Exhaustive Guide to a Headis Ball

Different Types of Headis Ball

Headis is one of the more exciting sports in the world, growing rapidly and in this passage below we look at the various headis balls which can be used to play the sport.

Any sport can be transformed into something fun and more exciting. Let’s take table tennis for example. It’s been a leading sport worldwide who has led the foundation of another famous sport known as headis (read about the history of headis here).

This simpler and more engaging version of the table tennis involves no rackets or table tennis balls. The game is just about a Headis match-ball and your head! The game has been literally named after how it is actually played with your head by bouncing and hitting the ball back.

But it might sound strange that what quality ball ensures a safe headis match? And what materials are used to make such balls for making the game fun while not hurting your head at the same time?

For all this information regarding a headis ball, keep reading the content below.

What is a Headis Ball?

For a game like Headis, the whole technology of manufacturing a suitable ball was to focus on a piece of lighter and safer playing equipment. This was important for not hurting the head at all.

So, for that reason, a headis ball is of the size of a football but way softer than the football.

The material and size are considered perfect for header gameplay. Let’s know more about that.

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What is a Headis Ball Made of?

A headis ball is made of rubber generally. These materials ensure the soft texture of the ball.

Even with this material, the ball doesn’t weigh more or less than 100 grams with a diameter of 20 cm. Moreover, the circumference measures around 50 cm.

The outside texture is made non-slip for maintaining the direction of the hit. Because of this extreme precision in the material selection and composition, a headis ball doesn’t wobble, neither bounce less.

Types of Headis Balls

Generally, the dimensions of a headis ball is fixed and doesn’t change across matches or leagues. Neither it has types nor categories like a football or other balls, based on match type.

Headis balls often only come under a rubber material category which is an extremely soft material for use. They can be easily inflated with a needle valve.


Never leave your Headis ball in sun, heat, or car for a longer duration. The material it is made of can expand when exposed to a higher temperature. It can then cause a permanent change and damage in the ball’s quality.

Leading Brands

Headis Hearts, Heads & Balls is the best and most famous headis equipment brand in Germany that deals internationally for online shipping. It deals with all the headis equipment such as headis Balls, ball pump and other merchandise products.

To get more information about the headis ball they are selling, click here.

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What Makes a Headis Ball Different from Volleyball and Football?

A headis ball is lighter than a football and a volleyball. The material is also softer for lighter weight and easy hits through the player’s head. Following are some listed comparisons of all three ball categories for your easier understanding.

Differences between the Headis Ball and Other Balls

An Alternative for a Headis Ball

If you don’t have a headis ball or you don’t wish to buy one, the game can still be played with known alternatives such as a soccer ball (or a football for the Brits). A soccer ball is very well known to be used in headis matches.

The only factor that you must consider before playing headis with a soccer ball is what difference you’ll notice. The change in material and a heavier ball may make the gameplay a bit difficult.

While a Headis ball is specially designed to put a softer impact on your head, a soccer ball can be a bit opposite. Based on the type of soccer ball you buy; the weight can be more than double of a Headis ball.

Where to Buy a Headis Ball Online?

If you are looking to spend your holidays practising or playing a match of headis with the perfect quality headis match ball, then check out the below mentioned leading stores from Germany which ships online orders to almost every country in Europe.

Online Stores Dealing in Europe

  • Tischtennis.biz: Tischtennis.biz not only offers great buying deals on all sports products, but it also provides a 24/7 online professional consultancy. You can clear your doubt and discuss what product suits your needs the best. Moreover, you can have your order shipped for free if the payable amount exceeds 60 euros.
  • Sport-Thieme: Like other online stores, Sport Thieme also provides best quality sports goods in reasonable rates. You can be sure of the product authenticity as the store offers a 100 day return guarantee on only a few terms and conditions!
  • Headis Hearts, Heads & Balls They are the original creators and suppliers of a the branded Headis Ball. Their Headis ball is not only used by majority but is also used for official tournaments as well. If you don’t trust online providers or stores, just buy it online directly from them!
  • Kubler Sport If you are looking for genuine products which comes under a warranty, then this is the right stop for you! Kubler Sport not only ensures fast delivery of original products under best rate but it also claims to give a 10 year warranty on maximum products. What else do you need?

Best Online Soccer Balls Buying Options in the USA

  • Walmart: A perfect online option for getting whatever you want, exactly at your doorsteps! Be it sports or any other equipment, you can rely on Walmart for quality products, especially sports goods, in the best rates from all over the country!
  • Amazon: The store which doesn’t require any briefing at all. Be it the best-ranking items or the discounted ones, this site has always been a preference for sports goods. You can see the live reviews and ratings on each product that you wish to buy. The site also displays the Best-Selling Soccer balls for you to make the right choice!
  • SV Sports: SV Sports has specialized in dealing with the best quality sports goods in the USA. This site deals specifically with sports equipment only. You will be amazed by seeing the variety of products they have and also offer Free Shipping services for orders above $75! Isn’t it cool?

Final Words about a Headis Ball

If you are looking to play headis and are confused about which ball to use and what are the other aspects of this ball, we have explained the same in detail above.

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