Five Best Racquetball Stringing Machines in 2023

Racquetball Stringing Machines

If you are looking for recommendations on which are the best racquetball stringers to buy and use for your racket needs, we have an ultimate review guide for it.

There are pros and cons to both, stringing one’s own rackets or getting it done from others.

Most players look to find themselves a nearby store where they get their racquetball rackets strung but there are some who prefer to string their own rackets.

Also, if you are looking to set your business up or have a store where you want to add a stringing machine, this is a good guide on which stringing machine to buy.

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Our Best Recommended Racquetball Stringers & Reviews

These are some of our most favorite, and hence recommended racquetball stringing machines mentioned and reviewed below. Their pros and cons along with some of their best features explained will help you make an informed decision on which racquetball stringer to buy and use.

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Here’s our analysis on each of the aforementioned racquetball stringing machines.

Tourna 650-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

Tourna 650-ES Constant Pull is a stringing machine that can be used for a variety of different sports due to its low adjustability and features to handle string tensions of various types. This machine can be used to string rackets of Racquetball, Tennis, Squash as well as badminton.

It can string between the tension range of 10 pounds to 90 pounds covering almost any type of racket. It is an automatic electric machine which uses constant pull mechanism to string.

It is a fast machine which provides extremely accurate string tension and takes into account that the tension will be lost and its effect on the strings over time. It is made with microprocessor technology and is very sensitive in ins mechanism.

The machines come with a pre-stetch option and the user can use one of the four pre-defined levels and knot function that is used to adjust the string tension. It is important to use the knotting of the strings to prevent it from losing tension whilst the racket is being stringed.

There are a total of six speeds at which the string can be pulled and it has a self-levelling quick-mount system as well. There are also five different tooth clamps which rotate on swivels.

They are supposed to be locked down and once again prevent any loss of tension during the process. The machine comes with one height-adjustable stand which is very strong and sturdy plus one straight awl, pliers and hex wrench set.

The brand is very trustworthy and almost all of its stringers provide excellent output. One of the biggest advantages of this stringer is that it is a very simple and smooth machine to operate. In a market where most of the machines are very complex to use, Tourna 650-ES in a simple but effective machine that gets the job done.

It is priced very reasonably and is a decent option for anyone who wants to string their rackets, be that for personal use once a month or at the club where you need to string five rackets a day.

At 115 pounds, the machine does require more than one person to move around but its flexibility and 360-degree rotation, it is fairly easy to use once it has been securely placed.

Buy the Tourna 650-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine on Amazon here.

Gamma X-ELS

Gamma is one of the most well-known brands in the racket sports equipment market and its X – ELS is a great stringing machine that provides smooth operation, great stringing and simple mechanism. Gamma X-ELS has a digital control panel and a memory option where it can remember up to nine different configuration settings.

This is a great feature where the machine is likely to be used by multiple people and they do not wish to set up the stringing from scratch every time around.

For optimal stability, the machine mounts the racket at six different points. The gripper and clamps have a diamond coating which helps in securing the racket in its place without having to put any extra pressure on it.

The stringing bed is placed on a 360-degree turnaround table which means the stringer can move the racket easily while working on different parts.

The machine can handle stringing tension from 11 pounds to 90 pounds. It is an extremely lightweight machine weighing around 25 pounds and thus can be easily operated and moved by a single person.

The package when bought includes pathfinder awl, hex wrench set, pliers and razor knife with it. The machine needs to be placed on a flat surface and floor stand and cover for the stringer can be bought separately and is not included in the package itself.

The stringer offers a “hands-free” operation as well and a separate foot paddle switch needs to be purchased for the same. The machine itself comes with a five-year limited warranty and the electrical, clamps and gripper components come with a one-year warranty.

This is an ideal choice if one is looking for a portable and hassle-free stringer which can be kept and stored at any place in the house or club. Some people may find its price a little too high for a machine that is so lightweight and simple in terms of its operating mechanism but the manufacturer claims that its simplicity is a feature and not a bug.

Buy the Gamma X-ELS Stringing Machine on Amazon here.

Prince NEOS 1000

Prince’s NEOS 1000 is one of the most popular stringing machines in the market. It is a non-electric, manual machine that has been used by personal and professional stringers for years. It is designed to provide speed and accuracy in its operations and has been rated four out of five stars by the United States Racquet Stringer Association.

Prince NEOS 1000 has zinc alloy string clamp grips and works on a single action move to mount the string on the glide bar. The user just needs to push the tip and throat down on the clamps to secure the racket frame and then use the height-adjustable tip retainers to fit the width of the racquet.

Thus the same machine can be used to string racquets of tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball. The machine has a streamlined tension head which will ensure that the machine does not catch string and keeps the whole process clean and smooth.

The stringer also has a reversible handle which adjusted to suit different stringing tensions and increases the maneuverability and clearance.

The machine weighs around 55 pounds and gets shipped in two separate packages. The first one comes with the actual stringing machine whereas the other one is the stand and the base of the stringer. The product is backed by a five-year warranty and is a very popular choice among stringers because of its relatively high resale value.

Because this is not an electronic stringer, it may take some time for users to get acquainted with its mechanism and things like reloading time can be time-consuming. But once you get the hang of it, its a really simple and fast machine.

Buy the Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine on Amazon here.

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Klippermate Racquet Stringing Machine

The next machine in the list of top stringing machines for racquetball is Klippermate’s Stringing Machine which was originally a model designed to string tennis racquets but has with time added features to string all types of rackets across various sports. It is one of the most reasonably priced stringers in the market and works on a drop weight mechanism.

This means that the stringer won’t be as precise in terms of setting the tension as compared to the electronic machine but it has a very solid 20 pounds to 90 pounds of range in terms of the stringing tension that it can handle. The machine is a tabletop design and thus can be used on various flat surfaces. It is easy to move and weighs around 25 pounds only.

The machine is extremely simple to use and is closest to a “plug and play” stringing machine in the whole market. It requires no major assembly and comes with a complete tool kit with a free string and grip package. This is one of the very few stringers in the market that also allows you to string a wooden racket which is a unique feature that the machine offers.

The machine can not string multiple requests in a short period and is not an ideal option for a club or professional stringer but for someone who isn’t looking to spend a fortune and wants something which is easy to operate and gets the job done, Klippersmate Stringer machine is an ideal choice.

It comes with extremely clear instructions on how to string a racket and provides telephonic guidance should the user require it. The whole machine is built on extremely high-quality material and the company offers a lifetime guarantee on the product which just shows their confidence in the product itself.

Buy the Klippermate Racquet Stringing Machine Stringing Machine on Amazon here.

Gamma X-ST

Gamma is the world leader when it comes to racket sports’ stringing machines and an upgraded high-end version of its X-ELS model is its X-ST version.

This is top the line version in companies X series of stringers which includes other models like, X-2, X-6 and X-6FC. Whilst all these machines are tabletops but vary in terms of the features that it offers and price range.

The X-ST machine is a manual stringing machine which sets it apart from all of the other stringers in the range. The manual system does require extra physical effort and strength from the user but overall gives better result and more accurate stringing tension.

It has a six-point of contact mechanism with the frame and can be used for a variety of different widths of racquets. The machines come with a toolset, pathfinder awl, pliers and a diagonal cutter. It has an extremely durable design with an aluminium base and linear gripper.

The machine weighs around 53 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Every single machine from Gamma comes with all the necessary tools to string a racket and a drawer is provided under the machine itself to securely store them.

Even though a little on the expensive side, this is an ideal machine for anyone looking to perform stringing as a business or want to do it for personal use. The Gamma X-ST provides excellent and precise tension along with the ability to string multiple numbers of requests in a short period.

Buy the Gamma X-ST Stringing Machine on Amazon here.

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