What are Pickleball Court Reservation Systems?

Pickleball Reservation System

Technology allows you to book sports courts online via club reservation systems, pretty much the same way you can book a tennis game, a squash game or a badminton game online. With pickleball gaining in popularity in recent years, it is not too different for it either as more and more clubs have their own pickleball court reservation systems and below we speak in detail about what they actually are.

Most sports clubs make use of reservation systems which run automatically.

Some club members have regular games, which are ‘blocked out’ of a reservations systems so there are no duplicate bookings, but otherwise any player can do a booking online and make changes online.

We had earlier spoken about the ways to find a pickleball court near players, here we look at what are online reservation systems and the ways they benefit clubs.

Why Offer An Online Reservation System for Pickleball?

The beauty about online reservation systems, and they are not only used for sport (think about hotels), is that the club only needs one or two administration staff.

The internet makes administration a lot easier. Almost everything is done via the net, including bookings, cancellations, changes and payments. A player will always get a confirmation from the club (often automatic, as part of the reservation system) and a reminder too.

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Options with Pickleball Reservations Software

There are different pickleball reservation systems and software, although many pickleball clubs choose the same software out of ease and popularity.

It is important that the players, who are the customers really, find the software easy to manage and use.

A player should only have to register once, giving their name and personal details like address and phone number, or club membership number the first time only. Thereafter, the reservation system will remember the details and fill in the basic details automatically, for the player.

Players Are Encouraged To Make Their Bookings Online

Pickleball clubs encourage their members and non members to do their bookings online. Online reservation systems are connected to the sports club’s website and a player would go on to the website and from there, find the reservation system.

A sports club obviously pays for the software but the costs are quickly recouped by the club as the administration is so smooth and seamless.

Pickleball Reservations Software Do Not Make Mistakes

If a sports or Pickleball club does not use a pickleball reservation software system, they would do everything telephonically or via email, write out bookings by hand in a diary system and run the risk of failed administration, double bookings, no shows, or frustrated players who do not get responses from the club.

We all know what it is like phoning a club – it can be annoying when nobody answers the phone.

On the contrary, there are no mistakes made when bookings are done online.

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Software Sorts Through Pickleball And Tennis Bookings

Pickleball reservation systems work for clubs of all sizes.

The systems run automatically and need very little admin from the club itself. They can even work or have been specially designed to work in line with tennis bookings, if the club offers both ball games.

The system is designed to divide a single tennis court into two Pickleball courts, and will automatically configure the system and allocate the necessary and preferred courts.

The system can also restrict bookings, as per the regular games mentioned above, or if there are crossovers between the different games. Everything is done automatically.

There Are Also Pickleball Apps

Pickleball apps allow clubs to handle all aspects of memberships, players, bookings and even tournaments online.

A Pickleball app can be custom designed for your club, allowing your players to reserve their courts and pay online. As the club owner, you can easily see who is playing and when they are playing, and you can take payment online too.

Basically, you can handle all aspects of your administration via an app. Apps will automatically advise players if the weather is too bad for play, and offer to reschedule!

As a player, you will love the ease of booking your games online. As a club, you too will love the ease of having your customers book online. Pickleball software, and there are ready made platforms for reservation systems that are easy to modify for specific clubs, will make managing and marketing your club, simple, easy and cost effective too.

A Few Pickleball Software Designers For You

When it comes to choosing a reservations system, we suggest you look at the options, see how they work, what they offer that makes them stand out, and get quotes. Take a look at the following.

  • pickleballsolutions.com
  • chelseareservations.com
  • sportscarnival.com
  • globalpickleballnetwork.com
  • pickleballpass.com
  • pickleballmax.com

Each has its own good features so check them out and see which one you are comfortable with.

If you are organizing tournaments, then pickleballmax.com is likely to be your first option.

Each Pickleball software system is well designed and clear. Look at the package options, payment plans, and then make your decision. Reservations for games really do need to be made online.

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