Five Best Silent Pickleball Paddles to Reduce Noise [Green Zone-Approved Paddles]

Best Pickleball Paddles to Reduce Noise

One of the biggest challenges that the sport of pickleball is facing in recent times is the noise associated with it. With complaints from nearby residents very rampant in various parts of North America it is no surprise that technology is evolving to help manufacture pickleball paddles which makes as little noise as possible on contact with the ball. Our expert has our recommendations on the best pickleball paddles to reduce the concerns related to excessive sounds.

The noise issues associated with pickleball is a serious problem facing residents and pickleball players alike. The repercussions of this could be long-lasting for the sport as a whole and measures need to be taken to reduce the impact of this noise associated with pickleball.

One of the ways to handle this situation is to use pickleball paddles which make less noise than some of the others. Below is the list of all the top pickleball paddles which are more silent than the others and fall in the Green Zone of paddle noise.

If you would like to understand what is the Green Zone in context with pickleball paddles, then here’s a further explanation. Else you can kick right into the list of pickleball paddles we think are best to reduce playing noise.

What is a Green Zone Approved Pickleball Paddle?

Thanks to the ever-rising complaints from residents of communities close to pickleball courts, the Board of Directors at the Sun City Grand Pickleball Courts released their list of paddles which are classified into three different zones based on the intensity of sound they make.

The paddles which fall in the green zone according to these tests, are the ones that can be used on the Sun City Grand courts. It’s also a norm which is used across board in different pickleball clubs and courts.

The other zones are yellow and red. Paddles which fall in the red zone have been banned from use on courts which accept this rating system while those paddles which are in the yellow zone could be banned in the future, so players would be buying them at their own risk.

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Best Pickleball Paddles to Reduce Noise

So getting down to the best pickleball paddles now which help control the noise and fall in the green-zone, they can be found below.

For starters, here’s our list of of the best noise-free pickleball paddles:

Onix Evoke Graphite XL Paddle

An excellent paddle for those just starting out or those who have reached the intermediate level, the Onix Evoke Graphite XL is excellent for its touch and control at the net.

The consistency with which players can find the sweet spot and extract that pop out of this paddle makes this a very attractive option, as does the larger size. It’s also a lightweight paddle which makes it easier for those with wrist issues or want to use their strength while swinging it.


  • Large grip, which helps for those with big hands
  • Provides good control at the net
  • Larger sweet-spot gives beginner and intermediate players a good feel


  • Not a lot of spring to the paddle
  • There have been complaints of the handle not lasting very long

Get the Onix Evoke Graphite XL Paddle from Amazon here.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

It is one of the best silent pickleball paddles around but it comes at a higher cost than most. The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro has a very responsive touch and its broader sweet spot allows players to get away with error.

This paddle provides very good control but at the same time that does not come at the expense of power, and a longer handle gives you an option for better reach.

Its smart response technology is the reason behind your ability to carve out those explosive and controlled shots while playing your game.


  • Broader sweet spot which increases the margin of error
  • Longer handle provides better reach
  • Solid accuracy and power


  • One of the costlier pickleball paddles around
  • Might be tougher for a beginner to handle this

Get the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro from Amazon here.

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Engage Elite Pro

Power, control and spin, all three characteristics associated with the Engage Elite Pro and it helps intermediate pickleball players take their game to a new level. A paddle for Graphite lovers, it is known for its attention to detail and can help give such players an edge over the rest of the pack.

And like some of the other paddles in its price range, the Engage Elite Pro also has a larger than usual sweet spot which makes it a very forgiving pickleball paddle.


  • Great power and control
  • Liquid graphite paddle face provides enhanced spin as well
  • Better accuracy because of a bigger sweeter spot
  • Lesser strain on the wrist


  • The liquid graphite face has an extra grip making it slightly lesser powerful than Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro.

Get the Engage Elite Pro from Amazon here.

Selkirk AMPED Omni

It’s one of the more elongated pickleball paddles but the advantage that Selkirk AMPED Omni has over its similar competitors is it’s not very heavy.

In fact it makes to many a list of best lightweight paddles, and add the obvious advantage it offers in performance along with its silent nature, this becomes a must-own piece of equipment for the serious pickleball player.

Because of Selkirk Omni’s larger surface area and shorter handle players can put one of their fingers on the face without making it difficult while playing.


  • Another paddle with a larger sweet spot than others
  • Bigger surface area and a shorter handle for those who like to use their fingers on the face
  • Lesser vibration thanks to the polymer honeycomb used


  • Not as inexpensive as some of the other similar models
  • The shorter handle could be an issue for those not used to it

Get the Selkirk AMPED Omni from Amazon here.

Paddletek Bantam Ex-L Pickleball Paddle

A new and advanced core from the house of Paddletek makes the Bantam Ex-L Pickleball Paddle one to possess for its power and control.

Thanks to its thicker polymer core, players can feel an additional touch and pop which is complemented by a larger face which makes it less unforgiving than some of the other paddles.

It’s a paddle which can be used by intermediate players as well as it can be by professionals, and its velvet-textured polycarbonate face helps impart a lot of spin.


  • Lot of power without sacrificing control
  • Velvet-textured polycarbonate face helps impart a lot of spin
  • Solid touch and pop


  • Heavier than some of the other silent paddles
  • Shorter handle length could take some time getting used to

Get the Paddletek Bantam Ex-L Pickleball Paddle from Amazon here.

Other Honorable Mentions of Silent Pickleball Paddles

Final Words on the Best Silent Pickleball Paddles

Some of the best pickleball paddles which make as little soon as possible can be found in the list above. What you could do is to check which one of them fits in your budget (and feels right in your hands) before you make a choice in order to help grow the sport of pickleball and at the same time reducing the disturbances for the neighbors.

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