From Beginner to Pro: How to Choose the Right Table Tennis Paddle for Your Level

How to choose a table tennis paddle?

If you are just starting out playing table tennis or even growing into the sport and picking up new skills, it’s important to know what kind of paddles should you be playing with.

In this article, we will discuss process of choosing the ideal table tennis paddle for your skill level.

Part 1: Understanding the Basics

Table Tennis Paddle Components

The two main components of the table tennis paddle or a racket is the rubber and the blade. The paddle’s blade, is mainly made of wood, while for modern table tennis, laminated wood is used.

The wood is carefully shaped into an oval board with a handle, which is then rubberized on both sides. The blade is then covered with the black and red rubber.

The rubber can be classified as per different types of pips, either inside or outside, and differing rubber thicknesses can alter the ball’s spin, speed, and control. The two sides of the paddle can be made from different types of rubbers as per player’s choice or requirement.

Different Stages of Table Tennis Players

Table tennis players are classified into 3 different categories on the basis of their skill level, their expertise, their playing style and the main of all their experience.

There are 3 categories that is beginners, intermediate and advanced players while all of them have different requirements.

Beginner Table Tennis Paddles

Beginner players of table tennis should pick a paddle with strong control and spin. Beginning paddlers can improve their skills and technique by using a paddle with a little wider blade and a thicker sponge.

The grip should be taken into account first. To maintain control of the paddle throughout the game, a firm grip is required. The second element to consider is the paddle’s weight.

For newbies, a lightweight paddle is best because it is simpler to grip and manage. The paddle’s rubber and blade should be taken into account as the third factor.

A paddle’s control and spin will be improved by a high-quality blade and rubber. The paddle’s maximum rate of speed and spin should be taken into account as the fourth factor.

Intermediate Table Tennis Paddles

Players who play intermediate levels of table tennis need a paddle that strikes a balance between speed and control.

Intermediate players can enhance their skills by using a paddle with a thinner sponge and a somewhat smaller blade. Before progressing to quicker speeds and spin, intermediate players should strive for a medium speed rating and their preferred level of control.

Advanced Table Tennis Paddles

A paddle that gives the most speed, spin, and control is necessary for advanced table tennis players. Advanced players can execute elegant shots and techniques with the support of a paddle with a larger sweet spot and a thinner sponge.

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Choosing the Right Table Tennis Paddle

It’s necessary to take your skill level, playing style, and price range into account when selecting the best table tennis paddle. Additionally, you ought to try out various paddles before buying one.

Playing Style

It’s necessary to first think about your playing style while selecting the best table tennis paddle. What rubber and blade will work best for you will depend on your playing style.

Consider a paddle with pimpled out rubber if you are an aggressive player who enjoys hitting the ball hard and playing quickly. You could want a paddle with more control if you play defensively.


Table tennis paddles are available at a variety of pricing points, from inexpensive models to high-end paddles that might cost several hundred dollars.

Before buying a paddle, it’s important to decide on a budget and search for possibilities within that range. So that you can have the best table tennis paddles under your budget.

If you want to know which are the best low-budget table tennis rackets, click here to read our article.

In the next part of this article, we will go into more detail about the precise characteristics to look for in a table tennis paddle and offer suggestions for the top paddles for each level of play.

Part 2: Characteristics of Table Tennis Paddle

It is important to take into consideration the following features of the table tennis paddle in order to have a good experience. These features can enhance your overall playing experience as well as the control on the racket, spinning of the ball and its speed. All the features are discussed below:

Blade Dimensions

The ball’s speed and control can be impacted by the blade’s size and form. A bigger blade might have more force, whereas a smaller one might have more control.

The ball’s spin can also be impacted by the blade’s shape. While a square-shaped blade can deliver greater power, an oval-shaped blade can generate more spin.

Blade Composition

The playing experience may also be impacted by the blade’s material. The most frequent blades are made of wood, which provides good feel and control.

Carbon fiber blades are stiffer and produce greater power, while titanium blades are lightweight and offer a great balance of power and control.

Type of Rubber

The spin, speed, and control of the ball can all be impacted by the rubber on the paddle. Rubber comes in two primary varieties: pimpled and smooth.

Rubber with bumps can produce more spin, but rubber with no bumps provides greater control. The playing experience can also be impacted by the rubber’s thickness. While thinner rubber allows for greater control, thicker rubber allows for greater speed.

Sponge Thickness

The sponge that lies in between the rubber and the blade can also impact how you play. A thick sponge can provide more speed and power while a thinner sponge can provide more control.

However, a thicker sponge can also provide you with less input from the ball, which could affect your technique.

Shape and Size of Handles

Your grip and comfort may be affected by the handle’s size and shape. Straight, flared, and anatomic handle shapes are only a few of the many variations.

The handle should be the right size to enable for a secure grasp and to fit comfortably in your hand.


The paddle’s weight might impact how you play in general. While a heavier paddle might offer more power and stability, a lighter paddle can offer greater control and speed.

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Part 3: Choosing the Right Table Tennis Paddle for Your Level

After having a knowledge on the key features to select a table tennis paddle, it’s time to look at the top options for various levels of play that includes basic, intermediate and advanced. All of them are briefly discussed below:

Beginner Level

Choosing a paddle with strong control and feel should be your first priority if you’re just starting out with table tennis. A hardwood blade, supple rubber, and thin sponge are all desirable features in a paddle.

You can improve your consistency and technique with the aid of these features. A lightweight paddle can also aid in improving your speed and strokes.

The Killer spin JET200 and the STIGA Pro Carbon are two excellent choices for beginner paddles. These 2 paddles are the most pocket friendly and offers you a good quality game as per the price range.

You can read more on our exhaustive guide on the best table tennis rackets to buy as a beginner here.

Intermediate Level

You should search for a paddle that delivers a good blend of power and control if you’ve been playing table tennis for a time and want to advance your skills.

You may generate more speed and spin while keeping good control by using a paddle with a carbon fiber blade, pimpled rubber, and thicker sponge.

The Butterfly Timo Boll ALC and the DHS Hurricane II are two paddles that are suggested for intermediate players. At a mid-range pricing, these paddles deliver superb quality and performance.

Advanced Level

Focus on selecting a paddle that produces the most power and spin if you’re an experienced player seeking for the best paddle to develop your game.

You can get the speed and spin you need to dominate your opponents by using a paddle with a titanium or carbon fiber blade, pimpled rubber, and thick sponge.

The Doric Waldner Sensor Carbon and the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon are two of the best paddles for advanced players. These paddles have premium components and features, but their cost is more.

Part 4: Some Additional Tips While Choosing Table Tennis Paddles

Here are some more suggestions to assist you in selecting the ideal table tennis paddle:

  • Try out various paddles before you buy one to determine which one feels the most comfortable and is best suited to your playing style.
  • Think about the grip. Make sure the paddle’s handle is cozy and offers a firm grip. Your performance will increase and hand fatigue will be reduced with a comfortable grip.
  • While a heavier paddle can provide greater force and spin, a lighter paddle can aid in increasing your speed and stability. Think about which is more crucial to your playing style.
  • You can also check out our guide to decide whether to go for custom-made or pre-made table tennis rackets here. Typically, if you are just starting out, it’s best to go with pre-made paddles.

Final Words on Choosing the Right Table Tennis Paddles

In the final part of this article, we will address some additional advice for choosing the best table tennis paddle.

Your overall performance and pleasure of the game can be significantly impacted by your choice of table tennis paddle. When selecting a paddle, keep in mind to take into account your skill level, preferred playing style, and other crucial components like the blade, rubber, and sponge.

Your overall performance and pleasure of the game can be considerably enhanced by selecting the appropriate table tennis paddle for your skill level. A paddle with a wooden blade, supple rubber, and thin sponge can provide good control and feel for the newbies.

A paddle with a carbon fiber blade, pimpled rubber, and bigger sponge for increased power and control is beneficial for intermediate players.

To maximize their performance, advanced players should concentrate on purchasing a paddle with premium components, such as a titanium or carbon fiber blade, pimpled rubber, and thick sponge.

Before making a purchase, try out various choices to ensure the paddle is comfortable and meets your demands.

To ensure peak performance, don’t forget to maintain your paddle and replace it as needed. You can also read our piece on where to buy the best table tennis rackets in the USA here.

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