What Do Tennis Players Keep in Their Bags?

What do tennis players carry in their tennis bag?

As a professional tennis player or newbie, there are many things to put in your bag besides balls and rackets.

Many people think that only the balls and rackets are useful, but it is possible to either have, change, or take notes on the court. In this article, you will discover a list of 12 items or necessary things to have in your tennis bag, as most professionals do.

What Do Tennis Players Keep in Their Bags?

Whether you’re heading out for a quick game with friends or having a match against a ranked opponent, be sure to have these must-have items in your tennis bag.

Extra Tennis Rackets

This is an obvious one, especially if you are playing at some sort of a non-amateur level.

There are many tennis rackets on the market, and each of them has different characteristics. Thus, it is possible to change rackets during a match according to the objectives to be achieved. Having extra rackets in your bag is always an excellent proactive solution.

Perhaps the strings of the first racket may be damaged, or the racket itself may not deliver good results. At this precise moment, it is necessary to switch to other rackets you brought with you. It is best to have at least two to three racket in your bag.


Towels play an essential role. They help get rid of sweat on the body and face, especially when the weather is hot. There are a multitude of towels on the market based on their materials. It is advisable to choose cotton towels because they are more effective.

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Sun Cream

Sunscreen is a must when playing in the sun. Everyone knows that the sun’s rays can burn the whole skin, especially over a long period. Thus, the protection of the skin is essential and involves the use of creams or sunscreens.

These creams have a duration of effectiveness on the skin. When exposure to the sun is long, it is possible to add more to optimize protection.

Hat or Visor

For similar purpose as mentioned above. When playing indoors, players may not feel the need to use a visor or hat. But, for outdoor games, the need becomes pressing.

The hat protects against the sun’s rays which can burn the skin of the face and dazzle the player in a match or during a training session.

It is advisable to use the hats with a dry cut or those that are light so as not to clutter up. Having and wearing a hat during tennis activities allows you to protect yourself against the sun’s rays, even as a spectator.

Extra Socks

Socks can influence the quality of play. If they are dirty or when your feet sweat, they will not be adapted to your movements in tennis shoes. That’s why you should always have spare socks in your bag.

Good socks with the right shoes will also absorb shocks. Also, to avoid foot blisters, it is essential always to have spare socks.

Drinking Water

Never assume that your local tennis court will have a water fountain.

As a result, always bring at least two chilled water bottles and a banana or similar snack high in potassium.

If you plan to play for a while, consider a sports drink that contains electrolytes. It will help prevent muscle cramps and give you the stamina to perform intensely.

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The Energy/Protein Bar

It is not inadvisable to have something to gain strength in the middle of a match or training break. Thus, a protein bar can meet this need. Also, it is crucial to have in your bag some other snacks such as drinks and other valuable foods.

A Skipping Rope

The skipping rope is an essential tool for all athletes. It allows you to warm up before the start of the match or training. In addition, the skipping rope allows you to work on footwork and coordination.

Regardless of the player’s skill level, the jump rope will always serve. So it’s a tool to always have in the tennis bag.

Additional Grips

In tennis, grips or racket handles are essential components. They allow you to have an excellent grip on the racket and to hit the balls well. Also, there are handles adapted to the different seasons, whether hot or cold.

It is necessary for players whose hands sweat a lot to consider this criterion before buying or bringing an additional handle.

Extra Clothes

It is common in a tennis match to change your playing clothes. After a few minutes of play, when it is very hot, you can quickly go and change into more comfortable clothes.

Also, after the game, it is possible to change into other clothes to go home or make detours. In your tennis bag, it is always vital to have spare clothes.

Even professional players do this, why not you?

Extra Strings

It’s quite important to have an extra set of strings. When playing, the racket strings may get damaged and need to be changed. If this happens, the extra strings in the bag will be the solution.

You can then tighten the racket strings yourself as needed in the middle of a match or training.

A Notebook

Many people may be surprised to think of having a notebook in the tennis bag, but this is very important. With a notebook, tennis players can take notes on the various things they have learned and their analyses on the court.

Also, they can plan their game and thus know what actions to take. During training, for example, it is crucial to take notes. There is no need for a big notebook; even a small notebook can do the trick.

Extra Tennis Balls

The extra tennis balls can still be used during matches or training sessions. For example, you can use the extra balls with a partner on a free court or on a free backboard during a long waiting period. With the extra tennis balls, you can pass the time unknowingly.

Final Words on Things in a Tennis Player’s Bag

It’s important to make a list of things you need to carry with you to a tennis match and some of them have been mentioned in the aforementioned list. While you might not want to carry them all depending on your situation, a handy list like the above should ensure you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything – it’s like packing before a travel trip, you don’t want to forget anything important back home!

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