How & Where to Buy Badminton Equipment? Badminton Stores for Rackets, Net & Shuttlecocks

How to Buy Badminton Equipment?

Looking to buy badminton equipment but unsure of your options? Below, we have compiled a list of badminton stores across USA and some of the other select countries where you will get all your equipment for playing the sport.

What’s the Equipment Needed to Play Badminton?

While badminton rackets, shuttlecock and a net are the most important pieces of badminton equipment, players often look to buy other accessories like shoes, wrist-bands and badminton-wear.

Before we get down to the business of explaining which are the options one can use to buy badminton equipment in the USA and some of the other countries in the world, let’s first look some of the aforementioned equipment needed to play the sport.


The most obvious starting point is a badminton racket. Depending on your style of play, you can opt to look at our options for badminton rackets for power and control or if you are a beginner, check these rackets out here. Intermediate players can go for their rackets here while advanced player rackets can be found here.


Unlike most other racket sports like tennis, table tennis, squash and pickleball, badminton doesn’t use a ball but a shuttlecock and getting a high-quality shuttlecock is a must given how easily they could lose their feathers and become unplayable. Get more information on everything there is to know about shuttlecocks in our exhaustive guide here.

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A badminton net is made of nylon and other materials like polyethylene and vinyl. Typically made of dark color in natural or artificial fiber, the thickness of the net is around 17 mm. Buying a very durable net is necessary to ensure it can take the wear and tear over the years and doesn’t have to be changed regularly.

Other Accessories

Typically one needs badminton shoes, which are specifically designed to play on indoor surfaces where the sport is typically played, sweat-bands and attires that ensure the play is smooth and without becoming a hindrance.

Where to Buy Badminton Equipment in USA?

We had earlier tackled a question on how and where to buy beach tennis equipment in USA (you can read all about it here). Here we will look at how to do the same with badminton.

There are multiple stores all across USA where one can buy badminton equipment with most of the top ones having online options to sell and ship the equipment. Below is the list of what we believe are some of the top badminton equipment stores in the country.


This will continue to remain our first option given how gigantic this online retailer is. Many of the sellers, including badminton equipment manufacturers who cannot afford to have their own storage and warehouses, use Amazon to sell their products.

Typically some of the best prices are available with Amazon as well. So while we would suggest to go ahead and check the other options below out, we would also want you to look at the prices on offer over at Amazon and compare the two and after including the delivery charges go for the one which is more economically priced.

We reckon the prices at Amazon could edge out the rest but the best way to get the cheapest badminton product is to compare!

They have a retail store too but you can order for all your badminton requirements online using their website You can also order online and arrange for a pickup if you are near their store, especially during the times of the pandemic, with the store located in Sunnyvale in California.

As items go, Badminton Alley have one of the most exhaustive list of badminton equipment with badminton rackets from most big brands, different kinds of shuttlecocks like nylon or plastic, feather and if needed for recreational purposes or even outdoors, nets, and other accessories like shoes, bags and a plethora of others.

These include gift certificates, apparels, books, videos, souvenirs and strings.

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This online store offers a free shipping for orders worth $150 or more within the North American continent and some of the best equipment and badminton accessory is available with them. For orders less than that, the shipping cost varies between $8 and $25 depending on where the badminton equipment needs to be shipped.

Along with rackets, shuttlecocks and net, all the other stuff like strings, shoes and bags, badminton set and accessories like scoreboards, court line tapes and grips are all available on their website.

A 30-day return policy is applicable as long as the racket and shuttlecock isn’t used, while the shuttlecock tube isn’t opened.

The best part about is it comes with a Best Price Guarantee using which you can be assured of the lowest price of whatever you are buying. And if it’s found to be costlier, you are eligible to get a 10% or a $10 discount on that product (whichever is lower).

Other than this, this badminton store sells a wide variety of products as well. Other than rackets of most brands, shuttlecocks, shoes, clothes, bags, grips, strings and nets, this site also offers posts and court mats for its buyers. Posts are used to tie the badminton net to while court mats are used to construct badminton courts.

This seller also provides badminton stringing machines among others, and while it caters to the end customer, it also provides wholesale goods if you are looking to become a dealer in badminton goods. ( is one of the biggest sporting equipment brands in the UK and they have an online store for their US customers as well. Owned by the Frasers Group, with an annual turnover of more than £3,701.9 million in 2019, Sports Direct has a finger in a lot of pies related to selling sports equipment and goods, including badminton.

It should come as no surprise the sheer variety they have in badminton equipment is mouth-watering with special focus on badminton footwear catering to men, women and kids.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is another big brand sporting goods company with stores all over the USA. They can be located using their site here. While there is no doubting their pedigree as a sports goods dealer, distributor and seller, badminton doesn’t seem to be too high on their list of favourite sports.

What we could suggest is to check for a store near you and visit them and check for the badminton equipment you need. And if it’s available at a competitive price, can go ahead and buy it and if the online price, with its shipping cost is a better deal go for that.

Either ways, it helps take a call.

A retail store which is located in Menlo Park in California, is an authorized dealer for Yonex and Victor products in badminton.

The store is open for 11 hours on weekdays and between 9 am and 2 pm over the weekends if you are looking to pay it a visit but you can use their online store to order their wide variety of badminton products.

Free shipping over $150 and other than the typical badminton products which are available at all badminton stores, also offers men’s, women’s and junior’s tops and bottoms, and accessories like grips, socks, wrist and headband, grommets and braces and support.

Badminton Avenue is a California-based Shopify store which offers 24-hour support along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s free shopping on orders of over $100 and they sell badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, strings, racket grips, shoes, bags and apparel on their store.

They also offer a rewards program for loyal customers which is dependent on the points you earn with every purchase. Also look for their regular discount offers on select like the following on Yonex Bags.

BadmintonAvenue Discounts

Interestingly, at the time of this piece, this site also offers racket restringing options at a flat rate of $14 along with a shipping cost. Surprisingly, there was no option to be able to buy badminton nets with them.

This is another Shopify store which also provides badminton racket restringing services by “Yonex-certified professional stringer Mr. Norman Lam” according to their website.

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