Best Teqball Tables [Review, Buying Guide, Cost]

How much do Teqball Tables Cost?

Looking to understand everything there is about teqball tables? The different types of teqball tables, where to buy those tables, a user guide, costs associated and interestingly, if there are other sports which can be played using teqball tables too.

Let’s first quickly round up with what is teqball.

As explained in our exhaustive teqball guide here, it’s a sport played between two players or teams in an arena which has a teqball table in the centre.

There is a server and players/teams are allowed up to three attempts after that to return the ball to their opponents using any part of their body except hands or arms.

The inventors of teqball, Viktor Huszár and Gábor Borsányi began playing the sport on a ping pong table, but once they realised they could make the sport more exciting by bending the table a tad, they had invented a new sport.

Teqball TableWhat that bent did was to push the ball quicker towards the players and once Huszár and Borsányi got the dimensions of the table right, the sport caught on quickly among players, especially footballers.

The two main equipment needed for teqball is obviously the ball, which could be a football (i.e. the ball they use in soccer) and the table itself. We will get in-depth with the ball in a later article, but below is an in-depth explanation that speaks of everything related to the teqball table.

Which are the Different Types of Teqball Tables?

Teqball can be played on two main types of tables; namely Teq ONE and Teq SMART while a third one has been only just introduced in a bid to spread the sport.

More on these in the section below. According to the organizers, these tables are also disabled-friendly.


The Teq ONE table is the original teqball table which was researched, designed and tested over a two-year period before it was released to the market. This solid design minimises the luck associated with the game, and the strength of its net allows the ball to bounce off it.

It is less expensive than the next version of the table you would see but the disadvantage with this one is it’s non-foldable. Hence, unless you are looking to unassemble and reassemble the table regularly, it is usually used at places where the table needs to be stable at one position most of the time, most likely indoors.


The Teq SMART is an advanced version of Teq ONE. It consists of all the properties of Teq ONE but also has multiple other benefits which make it a slightly higher-priced but a much-desired version of the original Teqball table.

The biggest improvement in a Teq SMART table is it’s foldable and hence mobile. This makes it very easy to carry it to any location, indoor or outdoor and its wheels’ lockable structure makes it easier to set camp wherever needed. Rather interestingly, the other variations, Teqis, Teqpong, Qatch and Teqvoly can all be played on this table.

Lastly, and definitely not the least, the folding nature of this brand of teqball tables also allows individuals to practice on their own. The table can be folded into half, kept against the wall and the teqball player can practice his skill using his side of the table and the wall.


This is the most recent and most portable version of the Teq tables. Teq LITE weighs only 111 kg, and has a safety lock feature which makes it very easy to open and shut. A steel leg structure and a fibreglass reinforced polyester table-top provide stability and solidity.

The LITE is the most economical option out of the three, with teqball organizers slashing the price by more than 60% to allow more penetration of the sport.

The affordability of this table is a deliberate attempt to push it towards fans who were probably following teqball from the sidelines but found it tough to play because of the higher costs involved in buying the table.

Click here to check Teq Lite’s Price on Amazon.

Which Other Sports Can be Played on Teqball Tables

Interestingly, using the teqball tables, four other sports can also be played, namely teqpong, teqis, teqvoly and qatch. So, if you are looking to buy a teqball table and want bit of a variety from teqball, you could look to explore the rules for the aforementioned games too.

How to Buy Teqball Tables?

For now, the most viable way to buy these teqball tables is using the shop option on the the official teqball website here. At the moment of the launch, the Teq LITE cost €799 while the Teq ONE and Teq SMART came at the starting price of €2499 and €2999 respectively.

These teqball table prices could obviously change with time, so we recommend you to take a look at the link mentioned above before purchasing.

In the UK, teqball fans can buy these tables with, but at prices slightly higher than those on the official websites. Delivery in the UK is free.

Teqball tables can also be bought in the USA at All three versions of the table are available with a starting price of $1199.99 for the LITE version.

We also had a look at and you can check for the teqball tables available on it here. AirSoccer and Forza have their own versions of the table which could allow you to play the same sport on it and you can get more information about them on Amazon here.

More information on these teqball tables will be updated here once it’s released.

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