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Can you imagine a holiday more wonderful than one with friends, sunshine, ocean, the beach, exercise, a pickleball court, good food, great company, and did we mention – pickleball? Yes, vacation homes are being rented out with pickleball courts, and this is hugely popular with pickleball players.

How to Find a Vacation Home with a Pickleball Court?

This is mostly a thing in the USA. You can go through the normal channels of booking a vacation home, just add ‘pickleball court’ to your search.

The major platforms are Airbnb and VRBO, but there are others so check them out. You can find a vacation home for a few friends, or family, with a court, and you can find resorts that have pickleball courts too.

Being able to play pickleball while on vacation is fantastic, and you will understand this if you are a pickleball enthusiast. A lot of seniors love doing this.

It’s fun being on holiday with other like minded people, it’s easy to find partners or opponents for pickleball (that would be at the resorts) and it’s sociable. And of course, there is the exercise factor which makes everyone feel good.

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You can find pickleball courts at:

  • Vacation Homes
  • Resorts
  • Clubs
  • Cruise Ships

We did a quick internet search for vacation ideas that include pickleball and came across a lot. While it is impossible to list them all, there are homes and resorts dotted around the USA, from east to west, with the majority being in the west coast.

A holiday home in California, Florida, Oklahoma or Arizona, with sunshine and pickleball? Couldn’t be better!

A few vacation homes with pickleball courts:

  • The Beautiful Villages, Florida
  • River Ranch, Florida
  • Sun City Grand Arizona
  • The Tennis House, Arizona
  • Outdoor Resort, Palm Springs California
  • Temecula Hilltop Luxury Home, California
  • Tulsa Vacation Home, Oklahoma
  • Wailea Point Village Resort, Hawaii

If the thought of Hawaii doesn’t get you interested in pickleball and a vacation all in one, we don’t know what will!

Remember there are loads more, all over the USA, we are just highlighting a few. Some have pickleball courts and some are close to pickleball clubs. You will need to check if you need your own pickleball paddles, or if they come includes as part of the package.

Pickleball on Cruise Ships

Cruises are popular with people of all ages, partners, singles, friends and families. If you are into pickleball, or even keen to learn pickleball while being on vacation, think about taking a cruise.

How fabulous would it be to have all your meals included, to go with the amazing scenery, you have beautiful weather, social arrangements and a sport like pickleball to play.

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Which Ships Have Pickleball Courts?

You will be surprised to learn that this is a thing and quite a big thing.

Many people, and not just older people, are choosing this as a vacation and planning for the future. Some of the cruise ships offer special senior / pickleball cruises, some are related around all sports, and some include tournaments.

You would need to do a thorough check to see who is offering specific cruises as there have been some changes of late, but a quick update for you:

  • Regent’s Seven Seas Explorer
  • Regent’s Seven Seas Splendor
  • Sky Princess
  • Enchanted Princess
  • Holland America Line
  • Holland America’s Niew Amsterdam.

Some only provide the courts and equipment, others include clinics (The Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam) and coaching, together with organized games and tournaments.

By the way, you don’t need to be an experienced pickleball player to take part in a pickleball vacation.

The sport is perfect for anyone who has played a bit of tennis, or not, and likes to have fun. It’s easy on the knees, hips and ankles, it is good for overall physical and mental health too. You can make the game as strenuous or as gentle as you want. And it’s wonderfully sociable.

So then, are you in need of a holiday?

Do you want to play or learn pickleball at the same time?

Think about a beautiful vacation where you can play sport, be sociable, have fun, learn new skills and meet new people. What are you waiting for?

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