Best Colleges For Tennis in the USA

Best Tennis Colleges in the USA

It is safe to assume that you are here because you are in search of colleges that offer the best tennis programs in the US. Stick around and read on as we go through the top 10 of the best colleges for tennis in the USA and what sets them apart from the rest.

Top 10 Colleges for Tennis in the US

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

On top of our list is UCLA, and why would it not be? UCLA has produced the highest number of pro-tennis players than any other college on our list.

Most notably, Mackenzie Donald, Marcos Giron, Maxime Cressy, Martin Redlicki, Govind Nanda, Robin Anderson, and Karue Sell.

UCLA Bruins have won a total of 114 NCAA championships, with the men’s team winning 75 and the women’s team winning 39 championships. This goes to show that their tennis program must be doing it right.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of UCLA’s tennis program?


  • UCLA offers the best when it comes to training. The college employs a pro-tennis coach who has the capacity to train professional players.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • A community of talented players.


  • The admission process is very competitive. Being one of the leading colleges when it comes to tennis, admission to UCLA is very competitive, and securing a slot can be difficult.
  • Focus too much on the men’s tennis program. Although the college has a good tennis program, with the men’s team doing so well, the women’s team tends to be overshadowed by that success.

University Of South California (USC)

The USC Trojans have a very strong presence in the NCAA, having won over 21 men’s championships and 7 women’s championships.

The college has produced notable players who have gone on to play on a professional level. Some of these pro-tennis players include Emilio Gomez, Steve Johnson, Daniel Nguyen, Stacy Margolin, and Roberto Quiroz.

Current tennis star Steve Johnson, in the recent past, enjoyed a very successful winning streak with USC winning 72 single matches.


  • USC has a professional coach who understands each player and their talents. Steve Johnson’s decision to join was influenced by the coach’s capabilities. He was quoted saying, “I chose USC because I felt like I had a great relationship with Peter Smith, USC Tennis Coach, and I got along with the team really well.” This shows how the program and the coach are invested in their players.
  • USC offers tennis athletes scholarships
  • The college has invested heavily in quality training facilities for players to compete at the pro level.


  • Its credibility has been put to the test in recent years after the college was found to be in violation of the NCAA rules. The scandal had its women’s tennis sanctioned together with other of its athletics teams. The team vacated its wins between November 2006 to May 2009.
  • The tuition tends to be high and a bit hard for the average person to afford. It is no secret that USC has had a reputation of being a school for the rich. Although they are trying to shake this image off, the school tuition is still difficult to afford for some people.

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Stanford University

Stanford University’s education reputation precedes it. The college has consistently ranked among the best higher education institutions nationally.

What most people do not know is that the college also runs an outstanding tennis program.

The college has had notable winnings in the NCAA as well as pro-tennis alumni. Professional tennis players produced by Stanford include the Bryan brothers, John and Patrick McEnroe, Bradley Klahn, Chiney Ogwumike, and current stars like Axel Gellar and Tom Fawcett.


  • Stanford is one of the best academic performance schools.
  • The school offers financial aid and scholarships to tennis athletes. The average cost of tuition after financial aid is $11,000.
  • The school tennis program is suitable for both men and women.


  • Stanford is a highly sought-after school in the US due to its academic performance. Admission is therefore very competitive and chances of being recruited and admitted can reduce significantly.

Ohio State University

Ohio State is located in Columbus, Ohio. The school team, Ohio State Buckeyes, has competed and had numerous wins in the Big Ten championships (B1G).

Big Ten is the oldest division 1 in college athletics in the world.

Although the school has not seen success in the NCAA championships like other schools on this list, it has dominated the Big Ten for the last twenty years. Ohio State has produced key people in tennis like Ernie Fernadez and Braz Rola.


  • Ohio State has a high admission rate with over 60, 000 students.
  • The school has excellent training facilities boasting 12 outdoor and 6 indoor tennis courts.
  • Offers athletic scholarships for tennis .


  • Tuition fees can be expensive, especially for Ohio non-residents.

University of Virginia

University of Virginia Cavaliers has enjoyed success in both the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), where they have won the championships for almost 10 years consecutively.

They also won the NCAA Division 1 championship in 2013 and 2015. Some legendary players who graduated from the University of Virginia include Dominic Inglot, Rayn Shane, Jarmere Jenkins, and Danielle Collins.


  • The university offers students athletic scholarships and financial aid.
  • Good academic standing
  • Excellent facilities for both training and hosting professional tournaments.


  • The campus is located far away from any major cities. The closest is DC which is more than an hour’s drive.

Wake Forest University

Located in Winston, Salem in North Carolina, Wake Forest University has a solid academic standing and an equally excellent tennis program.

The school’s tennis team, the Demon Deacons, won the 2018 NCAA Division 1 men’s national championships. Noah Rubin, Borna Gojo, and Skander Mansouri are some of the talents produced by Wake Forest University.


  • Athletics tennis scholarships for both men and women
  • Financial Aid is available
  • Good academic reputation
  • Affordable school fees and living costs


  • According to Forbes, Wake Forest the acceptance rate at Wake Forest Uni is 30%. However, it is understandable being a small private university.

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University of Florida

Ranked as top 10 best public schools in the US, the University of Florida is strategically located and has a good academic portfolio.

When it comes to tennis, the university has an outstanding tennis program. The school team, the Florida Gators, has won 6 NCAA championships in the Women’s Division 1.

They have also dominated the Southeastern Conference, winning about 25 championships. Notable talents to graduate from the university include Shaun Stafford, Lisa Raymond, Nicole Arendt, and Lauren Embree.


  • The University of Florida is perhaps one of the most affordable colleges in the US. The average tuition is $28,000.
  • Provides a strong program for both men’s and women’s tennis athletes.
  • Offers scholarships and financial aid.


  • University of Florida tennis program success is dominated by women.

University Of Georgia

The University of Georgia is located in Athens, Georgia. The school tennis team, the Bulldogs, has won over 6 NCAA Division 1 men’s championships as well as two women’s championships.

Their tennis program has garnered a positive reputation in recent years. They have also gone on to host NCAA championships for several years. Legendary server John Isner is a Georgia University alumni.


  • The perks of the University of Georgia is that it offers tennis scholarships
  • Has excellent professional-level facilities
  • Affordable tuition, which on average costs $31,000.


  • Being one of the best public schools in the US, admission to the school is very competitive.

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the most sought-after colleges in the US due to its academic reputation. It is ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide.

The school also has a solid tennis program with the legendary Rajeev Ram as the assistant coach. Notable alumni of the school include the late Helen Jacobs, who won 9 grand slam titles.


  • Outstanding academic reputation.
  • Offers scholarship and financial aid


  • Very competitive admission process

University Of Texas -Austin

University of Texas -Austin is regarded as one of the best schools in the US for both academic and athletic programs.

Their tennis program has seen the Texas Longhorns win 2 women’s NCAA championships and a 2019 win for the men’s division. The school has produced professional tennis athletes like Kevin Curren.


  • Affordable tuition and cost of living.
  • Excellent facilities and coach.
  • Offers sports scholarships and financial aid to students.


  • Competitive admission process.

Final Words on the Best Tennis Colleges in the USA

Many colleges in the US have a lot to offer when it comes to tennis.

The best way to choose a college that works for you is to identify the one that has the highest potential to grow talent and propel you to greatness.

Access to good facilities, a good coach, and the right environment are all things to consider. Finally, some colleges are more expensive than others, choosing one that fits your financial situation is key. Also, consider financial aid and scholarships offered by these schools.

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