournament Scheduling
  • Pre/Post Match Calls
  • College Recruiting Assistance for Juniors
  • Meetings with Players and Parents.

Aubone, an USPTA Elite Professional and GPTCA Level A coach can be contacted through his website You can read some of the tennis coaching articles by Aubone for here.

Essential Tennis

Conceptualized by Ian Westermann, Essential Tennis is a treasure trove of  more than  100 drills for singles and doubles players. It provides daily inspiration and guidance from Ian in the “Tip of the Day”.​

The website  provides seven days of free trials more than 70 coaching modules. It also gives detailed strategy breakdowns for singles and doubles players showing exactly what patterns to use against every type of opponent.

Having been featured by, and –  the website has launched the essential tennis academy to help their subscribers develop their game.

Fuzzy Yellow Balls

The founder of Fuzzy Yellow Balls, is Will Hamilton.  Will has partnered with some of the biggest names of the yesteryear like Patrick Rafter, Bob and Mike Bryan, Gigi Fernandez, Craig O’Shannessy, Dr. Mark Kovacs, and Feisal Hassan to provide some of the best tennis advice online.

The good thing about the website is that a lot of the  videos are custom made. Undertaking a holistic approach to improving the game – the coaches emphasize not just on development of game skills but also on game sense and understanding of patterns of play.

Even though not a lot of updates have taken place on the website in the recent past, you can access free video content on their YouTube page.

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Tennis Mind Game

In spite of the fact that tennis is one of the most gruesome sport in the world, a lot of it gets played in the mind. The website addresses this element of the game. The website and its developers firmly believe that at the highest level it is the ‘mind’ which differentiates the best from the rest.

Highlighting the fact that mental challenges begin with pre-match anxiety and progress into enormous crests and troughs of emotions during match, it is the player who is able to maintain equanimity during a match, is usually the one who comes out on top.

Players can lose themselves in the emotional storms causing them to play sub-par.

The website concentrates on providing tips that can help you change your mindset quickly. Pieces on the strategy involved in tennis and the psychology in the game play. They also provide details on drills and instructions for beginners and experienced players alike.

The website if very reader friendly and a lot less demanding of the viewer. With simple sub sections, and adequate amount of free drills and coaching lessons, the website is a good means to help improve your game.

New Web Tennis

Conceived and developed by Brent Abel – a former USA tennis player and a prolific coach, contains several hours of coaching clinics on he very man aspects of the sport.

Often it is the ‘lesser’ skilled players who end up becoming the best of coaches. The same seems to be the case with Brent Abel too.  After achieving meager returns as a professional player, Brent moved on to tennis coaching.

Through his YouTube page, Brent provides several hundred hours of tennis coaching material for individuals to learn from.

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