12 Awesome Badminton Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2023-24

Best Badminton Blogs Online

We consider ourselves a solid resource guide for badminton and other racket sports but this is not to say there aren’t others who are doing well and have been around for a longer time. Some of these badminton blogs have been an inspiration in many ways, others have excellent stories on them which we would love for you to get a hold of if you are looking for online badminton content.

Earlier, we had spoken of the some of the best table tennis blogs online and that article (check here) has received a lot of good response, some having asked us to do similar lists for other sports too. So here we are with our list of favourite badminton blogs and websites you should follow as a badminton fan.


If you are serious about your badminton and want to take your game to the next level, you might want to consider Badminton-Coach.co.uk as an option. There are others we will talk about in this article too but for those looking to make badminton their careers, this is an excellent free and premium resource guide.

Run by Paul Stewart, who is an Advanced Badminton Coach, this blog has been around since 2009 and consists of an excellent free resource guide about topics ranking from badminton techniques and equipment.

Articles on topics like positioning during doubles matches, home badminton exercises and behind the back shots have all been explained deftly and in-depth. At the same time, if you are looking for reviews for the top badminton rackets, shoes, shuttles, or brand-specific guides, you can easily get them with this website.

Paul also provides one-on-one or group badminton coaching for a small cost, other than racket stringing services for those in the UK, having done that for some of the top badminton players at the All England 1000 Series a few times along with BWF Barcelona Spain Masters & World Championships.

The website also sells gift vouchers for coaching and stringing in case you want to do that for any of your mates.

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One look at the image below and you would get a fair idea about the amount of badminton information on this blog. Basically this is the be-all of badminton websites, with the rules, basics of how to play, shot-making, techniques and advanced skills described in detail.

Best Badminton Blogs
Photo Credit: MasterBadminton.com

Not to mention, there’re reviews for rackets, grips, shuttlecocks, shoes, strings and even attires on the website, something that is hard to find in such exhaustive details elsewhere.

Readers are encouraged to ask the site a question which is then answered if there’s no article found or is added to their already growing list of badminton questions on that page.

The site was started in 2010 and over the years hasn’t been updated a lot but it still makes for some solid information for all badminton lovers.


As the name suggests, this is an online badminton magazine which delivers the latest news from the world of badminton. And to go with the latest news, there are features from their in-house and guest writers worth having a read.

In fact in this list of badminton blogs and websites, this is one of those rare gems which deals with news and features from the courts of badminton, unlike a many other blogs which dish out product reviews and technical, mental and strategic aspects of the game alone.

It is one of the oldest badminton websites around – the oldest we have found if one goes by their own account, having started in 2003 by Raphael Sachetat and Jean Francois Chauveau. Sachetat is still the editor while Chauveau handles the operations of the website, along with a list of country editors and contributing authors from different parts of the world.

If you are a genuine badminton fan looking for a comprehensive happening in the world of badminton BadZine.net is a site to visit.


This is a fun, personal badminton blog of a badminton fan/player named Becky Ances who has chronicled her life as an American living in China while trying to pick up the game (and the language). Having moved to the country in 2009, she started playing serious badminton in 2015 when she started her training under her coach.

Along with penning her thoughts on the latest happenings on badminton, Becky is also at the forefront of organizing badminton camps for her readers. That aside, there are views on badminton as a sport in the country, Becky’s own experiences while playing the sport and articles on player rackets.

If you are looking for some very serious tips about how to improve your badminton, you can choose from between the other blogs I have listed on this page but if you are looking to read and watch an interesting journey of a badminton fan playing the sport in a foreign country along with offering a few tips on the way, BadmintonBecky.com is the place to be.

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This is a blog which was started by a Malaysian badminton fan by name of Chau Yap, and according to him, the site is run by a “team of dedicated people” including coaches and players other than Yap himself.

While the section under blog doesn’t quite look updated in more recent, Badminton-Information.com gets a lot of its eyeballs from its evergreen content. This consists of information from something as basic as what the sport is all about and whether badminton is actually sport, to badminton for beginners, service tips, exercises, tactics and even the mental aspect of the game.

If you are looking for badminton humor, there’s some there too, and interestingly, a small section on other badminton websites which includes one of them from below.


This is an old blog which also has a forum associated with it. While the last article was posted on this site in 2015 by the looks of things, you can still find a wealth of information around badminton on the website.

It might not be the most comfortable website to read through it, but there are two advantages. The information on the site, whether racket reviews, or comparisons between equipment brands, or even how-to-guides, is solid and stood the test of time.

The other plus is its forum which is still relatively active and you can post your questions on it, or even use it to buy and sell badminton-related products.

The forum also consists of all the information of badminton tournaments between 2001 and 2018, and there are discussions around players, countries playing badminton, techniques and training, injury management, and a trove of information on clubs offering badminton-playing opportunities across the globe.

Check the BadmintonCentral.com forum here.


One of the sleekier blogs on badminton online and updated quite regularly even now. In fact, it’s one of the newer ones in the business, having put up its first piece in September 2018, and there are articles on strategies and tactics, fitness and equipment among others.

While one might say that’s no different from some of the other blogs mentioned in this list, the content found on ShuttleSmash.com is visually more appealing and has a lot of relevant video embeds, which aid the explanation of any tactics or techniques.

Interestingly, at the time of writing, there’s a section on badminton news which doesn’t have too much going for it – just one article and it’s more a feature piece than news – the idea there could be something there in the future makes it a mouth-watering prospect. After all, not too many websites cover the day to day happening in the world of badminton and we could all do with more.


This blog is written by Aske, a passionate hobby player reviewing badminton gear like shoes or rackets for beginner and intermediate players.

He also covers tips on how to improve your skills on a hobby level without dedicating your life to it like a professional player. One example is this case study on improving his badminton skills despite working a full-time job and only being able to play twice a week.

He did it without having a coach and instead used advice he found online or got from other players. His articles often use video examples from his own training to illustrate ideas and alternatives to the typical approach of spending many hours performing practice drills. Think less advice on perfecting your technique and more on making better use of your existing skills with a few tweaks.

His story goes that he played a few years growing up and returned to the sport after a fifteen-year hiatus as a fun way to stay fit in his thirties.

Other Honorable Mentions

There are a few other such badminton blogs which we think should make it to this list. Some are quite young but have some solid potential going forward. Here’s a small list:


Another new-ish blog which currently delves deep into equipment and accessory around badminton.


A blog that’s been around for a while and covers equipment reviews and tips around on and off-court tactics.


Another recent addition to the list, this is managed by Michael Williams and interestingly has an article on “How to Teach Badminton” – something not too many other badminton blogs seem to carry.


If you thought this blog was only about shuttlecocks, then you thought wrong! There’s a guide for everything badminton on this, and badminton racket reviews along with a section on the expert’s corner where the top badminton blogs online are mentioned. Helped us with this list too, so a shout out to them.

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