Nine Best Headis Players in the World [in 2023]

Headsinfarkt in Headis

Who are the best Headis players in the world at the moment? Our editor has more for you…

The best Headis players are young, strong and pretty nimble. They are able to leap up and off their feet at any moment, use their upper arm strength to propel themselves on to the table, crouch down ridiculously low, leap from left to right to left again, swoop up and over, and all of this at the same time while walloping a ball with their head.

Headis is a relatively young sport (read all about the history of Headis here) but as it gains in popularity, you may want to learn a little more about the top Headis players.

Each one is interesting in their own right, incredibly athletic, brave, powerful, muscular and thrilling to watch. While there are new Headis players coming up through the system all the time, here are some of the more famous, those that have put the game of Headis very firmly on the map.

Here are some of the best Headis players in the world.

Headsinfarkt (The Goat)

Headsinsfarkt is currently the number one player and the highest ranked Headis player in the world. He began playing Headis in 2012 and apart from being the most talented Heads player, he is one of the most charismatic players on the Headis circuit. Everyone wants to beat him.

His real name is Cornelius Döll, he is the current Headis world champion and the European champion. You can follow him on Instagram here.

Olaf de Wikinger (Olaf the Viking)

What we love about Olaf de Wikinger is that he is an assistant scientist at the Mainz Institute for Sports Science and is an academic as well as an extremely skilled sportsman.

He is one of the best Headis players in the world, currently ranked number two. Another charismatic player and super speedy on his feet, it hasn’t always been easy for Olaf de Wikinger and he’s had to work hard for his wins.

His real name is Alexander Stahl and he has a fabulous motto – ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.’ Nothing comes by chance.

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Bagger Peter (Pressure Peter)

Currently ranked number three on the Headis ladder, Bagger Peter is also known as Pressure Peter. His motto is ‘pressure’ and the harder the game and the more competitive the game, the stronger he is.

He’s a player with passion and fire and is really fantastic to watch. Bagger Peter has played in 51 tournaments, so far, and while he too has had a rocky ride (sometimes winning, sometimes getting beaten when he really shouldn’t) he is a firm favorite.

Sniper Schorsch (The One Who Deserves it)

The thing about Headis is that the players take themselves very seriously, while not taking themselves seriously at all. Sniper Schorsch describes himself as the one with the beautiful beard. He also says he is either busy playing a game of Headis or forcing his friends to watch videos of Headis.

Given the videos of him have gone viral, over and over and over again, we do understand this.

His motto is ‘Life is a gamble so roll on the dice’ and that is the kind of motto needed to play this edgy game. He has been in the world top four rankings for longer than any other player, is extremely speedy, exceptionally strong and especially good with his hands, head, feet, legs and well, all his body parts.

Lauchgesicht (The Last Gött(ing)er)

Right now he’s number five in the world Headis rankings which is pretty impressive for any player in any sport. He’s a passionate player, perhaps a little hot headed at times but then it’s hard to name a single Headis player who isn’t passionate or hot headed!

As his nickname would say, he hails from Göttingen, and his motto is pretty care-free. It’s an emoji, the shrugging guy!


Klausi is ranked number one in the world for women’s Headis. She began playing in 2013 and since then has been consistently known as ‘the girl to beat.’

She’s a wonderful player to watch, one who plays with sheer grit and determination, and has been a big part in the rise of women’s Headis. Klausi’s biggest rival is Missing Pepper, the world number 2 player, and the two are rivals but friends too.

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Missing Pepper

Missing Pepper has had a fairly speedy rise to stardom, also playing consistently. She’s played in 52 tournaments and the margins between her and Klausi are not large. She puts her heart and soul into every single game, never gives up and always plays like a favorite.

FuWaTe (The one that is on fire)

She has a great pseudonym, and literally does play like she’s on fire. While she may have a while to go to beat Klaus or Missing Pepper, she has done incredibly well so far and is definitely a player to watch out for.

Tableminnie (The dark horse)

There’s always a dark horse to look out for but we are not sure if it is really Tableminnie.The thing about Tableminnie is her unpredictability – she’s great one game and shocking the next. Maybe not shocking, you have to have talent to get to the Heads World Championships and just to play the game, but it is hard to know which way she is going to go. Up, we hope.


It is no surprise that the top five Headis players are all German. It’s where the game originated and it is where it is biggest and has the most followers. You can check all the Headis rankings online, at the official Headis site.

The game is still primarily dominated by men, and by German men, although there are many other nationalities coming through.

The top female players are mostly German too, but interestingly, there’s an American sitting at number four – Mini Milq. The game is catching on in the USA, often televised and if not, to be found on Youtube.

Remember, all you need to play a game of Headis is a table tennis table or similar, a rubber ball of certain proportions and a weight of 100 grams, and two opponents (read the Headis rules here).

Music and an audience are helpful too. It’s a terrific game and you may want to give it a go. Or at least, watch it online!

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