How to Buy Second-Hand, Used or Demo Pickleball Equipment?

Second-Hand Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball equipment is actually not very expensive but if you are just dabbling in the sport, only playing occasionally, or just wanting to try it out, you might want to buy second hand pickleball paddles.

And of course, what one person finds inexpensive, might be a lot of money for you. Times are tricky after all, and our economy is in trouble. So, if you can get good second hand pickleball equipment, why not indeed.

For starters, if you want to understand how much does playing pickleball cost, here’s our guide for that. Then, let’s move to what’s needed to play pickleball below.

What Does One Need For Pickleball?

You need access to a pickleball court, you need pickleball paddles and you need pickleball balls.

You do need to wear a pair of sports shoes, and tennis shoes or running shoes are just fine, and sports clothing is always helpful. The pickleball court hopefully comes with a pickleball net, so you don’t need anything else.

Pickleball paddles and pickleball balls are the main items, and the court should have the net.

Many people improvise on pickleball courts and use a hard flat surface, put their own pickleball lines down, and have their own pickleball net.

If you don’t have access to a pickleball court, you can use this option, in which case you need the net and the lines. You can buy a pickleball net second hand, and marking tape is not very expensive but you might find it second hand too.

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Are There Specialist Second Hand Pickleball Equipment Shops?

There are definite platforms where you can buy second hand pickleball equipment, two of these platforms being Facebook and eBay.

On Facebook you would need to connect with the right kind of people or with other pickleball players, to find second hand equipment.

There are pickleball forums, mixed forums, and specific forums for men and women. There are also people who advertise pickleball clinic and lessons, and you can always go on to one of these forums and ask if anyone has pickleball equipment for sale.

One of the main pickleball forums on Facebook (click here and log in with your Facebook account) has over 44k members and could be a wonderful site for you as a new player, regular player, or avid pickleball fan.

There is also The Pickleball Kitchen on Facebook, a clever name, which is a public group that has over 17 thousand members. On their page they have links to Pickleball Austin, Pickleball California, Pickleball Florida and Pickleball Atlanta.

Check them out, as this could also be a great page to buy and sell pickleball equipment, or just to learn more about the game.

On you will be astonished at how much second hand pickleball equipment is for sale. There is a wide range of pickleball paddle, some pickleball balls, and even a set or two.

Click here to search for some of the latest second-hand pickleball equipment on eBay.

ebay is often about luck, so check daily and see what you come up with.

What About Brick & Mortar Stores For Second Hand Pickleball Equipment?

There are in fact a number of stores who sell used, demo or second hand pickleball equipment. Sometimes it goes quickly but you can check daily and see what you can find. Remember, there are delivery fees if your purchase is under a certain amount.

Our top choice would probably be Pickleball Central who have a really good range but there are plenty of stores.

You can try Pickleball Galaxy who may not have second hand equipment but they have really good specials.

And Ultra Pickleball have a great range too. They have a lowest price guarantee, and they offer a thirty day trial test, although, we are never quite sure how these work out!

Another good option is to look at Play It Again Sports They have a page where you can sell them your gear, so check this out.

They currently have a range of paddles online. We looked at the Used Wilson Profile Racket Sports / Pickleball Paddle, going for USD 49.99, which looks around 50% of a brand new paddle.

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Is Buying Second Hand Pickleball Equipment A Big Saving?

Look, it depends on what you are buying. If you are buying a brand new or wonderful brand pickleball paddle and getting a really good deal, perhaps from someone who started but stopped playing quickly, then sure your paddle will be a great investment.

It all depends on what you buy, how old it is and what condition it is in. You are doing the research so compare prices. Look at the price of the new equipment, compare to the prize of the used or second hand equipment on offer, make sure you know what condition the equipment is in, and then make an offer.

Demo equipment is usually in excellent condition as it has only been used for demonstrations, so look for demo pickleball equipment first.

You might get really lucky and pick up a whole pickleball set, a really good quality one, at a low price. Again, Pickleball Galaxy is a good option, and so is the Pickleball Portal. Check them both out.

List Of Stores That Sell Pickleball Equipment

We know you are looking for demo or used pickleball equipment, but a lot of the stores do have incredible deals. We are going to give you a list, to make your life easier! Here you are:


And don’t forget to look at Amazon, Costco, Target and your general sports dealers. You may get some great deals!

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