10 Best Court Contractors to Construct Pickleball Courts

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Are you wanting to add a pickleball court to your sports club, college or school? Do you want to build one at home? Or does your recreation centre have space and you think it would benefit from a pickleball court?

There are ways to build or construct your own pickleball court too and here at RacketSportsWorld.com we try to cover that in depth too in some of the other sections of the website. Like for instance, here’re the court markers in pickleball to convert a flat ground into a pickleball court.

You can use the pickleball court dimensions mentioned here to understand how to construct your own backyard pickleball court, while here are the potential costs associated with making a pickleball court.

If you are interested in getting into the hassle of constructing your own pickleball court, the other viable option for you is to use a professional sports court builder / specialist for the job. The contractor you choose depends on where you are in the country, as obviously you want a contractor near you or at least, in your town.

We have put together a list of some of the pickleball contractors in the USA, which we hope will be of benefit to you.


The Sport Court Contractors build high performing courts, are a company with a lot of experience, and like most sport court contractors, understand the lie of the land.

They have their own patented materials, are environmentally friendly, and include everything from design, building and installation, to lighting and fences.

Sport Court have built single pickleball courts, courts by the dozen, and courts in small recreational spaces too. They are a versatile company, have many return or repeat clients, and are happy to give you customer testimonial. You will find them online too.

They design indoor and outdoor pickleball courts and offer competitive quotes for this.


Mor Sports have the distinguished reputation of being the contractor for the US Open Pickleball Championships.

They built and designed the courts at the East Naples Community Park in Naples, South West Florida. Like most contractors, they build on concrete and asphalt surfaces, and have their own court surfacing products, known as DecoTurf and DecoColor Pickleball Surfacing Systems.

The Olympics have also used the Mor Sports Group to design their pickleball courts and Mor Sport are proud of the courts that they have built, particularly in the Florida area.

They only use the best quality products and highly trained staff. They offer a few different construction surfaces and will give you the options after assessing your area.

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Chat to Nova Sports or fill out the form on their website. They will assess your needs and quote you accordingly. They are expert in pickleball court design and building, and build courts that are designed to endure the game, and provide comfort to the player.

Their courts are design for speed, longevity and toughness, but their low abrasive texture is designed to go easy on the body. They too have their own brand of U.V. resistant pigment and use top quality solid acrylic blends, offering you a good choice. They have over 30 years experience in sports court construction.


If you are inUtah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho or Wyoming, look at Park In Tennis.

They design tennis courts and pickleball courts, and offer indoor courts, outdoor courts and home pickleball courts. Park In Tennis talk about their own specialist approach to court construction, use high quality materials and skilled workmanship and have a lot of experience. T

hey will build you one court, or many courts, include all the accessories, lighting and fencing, and renovate and repair too.


Local Tennis Court Surfacing fall under the brand Sport Master, as mentioned above. They are the official court surface contractors for USA Pickleball, and offer two different coating systems.

When you get a quote, Sport Master will listen to you, assess your needs, and then quote you accordingly. They are all about safety and low maintenance, together with a durable, easy to maintain non-slip surface.


If you want a new court, a renovated court, or a whole lot of new courts, Sports Surfaces can help you. They will build courts from start, or add pickleball courts to your existing tennis courts.

They call themselves resurfacing specialists and that they are. When adding pickleball courts to tennis courts, they use specialist colours, allowing players to easily differentiate between the tennis and the pickleball court. You can ask for an idea, assessment and quote online.

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As per their name, Versa Court are a versatile pickleball court contractor and build multi sport court systems or standalone options. They also provide the accessories, including the pickleball nets, any lighting, fencing and spectator space.

Their team are highly specialist and understand all there is to know about the game of pickleball and how courts should be constructed. Their courts are about low maintenance and are always backed by a warranty. They also provide their own brand of unique surface material and will give you, the customer, options when it comes to building a court.


Armor Courts are pickleball court contractors that provide high quality surfaces, and undertaking the building of the court, or the renovation of a court, from start to finish.

They build, design, service and refurbish pickleball, and all outdoor court surfaces. Armor Courts will happily send a pickleball expert to meet you, look at your space, and quote accordingly. Like most sport court specialists, Armor Court can build a single pickleball court or several courts.

They can use an existing structure or build you a new slab of concrete or asphalt. They handle all aspects of the design, including the accessories.


Take a look at their site as you may need custom designed screening, netting or safety padding.

All Court Fabrics offer a variety of products for indoor sport courts, and some outdoor sports, and you can deal with them directly or you may find your own pickleball contractor deals with them already.


Sports Master Contractors are well known in the industry and also specialise in tennis courts. They understand everything there is to know about building of sports courts, construction, slope and drainage.

They can build one court at a time, a whole lot if it’s for a club or school, and offer you choice in surface colors.

They understand everything there is to know about sport’s courts and are well experienced. The PickleMaster™ System, by SportMaster© is Revolutionizing Pickleball Court Surfaces. Sports Master have their own revolutionary systems for court surfaces.

They will assess your space, quote you and undertake the entire projects, from start to finish. Sports Master are all about quality, in every aspect of the courts. Talk to them about the Picklemaster, an exceptional pigment and finish for your court.

Final Words on Pickleball Court Constructors

Almost all pickleball contractors that we came across, those who have been in the business for a long time, offer a similar service.

You can fill out a form on their website, be clear about your needs, and in turn, a sales person will contact you. You can get approximate quotes online, but the next step is for the contractor to come out, evaluate and assess your space, give you the options, and once you have decided it is a YES, go ahead.

It is hard to give you a cost for the building of a pickleball court as each contractor is different and it depends on your needs, but you are looking at around USD 30 thousand for a brand new court, and obviously far less if you have the basic structure.

We hope this article has been helpful in you choosing a pickleball contractor. Now, get to a court, pick up your paddle and have fun!

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