Who Should Buy a Tennis Racket Stringing Machine? [And Who Shouldn’t!]

Who Should [and Shouldn't] Buy a Tennis Racket Stringing Machine?

If you aren’t sure whether you should buy a tennis racket stringing machine or not, we have a few pointers that might help you make that decision quicker.

Below is a list of those situations and entities who could think of buying a stringing machine. We have also aimed to add a few more conditions which should make you postpone your decision of buying the racket stringers, if not cancel it altogether.

Before we get into talking about whether or not to buy one of these machines, what you would notice is that the common thread between all of these is the fact they don’t use their machine to string a racket on the odd occasion but do it multiple times and regularly at that.

That, by itself, should be a good starting point to help you make your decision.

So Who Should Buy a Tennis Racket Stringing Machine?

While a tennis racket stringer is a high-cost purchase, investing in such a good quality machine, especially if you are a serious tennis entity makes for a lot of rationale.

When I said ‘tennis entity’, this could be anyone who is a stakeholder of the sport but most notably the following.

Tennis Players


Serious players who want precise control over their racket’s string tension often invest in stringing machines.

While players always have an option to visit a local stringer or get their rackets strung at a club or a tournament, it’s probably a good idea to have one’s own machine.

Sportspersons across sports like a hands on approach to selecting and customizing their equipment and the same goes with stringing their own tennis rackets too. Which means it would make sense for these players to buy a racket stringer.

Some professionals hire their own personal stringers while others use the services offered at ATP, WTA and ITF tournaments for the same. There’s a third category who use their own stringing machines for this purpose.

There are players at lower levels, including juniors and those who cannot afford to keep going to a stringer on a daily basis, who look to invest in their own machines too because long-term costs of owning it could be far lower than heading to a local stringer.

Tennis Coaches

Other than those coaching players at the highest level of tennis, coaches usually work with multiple players, especially beginners. And as a coach goes through the ranks and improves as an instructor, he or she might find it beneficial to purchase a stringing machine.

What this does is to allow a coach to string rackets for their students efficiently and maintain control over the stringing process to meet individual player preferences.

This could also value for the coach who could be competing with other tennis coaches in the same vicinity.

(you can also read the other roles and responsibilities of a tennis coach here)

Tennis Pro Shops

Pro shops and sporting goods stores that offer stringing services can benefit from having a stringing machine. It allows them to provide quick turnaround times for customers and generate additional revenue by offering stringing services.

What this could also do is to act as a way to promote the stringing machine itself, enabling greater sales for the tennis equipment shop.

Individual Racket Stringers

In the video above, CBS Mornings have delved deeper into the lives of individual stringers who are associated with some of the top players in the world for their racket stringing needs.

Their biggest trait is their consistency and for those who want to achieve the kind of consistency that such individual stringers have, they would need to hone their skills consistently too.

Each of them would have started small, stringing at a local pro shop before getting hold of their own machines and then selling their services to local players before turning big.

If this is a career you are looking at, then investing in a racket stringing machine seems to be the most idea way to set the ball rolling. You can also understand how to master the art of using a tennis stringing machine here.

Tennis Clubs

One of the ways a tennis club can attract more and more players to sign up for their membership is by offering services that they would like. As a player, it would make so much more sense to get their rackets strung on-site itself rather than visit a shop or an individual stringer at another place.

Clubs can also offer their members a discounted rates or a package deal as a part of their method to get more clientele for their services.

Given the kind of competition tennis clubs have, and given that tennis also faces a stiff competition from an upcoming sport like pickleball, it isn’t such a bad idea to encourage tennis players with these value-added services.

Stringers and Enthusiasts

Stringers who offer stringing services as a profession or as a hobby may invest in high-quality stringing machines to enhance their stringing capabilities.

These individuals are skilled in stringing rackets and can cater to specific stringing requests from players.

Tennis Facilities and Tournaments

Tennis facilities, academies, and tournament organizers may find it useful to have stringing machines available on-site. It ensures that players participating in events or training programs can have their rackets strung efficiently.

Read here how a tournament like the US Open has more than 20 stringers on-site to cater to the demands of the players right throughout the tournament.

This is no different from most other tournaments or academies around the world which offer these services to tennis players for free.

When Should You Avoid Buying a Stringing Machine?

While there are multiple and solid reasons to buy a stringing machine for your own self, there are a few deterrents you must keep in mind too.

If Immediate Cost is a Factor

While the long-run cost of owning a stringing machine could turn out to be lower than that of running to a stringer every fortnight, it is still a big investment to make. If that’s a cost you cannot afford, especially if you are only just starting out, then it’s best to avoid buying it.

After all, tennis players need to spend a lot on their primary equipment – tennis rackets, shoes and balls among others and a stringing machine isn’t the most mandatory item in that purchase bucket-list.

If You Dislike the Stringing Process

Even if you have the finances to go for a stringing machine, the process of stringing is not just a difficult skill to pick up but also one that requires some amount of patience and precision.

If those qualities aren’t up your alley, it might make more sense to outsource it to those who do it on a professional basis.

If You Don’t Have the Time

While you might have the money and skill to string your own rackets, you might not have the time.

Players at the highest level obviously don’t have that kind of time but even a tennis beginner who is juggling between tennis, school (or college) and other extracurricular activities might not have the time to spend on stringing their rackets on a regular basis.

You are a Sporadic Tennis Player

This is actually the most obvious of them all. If you haven’t quite taken to tennis that seriously yet, and are a once-a-week sort of a hobbyist looking at tennis as a health activity then you don’t want to be spending a lot of time, effort or money on stringing your rackets.

Factors to Consider If You Decide to Buy a Stringing Machine

Now that you have taken a decision that you are going ahead with your stringing machine purchase. What are the factors you might want to consider before zeroing down on your device? After all, a tennis racket stringing machine isn’t a very disposable buy – you would hope it lasts for years!

Which is why it’s important for you to consider the following as you seal your decision to make this purchase.


Much like the other tennis equipment, racket stringing devices prices can also vary significantly. A lot depends on the type of tennis stringing machines and your purchase decision can be tweaked based on your budget and the type.

This will help you narrow down your choices considerably.

Get the latest tennis racket stringing machine prices with Amazon here.

Stringing Frequency

We had earlier spoken about the reason to buy a stringing machine and one not to buy it. Both include an important factor in the form of the stringing frequency and that is also a factor after you have decided you are going to buy one.

Consider how often you will be using the stringing machine.

If you plan to string rackets frequently, you may want to invest in a more durable and feature-rich machine. For occasional use, a more basic, inexpensive machine may suffice.

Stringing Experience

Assess your level of stringing experience.

If you’re a beginner or have limited experience, a user-friendly machine with clear instructions and simpler features may be more suitable. This could also be a more less expensive which allows you to get used to using this machine.

On the other hand, experienced stringers may want a machine with advanced tensioning options and customization features.

Stringing Versatility

Determine the types of rackets and strings you will be working with. Different machines have varying compatibility with different racket types and string gauges. Ensure that the machine you choose can accommodate your specific requirements.

Tensioning Mechanism

Decide on the type of tensioning mechanism you prefer. Drop weight machines, manual crank machines, and electronic machines each have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of accuracy, convenience, and price.

Choose the mechanism that aligns with your preferences and skill level.

Portability and Storage

Consider the portability and storage options of the machine. If you need to transport the machine frequently or have limited space for storage, a compact and lightweight machine may be more suitable.

You don’t want to be crunched for space while using a, for instance, drop weight machine which could require more area than the others.

Durability and Construction

Look for a stringing machine with a sturdy and durable construction. Machines made with high-quality materials tend to last longer and withstand regular use.

Again, this comes hand in hand with the cost of the machine – you don’t want to make frequent trips to the manufacturer or a repair-guy, which not only adds to the cost, but also takes away from the reason behind opting to own one’s own machine as opposed to getting the racket strung by an outsider.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Read customer reviews and research the reputation of the stringing machine brand. Look for feedback on reliability, accuracy, customer support, and overall satisfaction. Typically speaking, purchase a high ticket item like a stringing machine from a tried and tested dealer.

You can also check our article on the best racket stringing machines on our website which takes into account multiple factors.

Warranty and Support

Check the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer. A reliable warranty can provide peace of mind and ensure assistance if any issues arise with the machine.

Please note that a racket stringing machine consists of multiple parts and accessories that can be purchased separately too in case of worst-case scenarios. You don’t have to replace the entire machine.

Training and Resources

Consider the availability of training materials, instructional videos, and resources provided by the manufacturer. Adequate training and support can help you maximize the potential of the machine and improve your stringing skills.

You could also look at some excellent YouTube channels like Brian Bollman, who provide guidance on how to use a tennis racket stringing device.

Final Words on if You Should Buy a Tennis Racket Stringing Machine

If you were finding it difficult to take this decision earlier, we hope the factors mentioned above should make that call a lot simpler.

And once you have gone ahead with that decision, you can also read our exhaustive guide on the types of stringing machines for tennis rackets that can be looked at here in order for you to make an informed choice.

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