Best Pickleball Podcasts to Listen to & Follow

Best Pickleball Podcasts

Looking for some of the best pickleball podcasts around? Below is our list of some of the best in the business from around the world.

With the kind of explosion that pickleball has seen as a sport in North American and some of the other parts of the world, it is no surprise fans want to know more about it. And there are some of the masters, gurus and followers of this rather exciting game who share their wonderful insights via the audio medium.

We have already made a list of pickleball websites you could have a look at as a fan. In this piece, if you are a pickleball fan or a player who is looking to improve your game, these are some of the best pickleball podcasts to follow.

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Best Pickleball Podcasts Online

These pickleball podcasts are arranged in no particular order and are some of our most favourite ones. Please remember this isn’t an exhaustive list and we could make changes to it with time as more and more podcasts come up.

The Pickleball Kitchen Podcast

It’s not surprising that Barrett Kincheloe makes it to our list of favourite podcasts and one of those rare ones who is a part of this and the list of favourite pickleball blogs as well.

Kincheloe, who also has a website by the same name, started off with his The Pickleball Kitchen Podcast in 2018 and has been a regular ever since.

Having begun his website in 2017, he followed soon after with his podcast and ever since has made it big in the world of pickleball with his pickleball coaching, blogging and podcasts.

This Dallas podcaster uses his podcast to help coach pickleball fans and invites famous pickleball personalities on to his show for those interested.

The Eddie and Webby Pickleball Podcast

Eddie and Webby are pickleball podcasters and YouTubers, who also discuss beer and technology along with pickleball in each of their podcast episodes.

Having also kick-started their The Eddie and Webby Pickleball Podcast in 2018, the pair are more into interviewing pickleball personalities. In a format that’s expected to appeal to those not looking to be involved seriously with pickleball, the duo have often invited those from outside the pickleball world too as guests.

At times they have podcasted live from competitive pickleball tournaments and have had guests like Tyson McGuffin on their show as well.

A must-listen podcast for pickleball fans who also like their beer!

Pickleball Problems, Third Shot Sports

Let’s start with the bad news first and that is that Mark Renneson, the owner of the Pickleball Problems podcast no longer hosts it. The last episode was dropped in July 2020, having kick-started this podcast off in late 2017.

The good news is you can still listen to all the old episodes in which Renneson answers all questions related to pickleball. And who is asking the questions? The listeners!

Renneson would invite listeners to record a voice memo and email it to him and he would then select a few questions out of them and answer them on his podcast show.

There have been other topics discussed as well including tactics, interviews of big-ticket pickleball stakeholders and interesting ones like teaching pickleball in prisons.

Here’s hoping Renneson, the Founder and CEO at the Third Shot Spots & Pickleball Coaching, makes a comeback soon.

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The Profound Pickleball Podcast

The Profound Pickleball Podcast was kick-started by Stephen Rahn, who is a pickleball player having started playing the sport in November 2017. A former tennis player, he had played USTA league but over time he was burnt out by tennis.

A shoulder problem pushed him towards pickleball, a sport he hadn’t heard of before accidentally starting to play the sport. It was a matter of days before he got addicted to the sport and his expertise in tennis helped him no ends in becoming a pro at the game.

Trained under Sarah Ansboury, Rahn then went on to become a certified pickleball coach before starting out this podcast.

His goal from this podcast is to talk to a lot of pickleball players and ambassadors, apart from talking about tactics and strategies and taking questions from fan mail.

Pickleball Therapy

A podcast from Tony Roig, who is an author at, began his podcast at Pickleball Therapy in July 2020 once the pandemic began to supposedly subside.

Roig, who is former tennis player, having played that sport for more than 40 years, is a 5.0 Senior Pro Player and an IPTPA Certified Master Teaching Professional as well.

Since then he has been a regular at it, dishing one out on a weekly basis where he talks about the various aspects of the pickleball game and you can hear all about it from a professional on his podcast.

Pickleball Fire Podcast

A podcast that was initiated as late as October 2020, Pickleball Fire has become one of the most followed pickleball podcasts in recent times.

The best part of this pickleball podcast is it’s in an interview format and almost week after week, with guests ranging from pickleball ambassadors to coaches, from professional players to equipment experts, from pickleball authors to certified referees having all made it to the podcast.

In turn that is what makes this a special piece of content, given the gamut of varied opinions that is on show on this podcast.

The Pickleball Guru’s Podcast

Again, a podcast that did not quite last too long but it sure has some pearls in the nearly 30 episodes which were recorded by Prem Carnot. Carnot, who calls himself the Pickleball Guru, is a coach and very vitally has authored the book, Smart Pickleball.

The podcast is all about helping pickleball players elevate their game, and ‘compete against younger and more athletic opponents’.

Carnot has spoken about serving in pickleball, how to get to the kitchen, handling bangers, the importance of patience and that of using the middle among so many other aspects of the game which aren’t discussed otherwise.

Final Words on the Best Pickleball Podcasts to Follow

One of the best way to follow any sport is through podcasts and for a sport as young as pickleball is to already have a list of so many podcasts around is a testimony to the sports’ ever-growing popularity. As a follower of pickleball, I absolutely love the pickleball podcasts mentioned above but if there’s some I might have missed which you like, please suggest them to me through the contact page.

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