What Should I Pack in a Perfect Pickleball Bag?

What to Pack in a Pickleball Bag?

If you are one of those newest fans of the sport of pickleball, or even if you have been around but want to understand what is it that you need to pack in a pickleball bag before any competition or even for practice, we have the perfect guide.

Below is an exhaustive list of what can be packed into a pickleball bag but one can obviously tweak things around based on one’s own needs. Some of the things that can be packed are more important than others though (like it’s imperative to carry a couple of paddles for sure!).

Before that, however, if you are looking to understand which are the best pickleball bags available right now in the market, take a look at our list here.

What Should I Pack in a Pickleball Bag?

A pickleball bag is an absolute must if you are a regular at the sport. And that being the case, it’s best to keep one handy before any practice or a tournament.

Here’s a list of items which should constitute a pickleball bag in my opinion.

Pickleball Paddles

This is an obvious one, a no-brainer of sorts.

While you are headed to play in a tournament, you obviously need your own pickleball paddles but even if you are headed to practice pickleball in a club, it makes sense to pack the same.

To get better at the sport, you need to try out various paddles to understand your most preferred one, and you can do that only by playing with what you thinks suits you the best (here’s our guide on how to choose a pickleball paddle for best results).

Also, try to get at least two paddles in – there is always that chance of breakage or damage and you don’t want to be left with nothing to play with! It also helps if the paddles are of different types, one for power and another for control for instance.

It gives you a chance to experiment with whatever works for you.

Having a couple of paddles also helps in changing things around if the match’s not going your way – you never know how one’s luck might change with a change of paddles?

If you are worried about the costs associated with owning multiple paddles, check out our guide on how to buy second-hand pickleball equipment here.

Pickleball Balls

You might wonder why one needs to pack a pickleball ball in the bag when the club or competition organizers would anyway provide you with more than one.

The reason is simple.

They don’t take too much space in the bag, don’t cost a lot but when one needs to practice out of turn, there’s always that chance that Murphy might strike and the availability of the balls might come into question.

Hence, just pack a couple of them and if needed, use them on a rainy day. (not literally though!)

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Medicines & Bandages

Pain-killers, anti-cramping medicines and bandages or band-aids to stop minor bleeds in case of any hits while playing are must-haves.

Most venues should have a first-aid kit ready to use but it’s always handy to carry one’s back-up in case of an urgent need.

Small & Big Towels

You don’t want that sweat pouring on to your paddle or make things slippery for you while handling your shots. A couple of small towels would go a long way helping you out while a shower at the end of the match needs a bigger one.

In an age where the pandemic has made people wary of sharing stuff, carrying one’s own towels has almost become imperative for a game of pickleball.

Paddle Overgrips

I spoke about sweat in the section above, and one of the side-effects of that is it could end up soaking your paddle’s overgrip.

Other than sweat, an overgrip has its own life and could come undone, at times in the middle of a game and that’s why carrying an extra one in your pickleball bag is a way to go.

A Bottle for Water

Yep, rehydration is important but getting water court-side or at clubs shouldn’t be an issue. And yet, it’s vital to carry one’s own bottle of water in order to refill it for convenient use from the cooler.

Change of Clothing

Your travelling/commuting clothes need to be different from the ones you use while playing. Nobody likes to smell a bad body odor off of you, and nor do you want to pass that on to your own car seats!

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Backup Socks

While this should probably be a part of change of clothing, the reason why I have put this separately is because while one can still play in sweaty clothes, the struggle becomes real with sweaty socks.

You don’t want to slipping while rushing in from the baseline to the kitchen (as you would making the transition through the No-Man’s Land) and doing your knee or ankle now, isn’t it?

Some of the other things you can pack into your pickleball bag include:

Final Words on What to Pack in a Pickleball Bag

Pickleball players have their own pickleball bag but often wonder what can they put inside it to ensure they have covered it all. The above list, consisting of paddles, balls and other pieces of equipment and clothes are some of the must-haves in a pickleball bag.

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