Can Pickleball be Played by Seniors?

Pickleball for Seniors

Pickleball is a game that is popular with men, women and children of all ages. The beauty of Pickleball is that it is a game that can be played by seniors too, and it is good for seniors in many ways. It is great exercise, it is not hard on the body, it is sociable and tons of fun, and it’s really good for mental health.

Let’s take a look at how exactly Pickleball is bringing seniors together.

Please note: I am no health expert. If you have an underlying health condition or even otherwise, you should discuss playing pickleball or any other rigorous sport with a medical expert in your area.

Advantages of Playing Pickleball for Seniors

Pickleball Improves your Overall Health

We all know that exercise is good for you. Getting a little cardio exercise three times a week improves your overall health.

It can lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, help with depression, improve your heart health and your lung health and your general state of mind. The best way to get this exercise is by playing sport and Pickleball provides that exact combination.

If you play Pickleball two or three times a week, you are going to benefit in endless ways.

And because Pickleball is not a huge strain on the body – the serves are underhand – it is unlikely you are going to injure yourself.

This is why Pickleball is so popular with the older crowd and that is not taking into account the fun factor!

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Pickleball and Injury

Many older Pickleball players, both recreational and professional, are former tennis players. It makes sense; the games are similar to one another but Pickleball uses smaller courts, has that underhand serve, is mostly played as doubles and is gentler on the body.

The games are also shorter as the scoring is totally different. It is for this reason that many tennis players convert from tennis to Pickleball at a certain age. It’s just healthier and so much better for your back, neck, hips and knees and body in general.

Pickleball is Sociable

To be honest, most sports are sociable. People love to gather, chat before the game, have fun during the game, and meet up after the game for a cup of tea, a slice of cake or even a glass of wine.

Seniors, like all people, need to get out the house, keep themselves occupied, get some fresh air and meet people. Pickleball does all of this and given there are now many Pickleball courts all around the USA, it really is the ideal sport for older people.

Saying that, Pickleball is a popular sport with players of all ages. And when there are Pickleball competitions, and there are many competitions and tournaments, it’s not all fun and games.

The sport gets competitive and tournaments are serious stuff. Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be competitive.

Pickleball is Fun

Goes without saying for most sports, if you hear people playing Pickleball, from a distance, you may think what on earth is going on.

Pickleball is noisy.

Apart from the pop of the ball, the players shout and yell and scream and grunt and it is all very amusing. That is because everyone is having so much fun.

Fun is important for seniors.

Having a good laugh is good for your mental health and many people say, it’s good for your physical health too. Being energetic, running around a court, whacking a ball – it’s all good for you.

If you chat to older Pickleball players they will tell you just how much fun they have, but also, how good the game is for their health.

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It Doesn’t Get Very Strenuous

According to, the best bit about playing pickleball is it doesn’t get too strenuous because of its smaller courts, especially while playing doubles. Pickleball players aged 50 or more dig this quality because it reduces the stress from running on the court to go with reduced wear and stress on joints.

The game is slower than some of the other racket sports too, which allows those with slowing reflexes to get involved without any problems.

Where does one get Pickleball Lessons for Seniors?

Most Pickleball clubs offer Pickleball coaching, not just for seniors but for younger players too. Pickleball has become one of the more popular racquet and ball sports in the USA; most sports clubs have courts, it’s an accessible sport, it’s not an overly expensive sport, and there is the fun factor.

As a senior player, you can get Pickleball coaching by some excellent and accredited Pickleball coaches.

Learning a new sport is good for you, it’s good for your brain, it’s good for your body, it’s good for your muscle memory and it’s good from a point of self care and self esteem.

Pickleball is also a fabulous hobby for older people – just like bridge, bowls or bingo – but it is a lot more fun and it is a lot more active.

Pickleball Clinics and Camps for Seniors

What a fabulous thing to do for an older person! Spend a weekend playing Pickleball, socialise with like-minded seniors and have a wonderful time.

There are Pickleball camps for all ages, but there are MANY for Pickleball seniors.

It’s a great way to get people together, to meet new people, to get excellent exercise and to use the great outdoors. If you are interested, you can check with your sports club or look online for Pickleball clinics near you.

Pickleball Tournaments for Seniors

There are lots! Pickleball is exceptionally popular with seniors and there are probably more tournaments for the 50 plus player than for younger players.

Again, look online to find a list of all the tournaments.

You will notice that over any given weekend there are several tournaments going on in several states, all at the same time.

Most Pickleball tournaments take place over two full days, some three, but some are also just for a day. There are plenty to choose from and always a wide variety of categories, with tournaments catering for various age groups and various Pickleball levels.

There are charity tournaments too, which we like the idea of!

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing racquet and ball sports in the United States. It all started as a bit of fun, more than fifty years ago, but today it is a popular sport and a competitive sport.

There are Pickleball USA Championship and a Pickleball World Championship. It’s a great game for seniors, whether they have experience in tennis or not.

It’s an easy game to learn, as long as you have a bit of hand-eye co-ordination, and you will always find someone to play with.

It’s a game that is not hard on the body, like tennis can be, and it’s a game that does not require too much (although it does help) strength. You choose at which level you would like to play!

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