Multiple Ways to Buy Beach Tennis Equipment – How & Where to Buy Beach Tennis Paddles, Balls, Nets & Other Accessories?

Where to buy beach tennis equipment?

Are you planning a trip to the beach, or do you live near the beach and already play beach tennis? It’s a fantastic game, so much fun, and one that has become hugely popular.

Beach tennis, also known as beach paddleball, is great for the whole family or a group of friends, a brilliant game for fitness, for fun, for bonding, and also for working on your tan. It’s a game of skill and talent but also suitable for those just fooling around with a bat and a ball.

And really, you don’t need much more than a beach tennis racket or bat and a beach tennis ball, provided of course that you find the beach tennis court.

So, where do you find Beach Tennis courts in the USA?

You will find beach tennis courts, which are exactly the same as beach volley ball courts, throughout the USA, stretching from New York in the East to Miami in the West.

A beach tennis court is marked out with stakes and lines or rope, and has a net in the centre. There are portable beach tennis courts and often resorts/beaches put up courts for the summer or holiday season.

Many beach tennis courts are permanent structures, and you can use the Internet to find the closest beach tennis court to where-ever you are or where-ever you are planning to go. Also, if you find a volley-ball court, you have a beach tennis court!

A bit of info on a beach tennis court:

  • The court is rectangular in shape
  • It is a minimum of 16 meters and maximum of 20 meters long
  • It is a minimum of 8 meters wide and maximum of 9 meters wide
  • There is a net directly in the centre of the court
  • The net is 16 meters x 8 meters in dimension and 1.7 meters high.

What equipment is needed to play Beach Tennis?

As long as you have the court, and you can honestly find them all over the USA but can also buy your own portable beach tennis set online (just like a volley-ball set) you really only need beach tennis rackets or beach tennis bats, a beach tennis ball, a sense of fun and a love for sport.

You can easily purchase beach tennis equipment online. You get all the major brands – MBT, Outride, HP, Tom Caruso and more, and the brand you choose will depend on how often you intend to play and how serious you are.

Beach Tennis Rackets

  • Beach tennis rackets are up to 55 cms long
  • The maximum width of a beach tennis racket is 30 cm
  • The maximum thickness of a beach tennis racket is 3.5 cm
  • A beach tennis racket has a smooth surface
  • Sometimes there are holes in the surface of the racket, but these are surface deep.

There are a variety of beach tennis rackets on the market, ranging in price from low to very expensive. Serious players will go for the very expensive beach rackets, beginners or recreational players have a wide variety to choose from.

Some of the beach tennis racket brands, but not all of the brands, include:

  • MBT, T Carbon – Advanced / Pro level
  • MBT, X-Furious – Advanced / Pro level
  • MBT, Brazil – Advanced / Pro level
  • MBT, Easy X-Furious – Intermediate level
  • MBT, Easy Horse – Intermediate level
  • Tom Caruso, Damage – Intermediate level
  • Outside Legend – Advanced / Pro level
  • Outside Florida – Beginner / Intermediate level
  • Outside Grid – Beginner
  • HP Kobra – Advanced / Pro
  • HP Smash X1 – Beginner level
  • Tom Caruso, Hulk – Kids

There are also Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop, Technifibre, Ianoni, Grandcrow, Optima,Viking and Pro Kadima beach tennis rackets or beach tennis paddles, and more! Look online, or pop into your closest sports store.

Here’s our ultimate guide on the best beach tennis paddles to buy and the factors to consider before buying them.

Beach Tennis Balls

A beach tennis ball is a stage two tennis ball, usually comes in packs of three, and are orange and yellow in color. If you’re playing for fun you can use any tennis ball. If you are playing professionally, you must use the stage two tennis ball. There are a number of beach tennis ball brands, some including:

  • Tom Caruso
  • Quicksilver
  • MBT
  • Sandever
  • Wilson
  • Babolat

Where can one buy Beach Tennis Equipment?

Now, we move on to where you can buy this beach tennis equipment from. Following is a list of stores, both online and offline where you can find beach tennis equipment in the USA.

You can pretty much buy anything you want from Amazon and that includes sports equipment. The best way to do it is to log on to Amazon, search for Beach Tennis Equipment and then choose the equipment that falls within your price range. Amazon deliver anywhere in the USA but not to all countries so just double check that they will deliver to you, before adding things to your shopping cart.

They sell mostly combination sporting equipment, i.e., volley-ball and badminton sets in one, but remember the court of a volley-ball and a beach tennis ball are exactly the same. If you already have the beach tennis paddles, this could be the right option for you.

As the name suggests, they sell everything to do with Beach Tennis. Apart from a fantastic range of beach tennis paddles and the entire beach tennis set, you can buy all the accessories – beach tennis balls, beach tennis caps, beach tennis grips, beach tennis clothing, beach tennis wristbands and beach tennis bags. They deliver all around the USA. If you are not in the USA, check on their delivery terms before you put a whole bunch of equipment in your cart.

Bell Rackets specialise in all ball sports equipment and you can definitely find beach tennis equipment here. If you are a beach tennis enthusiast, create an account so you receive their updated news, not only on the sport but also on their specials. They deliver all around the USA as well as internationally, and it’s pretty easy to find their shipping information online.

If you don’t know Smash Inn, do take a look. They also have Dive Inn, Swim Inn, Dress Inn, Bike Inn, Snow Inn and much more. You will find all kinds of ball sports equipment via Smash Inn, including beach tennis equipment. Like any good online store, you can buy your beach tennis equipment, a beach tennis set, balls, accessories and clothing too. One stop shopping is often the way to go, and they too often have deals and sales and discounted prices so it’s worth checking out.

Paddle Pro specialise in all sorts of rackets and paddles, including beach tennis paddles.They have a good range, including a ‘Sexy Range’ which we are not quite sure what that means except Beach Tennis can be sexy in a way we guess. You will find all the beach tennis court equipment here, accessories and, you guessed it, a wide range of (sexy) beach tennis clothing and shoes. Uh, let’s think about that, given most people play beach tennis barefoot! Seriously though, a nice site and the deals look good.

This is a store that specialises in all kinds of ball sport equipment and clothing. They’ll help you with your choices as they have a pretty good list of how to choose the right beach tennis racket or which balls are best, etc. They also have a price-match policy which can be attractive for many. If you are looking for beach tennis paddles, or pickle ball or platform tennis paddles, you will find them all here.

You’ve probably bought designer clothing from eBay, or something vintage and very desirable, but did you know you can also buy sports equipment. Anything is sold on eBay and that includes Beach Tennis Equipment. You may find fantastic deals so check it out. And there is nothing wrong with buying a used beach tennis set, just make quite sure it is in good condition before you click PAY.

You may well find that the sports store down the road from you sell beach tennis equipment, and if you are staying at a hotel or resort with a beach tennis court, they probably sell equipment too. They may even rent it out.

We’ve focused on beach tennis equipment in the USA but given beach tennis is played widely world-wide, you can also find it in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, The Caribbean and around Europe.

A few beach tennis stores in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa:-



Beach tennis is a growing sport, a fun sport, and a sport where if you have a beach, you can have beach tennis. It’s great for people of all ages and all you need is a net, bat and ball and a little (or a lot) of stamina. You can play beach tennis for recreational purposes or for competitive sport, and if you want to go professional there are plenty of opportunities. In the meantime, put on your sun tan lotion and your hat and have fun!

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