An Exhaustive Guide to Table Tennis Betting: Tips, Markets & Websites

Everything to Know about Table Tennis Betting

Table tennis has evolved slowly over the years but as far as betting is concerned, punters still prefer its ‘cousin’ tennis. However if you are looking to dip into table tennis betting and understand its nuances along with the available markets, bookmakers and even tips and predictions, here’s our exhaustive guide around everything about it.

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We would always recommend to bet for fun only. If you think you table tennis or any other sport betting could lead to an issue or you are already facing gambling addiction issues, we urge you you to leave this page and get in touch with organizations in your region which can provide help ( in USA and in the UK for instance). Also, if check for the betting laws in your region and if it’s not legal, we strongly urge you not to bet.

Table Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

If you have already bet on other sports successfully, you might have a fair idea on some of the following sections. On the other hand, there would be other tips which could be specific to the sport of table tennis and you could try and skip directly to those.

On the other hand, if you are in the early days of sports betting, it’s very important to go through all these tips and educate yourself before you begin it.

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Know Your Table Tennis

This sounds pretty obvious, right? Yep, it is and this isn’t just restricted to table tennis alone but to betting or playing ‘fantasy sports’ across the board and yet people choose to avoid it.

It might be a subconscious call or arrogance but lack of research about the sport itself is a huge factor behind the lack of success of punters.

Look at player rankings, their head to head record of recent times, recent player form and fitness and other statistics, check for performances against left versus right-handed players, even personal information and if something’s a problem off the court – basically while opting to bet for or against any table tennis player look at every possible set information.

Making an informed choice while betting on table tennis is no guarantee for success but getting into good habits will ensure the long-term viability of your bets.

Understand Your Betting Markets

Knowing your sport, which in this case is table tennis, is very important and equally vital is to understand the betting markets associated with the sport.

An in-depth guide on the various markets associated with table tennis betting can be found in the section below as well but to give a brief overview, betting on the results of table tennis matches isn’t the only option. Punters have multiple options to choose from including live table tennis betting with most bookmakers and it’s pertinent to understand what works best for you.

Some of the table tennis markets include handicap betting, games over/under betting, correct score, player total points and so on. Most of these are explained in the betting markets section below.

Choose the Best Bookmaker for Table Tennis

While the big sports like football (soccer) and tennis will have betting markets with most of the bookmakers, table tennis doesn’t often enjoy that luxury.

However, it’s still imperative to choose only the best bookmakers for whichever sport you are betting on, including table tennis in order to protect your capital from fraud and other non-payment issues.

Also look at their promotions and sign-up offers – read the fine-print too – before you take a call on a bookmaker.

Some of the top bookmakers for table tennis include bet365, Betway, Betfair and Intertops depending on which country you are looking to bet from.

Sign up with Multiple Bookmakers

So once you have researched and found the top bookmakers for table tennis, it makes a lot of sense to sign up with as many of them.

The rationale behind this is to ensure you get the best odds and while at most times, the difference in the odds between different bookies won’t be too much, it makes sense to avail of that bookmaker which offers the best, even if the difference is 1%.

Check the example below.

Table Tennis Betting Odds

As can be seen from the above, in a live match between David Reitspies and Tomas Tregler, the former is the favourite but different bookmakers are offering widely different odds.

Bet365 have Reitspies as an overwhelming favourite while 10Bet has the best odds for him to win it. Similarly, Tregler is a narrow 13/10 to win the match with 10Bet while bet365 is offering a whopping 2/1 for his win.

This is why it’s best to sign up with as many, top bookmakers in your region and avail of the difference in their odds.

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Which are the Table Tennis Betting Markets to Opt for?

One of the most important considerations if you are just starting out on table tennis betting are the markets associated with the sport. While the basic concept of betting remains the same across most sports, the table tennis markets have their unique selling points.

Below we look at all the table tennis betting markets available to the punter. Accordingly you can choose from between them based on where your strengths lie.

Match Winner

Odds are offered for the winner of a match between two players or teams. For e.g. Player A could start a favourite at 1/6 against Player B who is 7/2 to win the match.

Total Games: Over/Under

This market allows punters to bet on whether the total number of games in the entire match will be over a number or under it.

Total Points: Over/Under

This market allows punters to bet on whether the total number of points in the entire match will be over a number or under it.

Games Handicap

Handicap betting is a way by which one can earn a substantial amount even while betting on a match where one player is a very heavy favourite over the other.

In the above example, Player A could start the match at 5/6 for the -2.5 games handicap while Player B is 5/6 for a +2.5 games handicap. What this implies is if the Player wins by more than 2.5 games, the punter stands to get 5/6 odds while if Player B wins after 2.5 games added to his tally, the punter again stands to earn 5/6 odds.

Points Handicap

Similar to the Games Handicap, except the total number of points in a match are counted while deciding on whether the Points Handicap is won or lost.

Say the Points Handicap is 5/6 for -11.5 for the favourite Player A in the above and he goes on to win 11-4, 11-7, 11-8, 11-4. Player A has won 44 points to his opponent’s 23, which means even after subtracting 11.5 points from his tally, he has won more points than his opponent and hence wins the punter the bet.

Game Betting

This allows a punter to bet on the exact game scoreline; i.e. odds for Player A or B to win 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3, thereby giving eight different odds for it.

Correct Score After

Similar to game betting above but after two games, three games or four games in the match.

Double Result

Punters can look to get better odds by adding slightly more risk in this. Predict two results; the winner of the opening game and the match winner and get better odds.

Player Total Points

Much like the total points in the match, this is a market for betting on total points won by a player. A supremely favourite player expected to win in four straight games would typically win 44 points while in a more even encounter, there could be a loss of a game or tw but if the favourite still went on to win the match, he/she would end up with more points than 44.

Live Table Tennis Betting

Most of the above markets can not only be bet on before the start of the match but punters also allow live match betting for them. The odds keep fluctuating as the match goes on.

Best Bookmakers for Table Tennis Betting

As mentioned above, not every bookmaker covers table tennis and offers odds for their markets. Below are some of the bookmakers who do.


This one is our favourite and probably one of the most recognizable brand all over Europe. Based out of Stoke-on-Trent in England, bet365 offers a wide variety of markets across all sports including table tennis and this is our number one recommendation for the ease of service and safety and security.

The best part about bet365 is it also allows its members to watch the free live streams of thousands of sporting events including table tennis tournaments.


Founded in 2003, 10Bet has grown into prominence in recent times in the UK. It’s also available in Ireland and Malta. It offers a few table tennis betting markets.


Ireland’s biggest bookmaker, BoyleSports was founded in 1982 and currently also offers table tennis betting odds. They entered the UK markets through the acquisition of some of the shops of William Hill and currently sponsor a wide variety of events or teams in Horse Racing, Football and Darts.

William Hill

William Hill is a UK-based bookmaker which offers markets for table tennis and has one of the most number of shops all across the country.

Some of the others include Unibet, Betway, Ladbrokes, 32Red, Coral and 22Bet.

BetOnline & BetBoro

These are among the two most famous American bookmakers (traffic-wise) which offer betting markets for table tennis.

Best Table Tennis Tipsters

If you are looking for guidance on the latest in the world of table tennis betting, there are free tipping websites which put up regular tournament and match previews for important table tennis tournaments. Here’s our consolidated list of the best table tennis tipsters.

The latest from the world of table tennis worth betting on has been covered by these tipsters here. They also put up the schedule for the live streams of all the table tennis matches which are telecast live at bet365.

This is another website which offers excellent table tennis predictions but not all of them are free. Some of their better tipsters need you to register with them for a fee and you can avail of them. Check them out here.

One of those rare gems which offer daily or match-by-match tips in the sport of table tennis. These free predictions are updated here.

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