All the Pickleball Equipment & Accessories a Player Might Need

Second-Hand Pickleball Equipment

Assuming you have the pickleball court, or access to a court, we are going to list all the accessories that you could possibly need, ensuring your game is perfect in every way.

We are going to include the equipment you need for an established court, as well as the equipment you would need for a make-shift one. We are even going to cover the attire that is preferable to play in, and if you are a pickleball coach, we have you covered too.

Below is the list of all the necessary pickleball equipment and the accessories which can also be owned as you become more involved with the sport of pickleball.

Pickleball Necessities and Accessories

  • Pickleball Court
  • Pickleball Paddles
  • Pickleball Paddle Covers
  • Pickleball (Ball)
  • A Pickleball Net and Posts
  • A Pickleball Ball Machine
  • Pickleball Hoppers
  • Line Tape
  • Pickleball Shoes
  • Pickleball Sports Clothing
  • Books on Pickleball
  • Pickleball Targets

Let’s take a look at each of the above, on an individual basis.

Pickleball Court

The first thing you need for pickleball is access to a pickleball court.

Many sports clubs have pickleball courts, or offer pickleball courts together with tennis courts. Check with your sports club or recreation centre if they have pickleball and if you can rent a court for an hour or two. Some colleges or schools may allow you to use their pickleball courts too.

Of course you can also build your own pickleball court, and we have done lists of pickleball contractors for you in previous articles.

You can also construct a pickleball court, as long as you have a large enough asphalt or concrete surface, and as long as you have the accessories that we are going to mention below.

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Pickleball Paddles

You can’t play pickleball without a paddle. There are a lot of pickleball paddles to choose from and you can buy them from a sports shop that stocks pickleball gear, or you can buy online.

If you are just starting out at pickleball, borrow a Paddle until you know you are going to continue playing. There are pros and cons associated with using wooden pickleball paddles but since they are quite cheap, you could start off with them too.

There are different weights for Paddle and the weight you choose depends on your own frame and strength. Paddles can be between 6 and 14 ounces.

The lighter a paddle, the easier it is to control, but you don’t get as much strength with it. The heavier the paddle, the more drive you get, but less control. Saying that, as your Pickleball improves, so does your control.

Here’s an in-depth guide for how to select your pickleball paddle.

You also need a pickleball grip that works for your size hands. It’s a good idea to test out Pickleball paddles before buying one, just so you know your size and grip preference.

Pickleball can be played as doubles or singles. If you have your own Pickleball court, have a few spare paddles so you can always play a game with visiting friends. And if you are a Pickleball coach, you will also need a few Pickleball paddle for students that don’t have their own.

A Pickleball paddle is generally a length of 15.5”-17”, width of 7”-8.25” (depth of 1.25” The length of the handle is 4”-5.5” with a grip circumference between 4”-4.5”.

Pickleball Paddle Covers

If you are a regular or serious Pickleball player, you will want Pickleball paddle cover for your paddle. You can buy Pickleball covers at the same time you buy your paddle, or you can buy them individually. Professional players always have covers; they keep the paddle protected.

If you play a fair amount of Pickleball, or even if you don’t, get a cover. It just gives your paddle a longer lifespan. Covers come in a variety of colors and styles.

Pickleball Balls

Just like tennis balls, there are different Pickleball brands. Some are more expensive than others.

You do get outdoor and indoor Pickleball balls, but they are not too different from one another in the way they look and the way they feel. You can use the balls on either court, but it is advised to keep the right ball for the right court.

Pickleballs are made of a composite plastic and have holes in them.

The indoor balls have larger holes than the outdoor balls and are generally softer. Outdoor balls are heavier and smoother. You do get a different type of control and shot with the different Pickleball.

Outdoor Pickleballs for the outdoor game tend to come off the paddle faster, making outdoor Pickleball a slightly faster sport.

Pickleballs should last for several matches, but just like tennis balls, they do start losing their life after a couple of sets. And just like tennis balls, they can get lost. Always have extra Pickleballs lying around, and if you are a coach, you will need many Pickleballs so you never run out.

A Pickleball Net and Pickleball Posts

If you are playing Pickleball at a Pickleball or sports club, or at a school, they will surely provide the Pickleball net.

If you have your own Pickleball court, you will need a net. And if you are making your own makeshift Pickleball court, you still need a net. You cannot play Pickleball without a net, so it is up there in the list of ‘important things’ together with a court, paddle and balls.

The length of a Pickleball net needs to be at least 21 feet 9 inches, when it extends from one post to the other.

The net height needs to be at least 30 inches, measuring from the bottom edge of the net to the top of the net. Most Pickleball nets come in standard sizes, and come with the poles for you to affix the next to, on either side of the court.

Pickleball net posts, and the net, can be bought online, as as part of a Pickleball set. They can also be purchased from your Pickleball contractor, or from a specialist sports store.

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A Pickleball Ball Machine

This is highly recommended for a Pickleball coach. Ball machines for ball sports such as tennis and Pickleball really help both the coach and the pupil.

You need a Pickleball machine as the size of Pickleballs are different to those of tennis balls.

There is a good range on the market, online mostly, so find a Pickleball ball machine within your price range.

The Pickleball ball machine allows you to ‘throw’ balls, either to yourself if you are practicing, or to your students. They are fantastic devices and great for coaches of all level players.

Pickleball Hoppers

Just like a Pickleball ball machine makes your life easier as a coach, so does a Pickleball Hopper. This is used for collecting the balls after using the machine, and it means you do not have to bend down to pick up each ball individually with your hands, but the machine does it for you.

Pickleball hoppers are vital accessories, together with the Pickleball ball machine.

You can buy online and a hopper is an inexpensive accessory but one that will last you a lifetime.

Pickleball Line Tape

If you are devising your own Pickleball court, either using a tennis court or an existing slab of concrete or asphalt, you need Pickleball line tape to set out your lines.

The tape is used to mark the lines of the court, and you need two people, minimum, to lay out the tape. You need to follow the exact dimensions of a Pickleball court, which is 20 x 44 feet, and you need to enough tape to lay out the service lines and the kitchens.

The tape should be a color that stands out from the surface.

If you are laying out a Pickleball court on a green tennis court with white lines, you need tape that is bright pink, orange or yellow, so that you can really differentiate the lines.

The tape is measured out just above the ground, and once all the tape has been well measured, it is lowered to the ground, sticking with its own adhesive. Some Pickleball sets come with the line tape, markers and small stakes.

Pickleball Shoes

There is the age old question if you can wear tennis shoes or ordinary running or track shoes for Pickleball.

Yes, you can, and when you start playing Pickleball it is fine to use your existing shoes. As you play more Pickleball, buy yourself a good pair of Pickleball shoes and keep them solely for the game.

Pickleball shoes provide support and stability, are light and flexible, and give you excellent grip.

They also really cushion the feet, which is a necessity for Pickleball. If you have slightly weak or older knees and ankles, definitely use Pickleball shoes.

Pickleball Sports Clothing

You know that people always play sport better when they are dressed for the sport! Male players generally play in short with tee shirts, female players play in shorts or skirts with tee shirts, or dresses.

You can definitely play Pickleball in your tennis clothing, or running clothing, so long as you have flexibility, can move around quickly and are cool and comfortable.

Pickleball clothing can be bought from any sports store, or an online sport clothing store. Most stores that sell Pickleball paddles and equipment, also sell clothing.

Books On Pickleball

If you are a coach, have a few books as part of your teaching library. While a pupil is waiting for you, they can practice their shots as ‘air shots’ or they can read.

Books on Pickleball are inspiring, some written by the greatest players of all times. There are loads of books on strategy and style. Buy them online. And if you are mad about Pickleball, the books will always be useful for you.

And if you are not much of a book-reader, you can also visit websites like ours or these here to increase your pickleball knowledge.

Pickleball Targets

These are also fantastic for coaches. Pickleball targets can be bought as individual items, or as part of a Pickleball set.

You can dot them around the one side of the court, with the idea that your pupil then aims for the particular target. These are really great for consistency.

Final Words on Pickleball Equipment & Accessories

Are you feeling ready? While we have given you a long list above, you really just need a love for the sport, a love for all games to do with a racket and a ball, and good energy levels. Pickleball will leave you feeling exhilarated. It’s a fun, fast and fabulous game. What are you waiting for? Get your paddles now!

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